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2013 A.D.:  6th Day Series:  Female reproduction and spiritual reproduction:  Reflective of each other? 

  Scroll down to see drawing.

  The idea of the 6th Day Series is that human anatomy is not only functional , but that an unimaginably talented God also designed our human componentry to structurally resemble holy things.....that there are structures or groups of structures all throughout us that form pictures when seen in the right combinations.  It is speculation, but yet scripture does say that we are made in the image of God.  It seems to me that we contain the images associated with God.  That we contain scenes of the crucifixion, that we contain images of worshipers at the cross.  I think we contain pictures that make it plain that our God really had foreseen the very end from the very beginning, and that modern medical imaging technology has revealed this to be especially obvious.

  So, what about our reproductive equipage....those parts that God designed into us to reproduce new versions of brand new humans?  If you are willing to accept it as a premise that God designed our parts to reflect holy things, then wouldn't you expect our reproductive parts to also be representative in their shape and structure of things spoken of in the scripture?  Perhaps especially so?  I think that I do see ways in which they were so designed.  And the woman...she is made in a special way.  She is, among her other capabilities, a factory for the development of new humans.  The Church is a woman of sorts, and called the Bride of Christ.  And the scripture says that the head of the Church is Jesus.  The 'woman' does not have her own head in this sense.  Her head is Jesus.  And her job is to bear fruit for her husband....Jesus.  We make new Christians.  That is what the Christian Church does.  We spread the gospel, and the gospel draws new Christians into the Church where they become productive believers in their own right.  So, click on the thumbnail below and look at the picture.  Decide in your own opinion if this may or may not be true!


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