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Oct 27, 2011 A.D.:  Children Kidnapped For Their Blood?

  The BBC news carried a story, broken by reporter Chris Rogers, that just reinforces that we are living in a particularly scary age.  And also, suggesting that there are some pretty good reasons to maintain control of just who it is that immigrates to your country!

  The BBC story relates that the use of Witch Doctors is increasingly popular in the United Kingdom as more Africans emigrate to there, and that the blood of children is occasionally used as 'juju' in their religious ceremonies.  Juju can apparently refer to any substance that is believed to contain magical power, which in this case includes the blood of children.  The article mentioned that it was believed that there were about 400 children so far freed by UK authorities.  Many of them were kidnapped Ugandans, brought secretly to the United Kingdom, held essentially captive for the purpose of extracting their blood as needed for paying customers in want of such blood.   

  The article said 'that approximately 9,000 children have gone 'missing' in Uganda in the last 4 years', hinting that other nations are hosting this sort of sickness as well, aside from those not yet discovered within the U.K., I suppose.  

  Reporter Chris Rogers described going to Uganda to investigate undercover, posing as a potential buyer of children, and finding that it was not hard to find someone that would supply the children needed (though of course he did not purchase children.)  One 'supplier' reportedly boasted to him that he could provide about 100 children if needed, that he had a network, etc.  Mr. Rogers supplied the man's name to Ugandan police, but apparently no arrests were immediately made.    

  The children are cut on various parts of their bodies, and the blood is collected by the 'Witch Doctors' for their ceremonies - the blood is believed to be a potent substance.  Alternately, children can be killed, dismembered, and buried on your construction site, and the 'juju' will bring good luck to your business!  Isn't that special! 

  Apparently the children that are only 'bled' regularly are threatened with death, and death for their families back home, if they were to tell on their captors...and so few do.  It sounds unreal but apparently it's not.  The times are growing dark indeed. 

  I don't want people to think I am singling out African Witch Doctors for criticism just because they profit and gain worldly status and power by the shedding of children's blood.  It's true that they do, and it's true that it is very bad that they do.  But they are not alone.  And truly they are small potatoes compared to the American Democratic political party.  The Democrats openly pledge support for the butchery of babies in the womb.  They are the only real protector of the grisley practice left in's been that way for a long time.  They try to refer to it as a part of 'woman's health care' to avoid saying that they protect the practice of butchering babies in the womb. 

  So, consider that around 3,500 babies a day are butchered in the womb in America according to some sources.  The Democratic Party gains votes by promoting a culture that allows such abortion.  Having those votes (those baby slaughterer votes) can equate to victories rather than defeats in some elections.  More election victories lead to increased power and status for the Democratic Party.  So, the Democratic Party, in that sense, is like the African witch doctor...they exchange the blood of innocent children for increased money, status, and power.  They just kill a whole lot more children than the African witch doctors.  They kill many thousands each day, in a sense, by actively working to preserve a culture that allows such slaughter. 

  So, should we say that the Witch Doctors are more evil or more primitively savage because they cut a lot of innocent children with knives, then sell the blood, as well as killing some unknown but comparatively small fraction of those children?  Or should we say that the Democratic Party is more evil and more savage, because they protect the slaughter of thousands of unborn babies a day, and essentially all of those babies are not merely cut and drained of a bit of blood, but actually slaughtered? 

  The blood of unborn babies is a type of 'juju' (good luck at the ballot box) for Democrats.  Unborn children, aborted in the womb, shed their blood...the Democrats capitalize off of it.  Isn't it the same?   Aren't they essentially like the witch doctor, except that the harm they cause is incomparably greater in it's extent?  Stalin killed a lot of people - tens of millions they say.  But he never came close to aiding and abetting as many murders as the Democratic Party, if you think of abortion as baby murder.  Isn't it fair to call the Democratic Party the most murderous group of all time, or near to it, if you count an abortion as a type of murder? 

  We in this generation have only known a world where Jesus' light shines - some, at least.  As it dims or is diluted by barely committed Christians and the growth of pagan faiths we will likely begin to see the world become more like it was before Jesus came to teach and offer salvation. 

  Work hard, Christians.  Know and believe that our work does matter.  And let's pray that Jesus comes soon, though it will be a hard time when He does, as we know.  This is not a time for us to put in 1 hour on Sunday and call it good.  This is a time for working like it's a life and death matter, because for souls - even physical bodies sometimes - it is!

  There is a saying that I have seen on church signs:  "Work as if it all depended on you, though you pray knowing it all depends upon God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit."  Maybe that's pretty good advice.

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