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2010 A.D.:  The Complexity of Blood Defies All Thought of Random Development



Red Blood Cells:  Carry Oxygen throughout the body. Carry Carbon Dioxide as well.  Pass through 3 intermediate stages of development, starting as a stem cell, before becoming a fully formed red blood cell.  They last around 4 months.  They are shaped like a cup, or a shallow bowl.  These cells are essential.  How did the 'accidentally formed body' get the development of these little guys correct, in all of their particulars, the first try?  Without their ability to carry Oxygen, the first try wouldn't have lasted long if they weren't successfully formed in a fully functional way from the outset, right? 

  The spleen rids the body of worn out blood cells.  The spleen's development as a fully functional organ needs to have reached fruition at almost the exact same time as the developement of our red blood cells.  What chance is there, truly, that the two developed both accidentally and simutaneously, yet fully functional in this interdependent way?  Some will merely say that they weren't the original equipment relied upon by life forms.  Not a bad argument.  But here is the tough question:  As lifeforms began to develop this "blood circulation system" serviced by the spleen based "used-cell-removal system"  how did individual creatures survive as these two necessary systems developed in their great many particulars to the point where they worked well together?  And what point was there - from an evolutionary viewpoint - of carrying around all the extra baggage that was in its 'not yet useful' stages of development before it became useful baggage and therefore an advantage to pack around?  It hurts the reasoning mind to ask that those two complex parts of our body should just so happen to have been unveiled in the same 4 month period, or in the exact same geographical location in the universe, such that they could work in tandem with a whole bunch of other organs which happened to reach fruition as 'a team' at the same time?   

  And...the systems that produce new red blood cells also needs to have begun functioning at essentially the same exact time as the circulatory system and the heart and the liver and spleen, etc.  When I say etc., it is because blood composed only of red blood cells would be non-functional.  Other components of blood would have been necessary from the first moments of a blood bearing creature's life.....yet those components require their own production mechanisms.  Plasma, white blood cells, and a host of other special types of components are the sort I am speaking of.





White Blood Cells:  Fight invaders. Essential in the presence of invaders.  How did the body know it would need them if the body itself was an accident?  How did it know how to form them, and to program them for their work?  Simply do an internet search on 'how white blood cells work' and try your hardest to imagine any way that a blind deaf and dumb process like 'random chance' could have ever accidentally managed to create such an enormously complex defense system, and have it work in harmony with the body of the creature that it lives in.  There is just no way that any rational human being could expect so much of 'chance', of 'random occurrence'.  It was surely not an unintelligent process which created our immune cells.  And it was certainly an originator with an intelligence immeasurably beyond that of humans.  It cries out that it was a god, and there is only one being worshiped as God that has shown Himself real and true in all his attributed words to man.  It is the One that the Christians call God Almighty, though He has created a Son from His own being as well, One who claimed that He only spoke the words to man that His Father gave Him to speak.





Platelets:  Essential for stopping blood flow when the circulatory system is breached.  How did the 'accidentally formed body' know it would need them.  How did the primitive creatures avoid cuts and bites and nicks before these were 'developed' by an accidentally formed body which could have had no concept of the intricate process by which bleeding is stopped and scabs are formed?  How did 'random chance' (a God substitute whose own adherents will admit is not currently and never was previously in possession of any brain what so ever) conceive, manufacture, and implant these brilliantly conceived little cells?

Major Blood Vessels and Arteries:  By no means simple tubes, these conduits for our life giving blood have multiple layers, 5 and 6 layers, composed of different sorts of tissue, like individually engineered layers of sheathing. 

Arteries of the heart:   Have an 'outer layer', around an 'outer elastin', surrounding a sheath of 'smooth muscle', surrounding an 'inner elastin', around a sheath of 'connective tissue', surrounding an inner lining forming the 'lumen' which is the open area inside of an artery.  So not only is it ridiculous to imagine that a blood carrying arterial circulatory conduit could magically form itself and carry blood successfully, as if it mysteriously knew the requirements for routing blood, and knew which areas to route it to, but also - an artery is no simple tube!!  It has multiple specialized layers.

Veins of the heart:  Veins have an 'outer layer', then a sheath of 'smooth muscle', then a layer of 'inner elastin', then a 'connective tissue' layer, then an inner lining forming the 'lumen' for the blood to flow through .  So they are complex also, yet designed with different sequences of layering than the artery.  

  Yet veins also have 'valve flaps', which just happen to successfully work for decade after decade to limit 'backflow' of blood between pumping actions (heart beats).   How could the need for backflow prevention have been foreseen?  How could the concept of a three flappered valve that would work for decades have been conceived, designed, the parts and materials produced and delivered for it, and then how was it implemented harmoniously into the existing structure?  How was the plan for it inserted into the DNA of the first creature that 'evolved' it, so that it could pass it on to the 2nd?  As with all of the body 'modifications' that old Evolution the Wonder-Lie  supervised,  "it just was!!"  Scientists can't be bothered to explain - nor could they if they tried.  They just know that no it wasn't God and Jesus so quit saying it was you ignorant God believers.

The real answer is that these complex, yet wonderfully coordinated and seamlessly implemented 'adaptations' just could not have accidentally occurred.  No scientist would ever successfully defend Evolution if such particulars as these had to be explained. They couldn't have occurred accidentally.  No way, no how, never, nada, no chance what so ever.  Evolution is the Religion of the God hater.  It is a substitute God for people who want to be their own God, and beholden to no one.  Its viability as a theory has long since become insupportable.  If you hear highly educated people say otherwise, just pray that they will one day take a real and honest look at the refuting evidence that the body of their own peers - other scientists - have provided through the findings of their research.  Scientists are dads and moms, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and their souls also are desperately dear to God. Mostly it is fair to say that they meant well but have been enormously damaging to humanity through their ignorance.   They have directed millions of souls towards Hell.  

  Back to Veins and Arteries, though.  Each concentric  layer has a purpose, and is made slightly differently than the others.  Accident?  Coincidence?  Where does Random Chance keep his laboratory, to test out all of these ideas, to decide which organic recipe and construction plan to use on each layer of the tubes which carry our blood?  How did he foresee that multiple specialized concentric layers would improve the design of the conduits of our circulatory system?  Chance can't and never did foresee these engineering features of the human body.  It absolutely requires a designer.  There is no way around that, is there?

Here is a tough question:  how did there ever come to be a creature that produced offspring with a different blood type?  If you put one type of blood into the veins of an offspring creature which has a different blood type, the offspring creature's immune system will treat the foreign blood like an invader (usually!  Type 'O' blood in humans is a universally tolerated type, I believe.)  So, how did Random Chance engineer the cool trick of making creatures able to make a baby that is deathly allergic to its own parents blood type were it to flow through that baby's veins?

  That is a tough one.  You have to explain not only how Random did it, but why he would want to, how he knew that he should want to.   

I don't have to be as smart as the smartest God denying scientist or orator or writer.  And that's good.  I'm not!  But no matter.  As I said, I don't have to be nearly that smart.  I have to be smart enough to decide if something is or isn't a sack of pooey.  And luckily God gave me enough sight to see the yeah or neigh of that question when it comes to Evolution, the scientists' shame. I admit, it took a while.  But I did finally see it for what it was.  Evolution...the shameful religion of science.  It certainly is that.  A sham, and no more. 

  So very many children's minds have been implanted with this horrible soul opposing drivel.  Yet school boards across America are still pounding it into your childrens' minds to their eternal detriment, so that your child too can learn that God is a fairy tale, there is no real right or wrong, and the schools still want children to believe that those lies, those dearly held lies of science about the origin of it all, are so thoroughly substantiated that they simply must dominate the text books, though still under the moniker of 'theory'.   

  An abortion kills a childs body, and most of us recognize abortion as an evil practice.  But the soul of the aborted child does not go to hell (So I believe from my knowledge of God and Jesus.)  But what the text book writer, the school board, and the teacher do to the mind of the child may mis-direct the child so severely that it spends all of its life thinking that Jesus is a myth, a manufactured panacea to fill some void in the lives of unenlightened people. 

  Which is worse, to kill a body, or to send a soul to hell?  So who is worse... the abortionist, or the teacher that teaches Evolution, the school board that directs them to, and the textbook writer that puts the poison into an academically digestible form?  Teachers are plenty smart  enough to know when a theory is no longer tenable.  If they know, they are responsible for what they know, right?  We all are, right?

  But what if the state makes you do it?  In among the appointed political positions of our government is a sort of anti-God government of its own.  What their entire agenda is I don't believe anyone knows, but they certainly want America's connections to God completely severed.  That much has become clear.  The Department of Education has promoted or at least certainly allowed an Evolution based curriculum.  I don't know why, and why doesn't even really matter.  The sad part of it all is that Christians are allowing it to happen, decade after decade, as if they had no right to demand that a nation 'under God' should teach about God, the real God, and Jesus His Son.

  What if the State makes you do it?  Then don't Christians need to make it a clear priority in their minds to direct their elected officials to have that changed?  And while that is happening, maybe teachers would find it worth their while to read Exodus, and learn what the Egyptian mid-wives of Israelite descent did when Pharoah ordered them to make sure that all newly born Hebrew male children were killed.  Their reaction, since they knew the order was wicked and wrong, was to not do it.  When questioned about it, they said that Hebrew women were vigorous, and not like Egyptian women, and so the babies were born before the midwives even arrived, and it was too late then.  A strategy, true, but one that saved innocent lives.  God commended them for this, the scripture says.   

  The National Education Association, the teachers union, is a powerful union.  Teachers could probably, if fairly united in their resolve, work through that avenue to shake off the obligation to teach that Evolution stuff.  After all, it is wicked and intellectually comical garbage.  The Department of Education is a fairly tough nut to crack.  But it sure needs to be cracked.  This is honestly no less than an effort to murder the souls of kids.  It really is.  Teaching kids that it's safe to ignore Jesus is little different than telling them it's safe to handle venemous snakes or play football without helmets, or run across the highway blindfolded.  The only difference is, the ramifications of ignoring Jesus are both bad beyond the ability of words to describe, and permanent.  Physical death is only sleep, because God, who created the body once, is no less able to create it again at any time he wishes.  But the condemnation of our souls to the lake of fire is ...forever.   

  Why is Evolution still just a theory?  Charles Darwin's 'Origin of the Species' was published in about 1859 A.D.  Is it rushing things to suggest that if there was any proof to prove the theory it just might have showed up by now?  Those who espouse Evolution have had 150 years in which to go ahead and gather the evidence that ought to be in every fossil bed on Earth if it existed at all.   Why didn't they find it?  Were their glasses fogged up?  Was their schedule too busy to let them go looking?  No definative proof yet after all of these years?  How odd.  Unexplainedly odd, actually. 

  Could Evolution ever work?  Is it even viable as a concept?  Seriously, could it work even in theory?  The answer has gotten pretty clear over the years, with nearly all of the clues being provided by science.  Is Evolution viable?  Not only no, but not even close!! 

  Take a longer look at blood again, for instance: 

  We all know that blood is crucial for our existence, and important in nearly all aspects of our development, but wouldn't a close look at it, by any qualified scientist, completely extinguish any notion that it had invented itself at random?

  Here are some things that the Evolution believer should be aware of about blood, because it becomes instantly obvious, whether you are highly educated or not, that these following features and characteristics of blood did not materialize through random chance.  For blood to behave and function as it does requires design by an intellect that astounds, a designer with a highly specific goal in mind, and a plan of stupifying complexity through which to accomplish the attainment of those specific goals.  Beyond this, the designer needs to see an advantage to doing all of this work.  Can Random Chance assess and weigh the relative advantages of a thing, with the brain that he does not have? 

  Our greatest minds know a fair amount about blood.  Not all, I am sure they would admit, but a fair amount.  Yet they did not have to originate the concepts which make blood systems functional.  The greatest minds among us humans did not have to dream up, from scratch, the particular components of the circulatory system.  They did not have to dream up, from scratch, the components of the blood itself.  They did not have to figure out which materials were needed.  They did not have to invent and somehow implant the production machinery in various parts of the body.     

  Those greatest minds of our day did not have to dream up, in the complete absence of educational facilities of any and every kind, a system for purifying the blood.  Blood as a life supporting fluid came into being long before good educational facilities.  We become educated at schools, and the process takes years, and even after those many years, not a one of us could have designed either blood, its circulatory system, or its support systems.  Had we designed them, we could not have manufactured them.  Had we manufactured them, we could not have implanted them into the body of a living creature.  And that's OK, because the creature wouldn't have been living anyway.  It had no blood.

  Yet Randon Chance accomplished all of these things?

  The great minds of our day did not have to identify materials which would be able to perform each task which our bodies need blood to perform. That is good. They could not have done so.  They could not have designed the materials needed for gas exchange with the blood.  They could not have formed those materials into the organs which accomplish gas exchange with the blood, handle the manufacture of the blood, perform the purification of the blood. 

  Could our finest human minds (most of whom have swallowed the theory of evolution hook line and sinker) have taught the blood to form a scab, so that a wounded creature did not die from blood loss each time its skin was punctured?  If that clotting feature didn't develop at the same time as the blood, then either internal bleeding or external bleeding would have been almost invariably fatal.  How many creatures in this world don't get a cut sometime in their life?  When male animals joust, they often get a cut.  When females give birth, they usually bleed at least a little, right?  But the clotting process keeps it from being fatal to the mother.  So, wasn't it a fully worked out process  How were orphan babies able to survive without a mother that had died from unstopped bleeding?  Clotting is a crucial function of blood, yet pretty complex.  Did random chance manage to originate the entire multi-step concept of clotting and scab formation within the confines of one creature's life?  If not, how did any of those early blood containing creatures survive?  

  The greatest human minds can not presently implant all of the organs which support blood formation and maintenance.  They can't connect or implant them with the other existing organs of the creature with which they would need to work in harmony.  We can replace kidneys, we can transplant hearts now, but there are many parts of the blood's manufacturing equipment that we can't implant.  Take the passageways through the bone that blood passes through - even those must be designed into the circulatory system.  Could the greatest human mind of all time have implanted blood production equipage into the interior of the bones?  Could he have designed the blood cell transport equipment that brings the blood cells from inside of the bone on outward into the main circulatory system?  Could 'Random' have accomplished it simultaneously in one single organism (call it 'Bob') and then found a 'Betty' that had a complementary set of simultaneously (but accidentally) invented systems?  Reason roars with laughter at the thought.  Could Random Chance have done it?  No.  Quite simply 'No!!'. 

  And what's more, those organs assisting in gas exchange have cellular needs of their own.  They need sugars and oxygen to do their work, but that is only two things on a very very long list of things that those gas exchanging organs would need for their own health and upkeep if they were to do their job. Such organs need space, for one thing.  Lungs need space, kidneys need space, livers need space, hearts need space.  Could Random Chance have jumped in there and tackled these needs?  He has no legs!!  No arms!  No fingers!  No mind, no eyes, ....need I go on again?

  Any time you added new organs to an existing creature, you need space for the new organs.  The new organs need a place to be, and they can't be in the way of the other organs.  They can't unbalace the body too badly.  They need attachment points to the rest of our body, and the attachment points can't be in bad places.  Could Random Chance have known these things?  You must link up the 'wiring harnesses' (to use an automotive term) of nerves and veins and arteries also. The lymphatic system attaches.  It is a crucial system. There must be a plan for where each nerve will connect, for where each artery will distribute its life giving blood.  Is Random Chance qualified to 'wire up' these needed circuits?  Where did he attend a class so that he could gain the knowledge?  Who taught the class?

  The organs that some people think Random Chance has created would all need blood.  So, was there blood before there were organs and muscles?  If so, what did it serve?  Blood cells, blood fluids, blood gases, blood nutrients, and more.  And all of those must be in the proper proportions. Oxygen levels have to be within certain parameters.  Blood sugars must be also.  The stomach must be up and running to digest food to make sugars for the blood.  Yet, stomachs are very complex, and need blood also.  Did stomachs develop slowly, over time, until one day they were ready to help contribute sugars to the blood system?  How did the body survive without a fully functional stomach?  How did blood function without the sugars that the stomach supplies.  Who will tell us these answers?  It must be either Random Chance, or God who has done this. 

  We can't ask Random Chance, because he does not have ears to hear our question, a brain to process our enquirey, or lips, a tongue and vocal cords for answering us.  Random Chance is just no fun, though if he exists at all, he surely has the wisdom of a god.  But, I think we will have to ask the real God.  I think He can actually answer these questions down to the smallest particular. 

  Immune system components must be compatable with blood chemistry, and have ways to enter the blood stream when they are needed, and ways to be removed from the blood stream when they are no longer needed.  The body needs to be able to alert the immune system.  An agreed upon communication system must exist.

  Blood supplies the needed maintenance materials for organs, and takes away their wastes.  If you need blood, you need a way to transport and transplant blood to the organ or muscle or cell, and back to the blood pump (the heart.)

  Oh yes, you definately need a blood pump.  And it will need blood flow of its own. Ever heard of a heart attack?  Sure, we all have.  Your blood pump will need its own circulatory system....and special chambers, and valves which open and close at the right time.  There must be a system which coordinates the contraction of the heart so that its chambers empty out at the proper time, and fill at the proper time.  It's absolutely essential that there is a 'firing order' of sorts for all parts of the heart.  On a car, a cam shaft and a crank shaft, connecting rods and a timing chain or belt, elctronic ignition (or the earlier 'set of points'), and a bit more, are all required to allow a car's big old engine to do its stuff.  Without all of that you could have a 500 cubic inch engine which can't put out a single horse-power of work.  Same concept with the heart and its firing circuitry.  Same concept with the human body in the absence of a heart, for that matter. 

  But none of that firing machinery and 'heart beat' coordination machinery will work anyway unless you have blood.  Did I mention that you need blood?  Your circulatory system and all of its parts need blood.  But where can you get blood for building the system that handles, makes, repairs, and maintains blood?  You have no blood!  And those parts need blood to do their job in the first place.  And that's a problem, because - again - you have no blood!

  Our bone marrow manufactures some of the needed components of blood.  So we'll need to install the blood producing equipment inside of our bone marrow....some of that equipment, at least.  And provide some means of transporting those manufactured materials to our blood stream.  I'm sure Random Chance can handle that.  He's never been to school, he has no brain and no body, but according to our 'oh so bright' Evolutionist friends, he has handled that and many things like it while lacking such seemingly crucial equipage.  Random is so admirably brilliant and inventive, considering that he has no brain.  And no ears to hear that he could learn......if he did have a brain.....or arms with hands, little bitty hands that could handle cells and build their internal parts..... so that he could build things that he thinks of with his brain....a brain which he actually doesn't have.  Random Chance...Man of Mystery!  How does he do what he does.  Lucky old scientists...they just refer to Evolution, then quickly move on.  Or refer to the wild mutations of viruses and bacteria as if that somehow proves the Theory of Evolution.  Oh please...come on!!  How did the potential for such exploitative and focused mutation ever 'evolve' in the viruses or in the bacteria?  Couldn't of!  Not from scratch.

  Blood is great, and most birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and amphibians are very dependent on blood, whether they know it or not.  So of course we have complex cellular machinery to make blood, which depends on complex cellular machinery to transport new blood cells to the main volume of the blood stream which is then transported by a complex circulatory system which delivers blood....delivers it not only to organs that are designed to perform their specialized work on blood, but also to organs that just depend on blood to function in the performance of other sorts of specialized work for the body.  So, since some organs rely on blood, but have other main functions that don't relate to making blood or cleaning blood, how did those types of organs do their job before the blood came along? 

  And if all the blood related biological equipment developed first, what did it serve?  And who designed it all, anyway?  Who could foresee the purpose that it would come to serve if the organs that it would one day come to serve did not yet exist?  Who foresaw that it was all right to allocate a creature's bodily resources to developing all of these organs and systems because it would one day pay off for the progeny of this first organism...a type of organism which originally lacked the equipment?  See, it just makes no sense. 

  The closer you look into it, the more plainly ludicrous it shows itself to be.  It is the madness of the mad scientist.  It is an area of their understanding that they like to pretend they have dealt with using the axioms of scientific enquirey.  But that is and always was a lie.  It always was no more than a half baked theory that they decided to jointly honor in order to repudiate God's right to glory as the author of the Creation, which includes among its wonders such creatures as scientists themselves.  Yes, the creation includes, among all the other things, these same humans who grew up to become God-denying scientists.  It really is the madness in the phrase 'mad scientist'.  They have all agreed to be mad at God, to deny He exists, to declare themselves developemental orphans, to tell lies that proclaim Evolution to be a proven truth for as long as they can, and then to just stonewall the public that they once duped once the farce is unmasked.  By now they should know to let it go.  The evidence has long been in.  But they seem to just hate God with all of their hearts, their minds, their strength, and their souls.  They refuse to admit that Evolution is just a failed and disproven farce.  No one knows why.  But it is just that and no more.  Most scientists now know that you dare not discuss the mechanisms, the most fundamental particulars of 'Evolution' in close or specific detail, or else you end up looking foolish.  So they just don't.   

  Can Random Chance foresee things, with the eyes that he does not have, and the imagination that he does not have in the brain that it also does not have?  Can he bring his plans to fruition with the little arms that he does not have?  I ask it over and over again, because the question is extremely important.  Plans need tools to be carried out.  Where did Random Chance get tools?  He has no arms or hands.  Whose arms and hands held the tools that he also did not have?  

  Since blood cells need a circulatory system to flow inside of (arteries large and small, veins large and small) how did the body know how tiny it could get away with making them?  The tiniest capillaries allow about one blood cell at a time to pass through!  Tight fit!  But the flow path had to be there before the fluid could be pumped, so how did the body happen to just randomly make these capillaries just the right diameter?  If they had been the wrong size by very much, the organism would have died.  Plugged capillaries if the capillaries were too small.  Unserviced body tissue (un-oxygenated and un-nourished cells) if the capillaries were too big.  The passing blood cells, with their oxygen and nutrients could not have dropped off the goodies and hauled off the garbage - they would have been just out of reach for many cells as they bounced off of the walls of the too large capillaries.  

Blood has nothing to do with Random Chance.  There is no 'Evolution the Creator.'  There is only God Who made it all, and rebellious Satan, who would lead as many as possible astray, and there is the sin-prone heart of man, making its choice about where it will spend eternity.

  Jesus is proven beyond all and any doubts that a fair and realistic person could's demonstrably true.  Yet a small space for doubt always will be left, purposely, by God Himself I think.  That space is to be filled with our own gift to!  Faith that bridges the ever shrinking gap between the proof which suggests there is a God, and God himself.  Praise, love for our fellow struggling human souls, obedience, and faith.  These are nearly the only gifts that we can give to God.  It surely must please God to see the evil plans of one of the greatest and most resourceful creatures that he ever made - Satan - be thwarted by these simple and good gifts that we mud-formed men are called to give to God our Father and Creator, in Jesus's name, through the sweet kind good but fiercely loyal Holy Spirit of God.  All Praise To Our Father, His Son, and the Spirit.  Scientists, the scriptures tell us that God wishes all of us sinners, and we are all terrible sinners, to learn about Jesus.  We are to read the words that His Father gave Him to teach to us, then we are to repent if we can see how wrong we have been.  We are to confess our wrongs, and be baptized, and then we are to try to live as Jesus teaches us to while we tell others about Jesus so that they too can avoid that they too can enter Heaven through the one narrow door that Jesus' sacrifice of atonement and His work of teaching has opened. 

  Scientists, you are loved children of God except for these intellectual offenses, sins, that you cling to and teach to others,  And 'science' can be a fruitful and inoffensive method for discovering truths about what God has made and done.  But not if your group unspokenly holds to a core consensus that all paths of discovery leading to an admitted reliance upon the existence of a God - an intelligent Creator - must be abandoned and replaced with a lie. 

  There was a God, there is a God, and we are assured in scripture that there always will be one.  And of all current world religions Christianity is the religion that bears the most evidence of being attended by a powerful holy power.  Check it out closely, and with an open mind, and you shall be driven by the available evidences to reach the same conclusion I feel sure.  God bless you and assist you if you accept the challenge of seeking your true God.  Persevere and He will meet with you, arms spread wide, to embrace you like a child that has been lost but now is found.

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