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June 1, 2009:  The State of America

     On this date the newspapers and media reported the shooting death of a doctor, a prominent late term abortion provider who was shot to death in a Witchita Kansas area church, the Reformation Lutheran Church, where he was an usher.

     President Obama was quoted as commenting: "However profound our differences over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."

     So, we are a nation where a persistent and unapologetic provider of late term abortions can hold a position of prominence (usher) in a Reformation Lutheran Church.

     We are a nation where Christians (or at least someone in a Christian Church) shed blood with a weapon of violence in a church dedicated to Jesus, who taught against violence.

     We are a nation where a 'pro choice' President, with young children given to him by God, rightly identifies shooting an adult with a pistol as a 'heinous act of violence'.  Yet the 'choice' he is 'pro choice' towards involves killing an unborn human with instruments of carnage within their very mother's womb.  So, perhaps it would also be a 'heinous act of violence'.  I think so.  Perhaps 'fetuses' (also known as unborn babies) would agree, could they speak.

     And ironically, a church is like a 'womb' for the children of God.  A safe place for the 'born again' to grow and develope and reach maturity, so they can be properly equipped to be functional as a citizen of the next world while still in this one.  So, how odd is it that this man who, for a living, ended lives in a physical womb, was murdered in a spiritual womb - a church?    

    So, where in God's eyes does that leave us?  We do what it is wrong to do in the human womb, in the Christian church, and in our nation, the nation that puts 'in God we trust' on our money.  We need to enact and live by just and righteous laws in our nation, so God will not be angry with us.  As it is, politicians that pander to the vote of those that want the wrong things to be called acceptable are the politicians that are winning elections. 

Christians need to vote as if they were a stand-in voter for Jesus.  We need to vote as Jesus would vote.  There are a lot of voters that say they are Christians - enough to ensure the outcome if we were united in our purpose, that being to vote for a government which would come closest to pleasing our Lord.  And all voters have the right to vote for whatever pleases them, from among their available choices.  Maybe we can get there!  Lord help us do right in Your eyes.


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