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Aug 5th, A.D. 70:  The Holy Temple Burns Again!

  There is only a short article here, but for those who are doubters of God, and imagine that He must be a myth since they personally haven't laid eyes on Him, here is something for you to think about:

  Many believe that God controls the events of history.  The scriptures suggest it is true though oddly we can also exercise our free will.  But, in light of the idea that God controls history, consider this:

  The Holy Temple, built by Solomon using materials that his father David had stored up, was very magnificent.  But it did not last.  Over the centuries the northern tribes of the Israelites, and then about 160 years later the Judahites and Benjamites who lived near Jerusalem where the Holy Temple had been built, became more wicked than God cared to tolerate.  God our Father allowed the Assyrians to defeat the 10 tribes in the 760's B.C.  Then he allowed the Babylonians - called for them in fact - to wage war on His wicked disloyal people in Jerusalem's vicinity - and to defeat them - about 140 years later.  In fact, God even let His holy temple, built by God's will in Solomon's time (maybe around 980 something B.C.) be destroyed on the 10th day of the Jewish month Av in what we know of as 586 B.C.

  Over time, the Judahites and Benjamites came back to Israel, some of the other tribes as well, and a new temple was built in Jerusalem atop the location of the old temple.  It was so much inferior architecturally to the original that the very old people who had seen both cried it was said.  But centuries later, in Jesus' time, Herod the Great greatly improved upon it, and it was a splendor to behold once again.

  But speaking of 'once again', the Jews became pretty wicked, and in fact they crucified Jesus.  Some think that happened on April 6, A.D. 32.  There are many proposed dates though, so be warned!!  Many many proposed dates, and many 'experts' make a seemingly strong case for the date they propose.  But, in A.D. 70, on the 10th of Av (yes, the same exact date as when the Babylonians burned the temple Solomon had built) the Romans burned down Herod's temple. 

  The odds of those events taking place on the same day are about 1 in 365, right?  Not too likely!!

  But here's what makes it more intrigueing:  If Jesus really was crucified on April 6 of A.D. 32, the source that determined that particular date also believes that it can be proven that 14,000 days exactly passed between Jesus' crucifixion and the burning of Herod's temple by the Romans, essentially ending ancient Israel as a nation.

  The fact that the two temple burnings took place on the same day is pretty solid.  Josephus the Jewish historian made note of it, and he personally watched on the day that the temple Herod built was burned. 

  If the exactly 14,000 day interlude between the crucifixion of the world's savior and Herod's temple burning is also correct, then just consider the pin-point control that our God exercises over the history of mankind.  Eerie!  Awesome!!!   

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