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Democrats v.s. Republicans v.s. Tea Party    Trying to decide?

  Christians in America today are surely making voting choices which tell God and Jesus that we are for Them or against Them.  It may seem like politics is separate from religion, but in a nation where Christians are the majority, if they vote in favor of what God has spoken against, when they could have voted more in opposition to what God hates by selecting candidates from a different political party, then Christian voters are voting against what God and Jesus stand for, and voting in favor of what Satan prefers.

  Do you remember in the gospels when the Roman Procurator Pontius Pilate tried to prevent Jesus from being crucified?  I'm not sure what his own sentiments were, exactly, but his wife had warned him that in a dream she had been shown that Jesus was a righteous man.  That must have weighed in there somewhere among Pontius Pilates other thoughts on the matter.  And he had likely heard of Jesus.  King Herod had.  And there were Centurions that knew of Jesus's power. 

  Pilate looked out upon a crowd of mostly Jewish people, and suggested that they choose the rebel Barrabus for crucifixion instead of Jesus.  He offered to free one or the other, whichever they chose.  He was giving them a way to save Jesus from crucifixion! 

  The crowd shouted, some for Jesus and some for Barrabus - but those who shouted for Barrabus shouted louder.  And the Jewish Priests themselves got into it and urged the crowd to shout out that the criminal Barrabus be released, and Jesus (not a criminal, and coincidentally, the Son of God and long awaited Messiah of the Jews) be crucified.

  And so, in a form of audible public voting which could fairly be called 'who shouts the loudest', the Jews chose Jesus for death, and freed Barrabus. Pontius Pilot was disgusted enough with what he saw that he publically washed his hands in front of that crowd of Jews which he was ruler over at that time.

  So, as Christians, we all know what blame-worthy villains the Jews of that day were - calling for their rejected Messiah to be crucified!  Preferring a criminal to the son of God!  Those Jews (the chosen people of God, right?) rejected their own Messiah.

  Flash forward to today in the United States.  We vote, and by voting we choose. 

  Isn't this a true statement:  If we vote for what God hates, it is a vote cast against God?  If we vote for what Satan promotes, it is a vote in favor of Satan, and against God? Isn't that a given, really?

  So, if 70% of us are Christians and know quite well that Jesus does not want babies butchered in the womb, same-gender sexual debauchery to be a common site, and the character of our largely Christian nation to be effectively stifled by the worship of false gods bourne into this land by foreign peoples who come here from countries no where near so blessed, then why would we ever vote for today's Democratic Party?  If we do, we too reject Jesus, just as the Jews once did.  Only we are worse!  Worse by far!  We Christians reject a Jesus that we know quite well is the Messiah, our Savior, our given and rightful King.  The Jewish people who shouted against Jesus were surely not all convinced of His identity as their Messiah, but today, we Christians have no such excuse.  We are worse by far than the Jews of Jesus's day. 

  Our great-grandparent's Democratic Party was a different party.  Today's Democratic Party is a whole different animal.  It has some good things which it supports, but it shamelessly supports some things which are an open and unequivocal outrage against God and Jesus.

  So pretend you are in a crowd.  And there is a Roman Procurator in front of you, looking at you almost in disbelief.  He is asking you one last time:  "Do you wish me to rid your land of God's influence, or Satan's?"  How are you going to shout?  And how loud? 

  The Republican Party has it's dents and dings - it is no knight in white shining armour.  It needs to reform itself in a fair number of areas.  In fact, it does far too little to acknowledge God and Jesus, and it has shown itself corrupt in many areas at manyu times.  But there is nothing which it openly promotes in it's platform planks that is anywhere near as opposed to the teachings of God and Jesus as the worst that the Democratic Party espouses.  Look for yourself.  Get on the internet some time and search Democratic Platform.  Then Google GOP platform, or Republican Platform.  Then look at the Tea Party beliefs.  Take a look.  They are only a few pages long.

  The Tea Party may be a great answer.  Right now it's a little bit of an unknown to me personally.  I think I will learn more about them.  But I'm certainly not speaking against them.

  But the worst of the publically espoused and acknowledged tenants (planks) of the Democratic Party are Satan in a cheap wig and lipstick, plain and simple.

  Maybe your Christian great-grandparents once voted Democrat, but the party has since then gone where a lot of our parents and grandparents would never have gone.  Hasn't it? 

  Political Parties can change, but in the mean time, if they are loudly championing evil behavior that harms us both directly and in the eyes of our God, hadn't we better give them a wide birth.  Can a man handle pitch, and his hands not be blackened?

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