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1960's A.D.:  The Peace Child Concept

  In the course of compiling the accounts which are listed so far, here on the Deeds of God website, I have several times noticed that God has planted certain beliefs or at other times prophecies in the lore of certain pagan peoples which makes them particularly able to receive the Gospel's good news.  Sometimes peoples or tribes that seemed particularly dangerous and fierce were so struck by something that the Christian missionaries did, said, or read that they were pierced to their heart and very eager to hear more.....God, who loved them despite their ancestors long ago rebellions (of which nearly every people is guilty) , had planted a seed in their culture that would eventually open like a door to the Christian missionaries He intended to one day send them.

  I particularly like a true account that is called 'the Peace Child'.  There are lots of places on the internet to read about it, and the missionaries involved wrote a book which ought to be very good reading, though I haven't read it myself yet.  I heard the story of the 'peace child' concept at church, and how it affected certain cannibal tribes such that they were able to begin to accept Jesus.  It was a great event to hear of.  I suggest to all that they google something along the lines of 'peace child' and 'missionary' and find a good condensed version, or better yet, find the book and buy it.  Here's one place to get a version of it, but there are probably othes that go into it in more depth:   Since these missionaries wrote a book about this, I don't want to write about it myself.  They probably use the money from the book in God's service. 

  But I hope you'll find it somewhere, and read it.  It's good.  Enjoy!

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