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2012 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?  Is China Shaped Like A Chicken?

  GeoProphecy is the idea that God made certain geographical features to reflect events He knew would happen there, etc., due to His ability to foresee all of the future.  It is only speculation though, and shouldn't be thought more unless God should tell us that it is true, right?

  China!  The big guy!!  The most populous nation on Earth, and one with an ancient and venerable history.  They have combined a large number of people groups and tribes into one nation that does quite a few things very well.  China has good cause to think of itself as one of the great nations on Earth.  

  Some of the nations to their south were settled by groups and tribes who moved out of land that is part of China today.  They 'emerged from China', so to speak.  

  I think that China is shaped quite a lot like a CHICKEN.  And a chicken is a good and useful animal, well thought of by the Chinese so far as I know.  I brought this up with some Chinese people, young ladies at a Chinese buffet, and they were quick to assure me that in China that resemblence has long been noted. 

  Oddly, the Vietnamese - some peoples of Viet Nam at least - have an old legend about their origins, passed down from their ancestors, which I understand is held in common by certain people groups in other nearby Indo-China nations as well.  The legend is quite ironic, or odd in a way.  This old legend or tradition would have them descending from 50 princes that hatched from 50 eggs.  These were eggs that a princess laid after she had married a king.  She actually laid 100, but there was a 'divorce'.  She went north with 50 eggs.  Her husband moved south into the Indo-China area with the sons - princes - who came from the other 50 of the eggs.  So, according to the version of the legend that I read, the Vietnamese stemmed from the southern half of this 'splitting of the egg clutch'. 

  So, how odd is this:  countries whose lore would have them descending from 50 eggs are found beneath a great nation which looks like a chicken?  That works out just fine for everyone, doesn't it?  And why would China look like a chicken (if it does)?  That I haven't necessarily got any good answer for.  Maybe because she was destined to be the big player in the region? Maybe just because the others think they come from eggs!!  Or, as always, maybe GeoProphecy is just human imagination.  Click on the thumbnail and take a look.

The Great Chinese Chicken? 

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