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Hello to all you American millionaires, and billionaires,

  This is one of those irritating suggestions about what to do with your money, but indulge me please.

  Why not, in thanks to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the nation which was involved with your financial blessing, give away some money in a unique and interesting way?  Why not give to unwise American people who are floundering in their own unfortunate debt, and too strapped to seemingly ever pay it off?  So many of the rich give to other countries, which is fine. But America, the greatest giver of all time, is needing some rescue right now.  Not the corporations.... the people!  So here's the suggestion: 

  Why not put the names of all 50 states in a box, and pray to God that He will guide your hand.  Then draw one out.  Maybe call a news channel or two in that state, and tell them about the next part.  It may encourage others with extra money to do like you are doing.  Challenge others that you know who have some extra money to try this same thing! 

Next part:  Then (yes, this will be a little tedious) place the name of all of that state's cities in a box, and draw one out.  City names are easily found in the back of National Road Atlases.  Ask God to guide your hand.  Draw out the name of the lucky town. 

Quietly contact the city government of that town, and tell them that if they will provide a list of all head-of-households in their town, and publically conduct the drawing, that you will provide X amount of dollars to be given out in $20,000.00 increments. 

If the city government accepts the challenge, then OK.  If they decline, draw out another town.  When some town accepts, and their city government determines how the drawing will be conducted, then tell the news stations in and around that town that their town has been drawn, and they might cover the drawing event, publicizing the idea to other people with extra money that may wish to try doing the same sort of thing.   

Next, travel to that city if you like, and in concert with local city government types, draw the names of the 50 lucky families that will win the $20,000.00.  Have each of them sign something (depending on state and federal laws that apply) saying that they will hold back probably about 45% for possible taxes that might be due from winning this prize money, and that they will hold you in no way responsible for their failure to pay taxes owed, if any are owed.  

Tell them to do themselves a favor and pay off bills (only pay off bills!) until the rest (the other 55%) is spent.  And tell them to consider helping someone else get out of debt, like someone helped them, though maybe on a smaller scale.  They should want to pay it forward, right!  And suggest to them that they consider putting an end to living their lives on credit, so that they are never in the same trouble again.

People that have spendable money can support churches, help the poor, boost the local economy, etc., and give to the needy or starving people both here or overseas.  And you, millionaire or billionaire, will certainly have done a useful and good hearted thing with this part of your money.  To give, especially to the poor, is a blessing.  Jesus taught His church that, and all of his followers have believed it.  And your name, but more importantly, the Lord's, will be thanked in that town (At least by some.  There are always some ungrateful people in this world.)  When your children visit that town one day, some will probably remember!!

Or, you could do this all anonymously, in Jesus's name, and be truly blessed in a much better way.

Or, you could just do it for your own reasons, and the money will still help the winners just as much. 

Please let me know if you try this, and I'll post it on Deeds of God, here in this segment. It might encourage others who read it to try the same thing, as mentioned.  Thank you for reading about and hopefully considering this idea!

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