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2017 A.D.:  The First Appearance of the Number 27 In the Bible!


  The Bible seems to hold many instances where numbers are of great or prophetic importance.  One number that is important is the number 27.  Our New Testament holds 27 books, and it holds the New Covenant, the agreement that Jesus brought from His Father to present to mankind.  It was a 'last chance' agreement.  Through the life, teachings, and brutal death of Jesus the Church was formed.  It is composed of the body of believers in Jesus where ever they exist throughout the Earth.  It is the 'Bride of Christ'.  Our job as the Church is to present a chance at life to men and women who are dead in their sins or ignorance.  We present the New Covenant to new people, as well as helping to keep it alive in the hearts of those who already believe.  

  Through the New Covenant, the 27 books of the New Covenant, men and women, who are but dust, are brought to life.  They are brought to everlasting life.

  So it is not surprising, though it is wonderful, that the first place in the Bible where the number 27 is to be found is in Genesis 2:7.  And what it says there is very appropriate when you consider the work of the Church, which was still 4,000 years in the future:



7 Then the Lord God formed a man[c] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

  End Quote

  The first place where a 27 of some kind appears in the Bible's pages involves men being brought from lifeless dust to  being a living being by the breath (spirit?) of God.  It must at least be admitted that this is somewhat prophetic of the coming work of Jesus and His Church, right?  Praise God, Who knows the end from the beginning.


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