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2011 A.D.:  6th Day Series:  Praying hands can be pretty Biblical!


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  It seems pretty easy to make an image that is sort of like a crucified Jesus from the waist up, using your cupped hands. 

  Place your hands together, side by side and palms up, with the pad beneath one of your little fingers just a little higher than the other, then slide the main part of the edges of the two hands together with a little bit of force, then drop that higher 'little-finger-pad' until it's the same as the other.  (that pad will form Jesus's head.) Then while maintaining them pressed side by side, cup them, like you were getting ready to drink water from them. 

  If you did it like I was trying to describe, then you are looking down into your cupped hands, and you may see a pretty neat picture of a crucified Christ, from the waist up.   And the joint wrinkles of your fingers' joints may form 3 lines above this 'Jesus', just as there were three lines of writing above the real Jesus, when he was crucified, on a sign placed there by Pontius Pilate.  It said 'Jesus of Nazareth - King of the Jews' in 3 different languages that were widely used around Jerusalem 2000 years ago:  Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.  Cool, huh? 

  I guess this is about what Gideon's 300 soldiers saw as they raised water up to their mouths, right?   And it's about what the Holy Father sees if He looks down upon us, if we are holding our hands like that.....maybe He sees an image of His Son, and remembers that we are but sinful dust, never doing as good as we ought to or as good as the Father or Jesus deserve, yet maybe He remembers that we are precious to Jesus!  I like that thought.

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