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2011 A.D.: 6th Day Series:  Numbers of the Human Head and Numbers of God's Holy Throne

  There are also '6th Day Series' videos on YouTube.

  Here's another look at how man seems to be made in the image of God and the things of God.  Thr study of how numbers correlate to things - numerology - can be over studied, over pursued.  Yet, I personally have come to believe that God does use numbers to call things to mind sometimes, and to link things sometimes; I just can't escape that belief.  I feel that there is too much evidence.  But....when is a number just a number?  That's the problem.  We all might draw the line in different places than each other, and worse yet, in different places than God intended.

  So, when there seems to be a lot of numerical correlations in a pretty small area of the human body with a lot of numbers in a pretty small portion of the scriptures, then it seems worth taking a look at.  I think this is such an example.

                                                                                       Numbers Correlating To the Throneroom of God and the Head of a Human

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