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2012 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?  Every single U.S. Capitol Connects To At Least 2 Other Capitols Via A Drawn Straight Line! 

Go to bottom to view maps.

  Who knows what this means, if anything, but it certainly sounds unlikely - possibly something engineered by God?

  For some reason the capitols in the U.S. align in groups of at least 3.  These alignments sometimes go on to involve the capitols of other nations as well.  You'd certainly expect that such an alignment could occur sometimes, with some of the capitols.  But all of the capitols showed this characteristic.  All of them.  Fifty out of fifty U.S. capitols fell into alignment groups of 3 or more on the particular map I used, which was the first map I tried it with, from Ezilon, and I like their maps fine and they seem a quite normal, good quality sort of map.   

Click on thumbnails at bottom to see alignments of US and North /Central / South American capitols that I found on the first map that I chose to investigate this with: Ezilon maps.  Anyone who wishes can obtain an Ezilon brand map and try it for themselves.  You'll find that it works!

  The first thumbnail has 3 maps, so scroll down and look at all 3 before you move on, if you wish.  I used 3 different maps so the lines that I drew wouldn't become too congested.  Each of the lines which connect the capitols has an indicator line touching it which leads to an open spot on the map where the names of the particular connected capitols could be listed.  

    As you look at the maps accessed through the thumbnails below, move your cursor to the bottom of the map and a tool bar appears.  The '+' sign enlarges the maps...hit it a few times if you need to. 

  The point of this account:

  In scripture, we are told that God places our authorities over us.  He chooses them.  Could this be a sign of this?  Locational engineering? 

  It's a complicated thought:  what if the government that you are under treats you badly?  What if they kill their people?  Yet, honestly, perhaps when people are oppressed by their government it is a test of their Christian faith, or a punishment for ignoring Jesus or oppressing those who follow Jesus, or some lesson to those people or the watching world that the Father knows that we are best off to experience or witness.  And of course God could have other reasons than these, and most likely does.

  But, does God indeed direct the emplacement of our 'authorities'?  Scripture says so, and I believe.  But is there evidence?

  Consider this:  What if there were 50 state capitols in the United States, and then also Washington D.C., and every single one of those could be connected by a straight line drawn on a map to at least two other North American capitols - state, province, or national?  Could such a thing as that occur without it being designed?

  Men and women came to America, and they built towns in various places for a great many reasons.  Here there was a rich valley by a river, so a town was built.  Here there was a great reserve of coal or copper ore, so a town was built.  There in another place two great rivers came together.  And in yet another place, two heavily used trails crossed.  Over on the coast, a great river met the ocean, so a town was built.  And elsewhere, a deep harbor existed, where ocean going trade ships could off load their cargo to a nearby population of potential purchasers and distributors, so a town was built.  A nation's capitol was placed where it would not be too far from most of the states, perhaps.  

  You get the picture, right?  For reasons that seemed sensible enough, towns appeared in various useful places without any attempts by the builders to place them in any particular geometric array.  And some of those towns became state capitols.

  So, how can it be that every single solitary American state capitol on a map can be connected by a line with at least two other capitols?  To me, though I cannot come close to calculating the odds, that smacks of design by the Holy Father.  I can't think why it would be desirable, except perhaps to show us that nothing is an accident.  But though others may reasonably disagree, I find the alignments of our capitols an oddity that defies all odds of being accidental.  50 out of 50?  I simply don't believe the odds of that could be any less than millions to one.  It would be like throwing 50 coins at random about a large empty room, like a living room, and then finding that there was not one coin - not a single one - that couldn't be connected to at least two others by a straight line.

  True, no map is entirely accurate.  But I used a good quality map by, and though actual geography on a sphere, as seen from space, differs slightly from geography as drawn on a map, none the less people know geography through use of a map.  And God knows this.  So maps might make a pretty effective forum for showing humanity that You really were sovereign in all things, including geography.

  Anyway, click on the thumbnails below, and take a look at the maps.  See what you think.  Alaska's and Hawaii's capitols make it especially interesting.  They are very far away from the rest, yet a straight line still works for them.  And Mexico City works, and Havana Cuba.  For all I know, maybe every capitol is part of this, but I haven't investigated this to that extent yet.  The Canadian Provincial capitols seem to work out as well.  But at a certain point I quit, because my original goal was just to check the U.S. State Capitols.  Again, see what you think.

Capitol Alignment          Capitols in a Line 2   State capitols group 3




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