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2013 A.D.:  Does The Jutland Peninsula Look Like A Praying Knight Being Attacked By A Dragon?

  Click on the thumbnail at the bottom of all of the text to see the possible GeoProphecy.

  Scandinavian Dragon Snapping At Denmark?                                

   Does the picture above look a little like a dragon (the Scandinavian Peninsula) arching its neck upward and backward as it tries to bite down on Denmark (on the Jutland Peninsula?)  Of course that is only a fanciful way to look at it, but....strangely...the Northmen, the Swedes and Norwegians in particular, who lived on that Scandinavian Peninsula did fiercely attack the Jutes, Anglos, Saxons and others who had once lived there on the Jutland Peninsula when they had emigrated to the British Isles.  And they sailed out in their Dragon prowed ships to do it!  So, how odd that the land provides this picture! 

 I have long thought that the Scandinavian Peninsula looks like a long necked dragon reaching down to bite the Jutland Peninsula.  But I often puzzled over what it might be that the Jutland Peninsula had been formed to resemble if that was the case.  The whole idea is speculative, and supposes that the Lord God Almighty designed some land masses to resemble their intended or foreseen histories. 

  So, given that it was the privelage of Anglos, Saxons, Jutes, Normans, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Germans, Welsh, Irish, Dutch, Friesians, Manx, and a few others from this region to have such a great eventual impact on the spread of Christianity, it could be that the 'dragon' was snapping at the iconic 'Christ-believing warrior knight' that emerged so many times from this small area of the world.  First the church came to Great Britain, Ireland, and their associated islaes.  But in time it fell asleep.  Then came the pagan raiding Northmen....Normans, Anglos, Jutes, Saxons, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes and others. 

  For the slumbering British church grown lazy and gluttonous (by the admission of men of that time period) it was a stinging rebuke and a harsh wakeup allowed by a displeased master.  But to the raiding Northmen from their various clans it became an introduction to Jesus of Nazareth, and one after the other they repented of their idolotry and joined with Christ, soon settling down peacefully among the brothers that they had once attacked.  Together, they reached out to many distant lands with the Word of God.  The Jutland Peninsula peoples and some peoples to the south of its base, and the Scandinavian Peninsula and Baltic peoples became very prolific workers for Jesus both there and in subsequent lands which they emigrated to.  That is their history and heritage.  They believed, took strength, had faith and served Jesus hard and effectively.  And perhaps their best days of service are still to come.   

  They were not perfect in their Christianity or their following of it.  Perfect is to be like sheep belonging to Christ and trusting fullly in Christ for your provision and safety.  Perfect is to be lovers even of your enemy, to be turners of the cheek even unto death.  Few were like this.  But....they never the less had a degree of effectiveness that worked pretty well for spreading the Word in those fierce and warlike times.  They were warriors, but they were warriors who believed fully in Jesus even if they retained a warrior mindset in some respects.  God will judge all of the good and bad, right and wrong of such things.  He alone has the wisdom to do so.  But, from the Jutland Peninsula and then Scandinavia and other portions and peoples of the Baltic came many knight-warrior cultures who were also Christian, and also spreaders of God's Word and teachings. 

  So, is it possible that God captured such an image and such a thought using land and sea as His artistic medium?  Probably not, but then again maybe.  God alone knows.  But click on the thumbnail below and see if you see the possibility of such a scene, created from the land that God made when He set the boundaries for the seas.  With God, all things are possible, but it's also a fact that men imagine many things that are not true or were not meant to be seen as we imagine them.  Maybe this is the one, or maybe the other.  I think that it seems possible that God has custom designed certain land masses, that He made even such things as islands, lakes, and continents sing His praises, but I'm only a person speculating. 

  Click the thumbnail below to see the conjectural way that the Jutland Peninsula somewhat resembles an ancient Christian knight, head bowed in prayer. 

                                                Jutland Peninsula Thumbnail            

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