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2011 A.D.:  Satan's Losing His Grip On Teachers' Trust

  According to data from a recent news report, there are about 3.2 million teachers in the United States - making it our largest profession.  And teachers are certainly one primary determinate concerning what it will be that the young people, the ones emerging into adult society, hold as their most important values.  Teachers spend a lot of time in the children's minds as the years roll by.  They have access to children's thinking time.  They guide the formative thinking and learning of all developing Americans attending our schools.   

  Teachers have a certain love for children.  On the surface, they agree with that.  In private, they often acknowledge that there is plenty of rottenness in some kids (and you can make a strong case for that being absolutely true with some kids!), but even more deeply, teachers really do have an honest love for kids.  Kids are their life work.  Kids are where they have poured their energy, their thought, their efforts, and, in the end, their days here on this Earth. 

  Teachers would willingly harm children only in the rarest and most aberrant of cases.  Kids are their legacy, or at the very least their professional legacy.  Who knows but they may be training up Congressmen and women, Senators, Doctors, Inventors, the next President, a movie star, Billy Graham's successor, a General, an Astronaut, a Talk Show host.  Kids are like a box of chocolates.  There could be anything roaming those halls, behaving like smart alecs, following dumb fads, acting like they know it all.  But inside, every kid knows that school is where you learn a great deal of what you'll need to know if you're to be successful in life.  Kids know, inside, that school is crucial.  And that makes teachers crucial.   

  There is no one that can stand before God and Jesus in their own righteousness - no one.  'Not even one' as the Bible says.  The scriptures specifically tell us that repeatedly.  There is no one so clean as to be able to rightfully and deservedly judge their neighbor.  The scriptures say that before pulling the 'sliver' out of your neighbor's eye, pull the 'beam' out of your own.  But we that believe in Jesus, sad as we might know ourselves to be, have the duty of encouraging each other towards greater zeal for Jesus, greater faith in our Maker, and towards an increasing desire to serve Him better here on Earth (our time on Earth is possibly our one and only chance to do a single thing for God - Heaven already obeys and serves Him, but down here we can do work with those who don't believe that Jesus is their King, and God the Holy Father is their Maker.)

  So, not in the spirit of judging teachers, but just because I think it's true, I believe that Satan desperately needs the teachers to teach what he needs to have taught.  He needs to plant as many wrong thoughts into as many minds as he possibly can.  And if Satan can mess up the parents and mislead the teachers, he has managed to befoul a whole lot of a childrens' formative learning.  He can destroy hundreds of millions of souls if he can convince them that the teachings of God are myth and poppycock, not to be taught, heard, learned, or heeded. 

  And through the teaching of Evolution, he has dealt the deadliest blow to souls in all of history.  Just as the human population bloomed into the billions and then multiple billions, here came Darwinism, here came Evolution - to replace God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and to teach mankind, where ever on the globe it was able, that mankind really owed nothing to anyone since we sprang from chance and were not created by our God. Nor, it claimed, was anything around us created by God.  It edited God out of His own script. 

  Teachers moved out of the little wooden school house on the prairie, and into the era of governmentally designed education in about the mid 1900's.  My family had two generations of teachers before my generation.  My mother was able to begin teaching at a little country school house with only a 6 week teaching course taken just after high school.  That might have been just a little too skimpy, but it worked!  (Of course, I had a very smart mother!) 

  But as the 1900's wore on, a highschool graduate intent on becoming a teacher had to get a 'college degree'!  A Bachelors Degree.  And that certainly did produce a more powerfully educated teacher, without doubt.  But unfortunately....that's also where the hemlock was served.  Colleges were serving up Evolution not as some theory, but more truly as a widely proven fact that was shining its light into a world toiling in the darkness of well meaning but misguided Christian mythology. Evolution was essentially proven, those colleges taught our teachers, and it was their duty to shine that light into the minds of the trusting and impressionable children they were forming into adults.

  Teachers saw (because of the lies they were fed) as most in their position would have, that once you educated yourself more fully, you had to just realize that only a portion of the Bible, at best, could be true.  It was sad, it was regrettable, but these institutions of higher learning surely wouldn't be peddling it if it wasn't legitimate, would they?  And so, teachers everywhere began finishing college with their degree in hand and the certainty of Evolution freshly taught to them, and they went on their job search.  And when they found a job, they were teaching what it said in the text books, because public education required that schools throughout the nation needed to be on the same page from state to state, or so it was felt.  That meant teaching Evolution, which the new teachers had been led to believe in anyway. 

  And so when it came to the educating of American children, God was displaced as the source of all.  The text books said it. The teachers seconded it.  The colleges taught all of the new teachers who came to obtain their teaching degree that Evolution was sound science and well supported theory.  The all knowing Federal Government nodded its head in wise approval, and an entire generation of school children were given an education which spit them out into the world (in a spiritual sense) dead on arrival.  And then another generation, and then another.      

 And so entire generations of teachers have been scurrilously duped into serving the Jonesboro punch that did the job.  Why?  Because just as the school children had trusted their teachers in grade school through high school, so also those aspirant teachers, bearing no harm in their mind towards any child, had gone off to college to learn what they needed to know......with the same kind of trust.  Misplaced trust, it turned out, when it came to the subject of Evolution.

  Would teachers willingly kill the souls of children?  Not ever!  Children are their life's work  Children are their 'sacred trust'.  I do believe that when I say it.  And often it has been proven true in a literal sense.

  School shootings are a horror and a tragedy, but they have certainly taught us that some teachers will face an insane shooter that has a pistol or rifle - will step between their students and a bullet.  It's happened, and not just once, but over and again. 

  Dave Sanders of Columbine High School did it and lost his life.  He was trying to protect his students.   

  Dr. David Benke of Deer Creek Middle School, Colorado - a math teacher and 57 years old - rushed and tackled a gunman that was armed with a rifle.  He wasn't killed, but he could have been.  

   And there are other cases.    

 Sometimes teachers talk the kid out of shooting and the news services hardly make note of it - most of us never even hear of it.  Other times the teachers die.  Teachers have sometimes even been that sacrificial human bullet shield for their students.  They've sometimes given even their own life for the children (admittedly little brats in some cases) that they teach.  Teachers are not harmers of students.  Far from it.  Some have died for the students they teach.  Could any more be asked?  Could any more be given?

  But now there is a growing acknowledgement among teachers that Evolution is neither right, nor based on good science.  I believe it is a hoax on the grandest of scales, and history's deadliest.  More and more teachers are starting to agree with the evidence which suggests just that.  It's interesting to do an internet search on 'teachers against evolution' and other similar type subject headings, and read what various teachers have decided to do about it.  You'll also see that some teachers are very sold on Evolution, but look through a few articles and you'll see that some teachers are starting to fight against it pretty strongly. 

  Kill a Christian's body, and Jesus can raise it whole and incorrupt.  The Father gave Him that power and authority.  But kill the belief in Jesus, and you have killed the soul.  It shall not know eternal life in Heaven, it probably cannot.  There is only one door, Jesus said.  He was that door, He said.  And everywhere Jesus's gospel was spread, great miracles have been seen....things that could not be explained as any act of chance or nature alone.  Now, even science's own advances have laid bare the lie that this creation built itself by chance.  Not all scientists will look at the facts recently found, but those who have admit there are big problems for Evolution.  Really big in 'seemingly insurmountable'. 

  Evolution can't explain the Creation.  The complexity of created things, inspected through the laws of probabilities, has decidedly killed all notion of such a thing, though the Christ denying colleges and the God hating governments, lacking a back-up lie that can replace Darwin's, have not ceased attempting to pawn off this swill called Evolution as if it were proven truth.

 There is a small but growing determination among teachers to end this farce, though.  A growing reluctance, even repugnance, for teaching Evolution.  You see it written in articles, you hear it in conversations with them, you see the public, especially the Christian public, expressing their loss of faith in government education, you see school vouchers cutting into public school funding.  Let's remember, lots of teachers actually are Christians, but have been forced to teach Evolution or else risk their job. 

  Churches should perhaps place ads asking to speak with teachers who despise teaching Evolution.  Perhaps through shows of public support at school board meetings, the general public and teachers can join their voices and demand they be given something non-toxic to teach about the origin of things.  Something true! Preferably that Yahweh created it all.  After all, He gave us Jesus, and where ever Jesus's name was taken, impossible events occurred.  Who can defy the laws of nature and physics except the one that ordained them in the first place?  

  But best and most beautiful of all, you growingly see teachers beginning to know - deep in their heart - that they are made to be harmers of children when they are made to teach Darwin, Evolution, or the whole ancient Earth idea.  True, some of the highest I.Q. academics at the best of colleges still openly scorn the idea that God did it all, but they are starting to sound hollow voiced and isolated.  There are increasing numbers of discussions about the intricate details of science and created things which evolution supporters dare not engage in.  Swelling numbers of teachers are beginning to take that to heart.  They see the so called experts having to dodge an ever increasing number of critical questions - questions whose answers cast Evolution into undefendable positions.

    Evolution is still strongly supported by some groups.  If you go to the National Science Teacher's Association site, you will see that they seem to be in nearly complete support of Evolution.  But truly, there are features in various life forms which can't be explained by Evolution - things which defy attempts by even the best scientific minds to explain how Evolution could have brought the features about.  In fact, I think only bacteria and viruses offer an arena where Evolution believers can even begin to make a coherent defense for the idea that life forms evolve.  Admittedly, those life forms shift quickly.  But they might be specially formed by God, because their net affect is - ultimately - to cause death or harm in the organisms they enter (from the host organism's point of view.) And man, through sin, first brought death into the world the scripture tells us.  So, if they adapt so quickly that they are difficult to eradicate, that would make sense for a life form meant to cause harm and death as a punishment to a fallen world.  Is that what those types of life are designed for?  Perhaps in part. 

  Some scientists are starting to use bacteria and viruses a great deal when trying to defend if God might not have designed them to be particularly adaptive.  Why are scientists becoming so reliant on only these sorts of life forms to make their case?  Aren't there thousands of life forms?  Isn't the number of species about 25,000?  They have largely quit trying to use ordinary animals to make their just won't wash anymore.  There is far too much inter-reliant complexity in most life forms to imagine them to have been constructed by chance occurrence building on prior chance occurrence.   

  It always makes me think about how, in the Gospels, the demons that Jesus throws out of people scream as they go, and often hurl their host down to the ground on their way out the door.  It's the same for these organizations and occupations that have banked so heavily on Evolution not being a false hypothesis.  They are unbelievably adverse to the idea of admitting it was all hogwash...their professional reputations are inextricably linked to Evolution not being a farce.  Their egos cannot imagine bearing the shame of admitting that they have not only been utterly deluded themselves, but worse yet have led others down the same wrong path as if they were some enlightened guide.    

  The bulk of public opinion is receding back and away from brilliant scientists that hold fast to Evolution.  The evidence for Christ is so strong, but it is not really Christ's teachings which are causing scientists to spurn Evolution (unfortunately.)  It is Evolution's failure to prove itself.  Evolution made some plausible sounding suggestions, and that once drew many to it, but it has failed to close the deal.  The evidence required to decisively prove Evolution never was found, though countless numbers looked for it.  In the end (and I hope we really are at the end of this deadly lie) Evolution came up empty handed.  It's a somewhat reasonable sounding fabrication from the human imagination that just doesn't pan out. 

  On the other hand, the evidence for intelligent design of some type is too overwhelming.  The evidence against the grand creation around us being a product of flimsy random happenstance and chance is recently become so screamingly obvious. 

  Teachers, I believe, are hearing the call of God.  Deep, I believe, is caling to deep.  Teachers, loved by God, died for by Jesus, are getting fed up in their souls with being an accessory to the crime.  And just watch what happens when they rise to serve their God with hearts wounded by guilt for the part their profession was duped into taking against God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and against the children that the teaching of Evolution has so deeply and irreperably harmed these last 6 or more decades; deep, sometimes permanent harm to the souls of the children that teachers have invested their lives in, harm to the children that, deep down, teachers cannot deny they sort of love in most cases.  

  When teachers rise, and I know in my heart they will, that will end this great era of spiritual carnage the Earth has recently labored under.  With no one willing to teach the lie, and no one wanting to tolerate it being taught anyway, the show would be over.  And with that ended, I believe Satan will have only one last and final strategy left: admitting there is a Savior, and then coming to mankind deceptively disguised as that long awaited Savior, to fool those last souls that he can.  I believe that once teachers rise and angrily refuse to feed children this sewage of Evolution, it will mark the advent of the anti-Christ's era, and probably shortly precede the anti-Christ's arrival.  And that leads to the return of Christ himself. 

  Hopefully one day soon the teachers that teach teachers will have no one to teach unless they just admit that the deepest innards and furthest outer parts of creation allow for only one conclusion:  there is a creator, and a mighty one indeed.  And there is only one creator that has ever met the bill of requirements for having created all of these wonders we see:  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit - they and no other.  It's religious dogma, I suppose, but dogma with a mountain of evidence to suggest we better believe in it.  No other religion has so much, or anywhere near so much.  All religions have believers, but Christianity has believers that have brought the convincing miracles of God to every pagan nation.  As mentioned earlier: who can alter the laws of physics such that the impossible can occur?  Only the one that controls the laws of physics, right?

  My parents were very good parents, and were public school teachers.  They really didn't teach long enough to reach this era when the credibility of the theory of Evolution is so thoroughly destroyed.  I like to imagine they would have rebelled had they realized it.  They were believers in Jesus.  Many of the public school teachers that I thought so much of as I went through school have retired.  I would like to imagine them refusing to teach a damaging and wicked lie, had it been shown to be such with the sort of clarity that the evidence provides for us today. 

  But today's teachers?  They may just tip this old world on its ear, and usher in the return of Christ himself if they utterly reject the continued propagation of Satan's deadliest lie so far.  And I honestly don't put it past them.  Teachers are seeing the evidence the same as everyone else.  And teachers, in their deepest heart, love kids.  Satan surely does not.            


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