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2011 A.D.:  Milk and Mountains, Bride, Mother, and Church?

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   Photo of Mt Ebal and Mt Gerazim, located near the modern city of Nablus - a city which was once named Shechem - and is located near the central portion of the contested geographical area of Israel called 'the West Bank'.


  If the human anatomy was designed by God to symbolize holy things as well as to function quite wonderfully as the machine we live in during our fleeting years here on Earth, could the breasts of a woman represent something, as well as be functional? 

   I think they may - in certain admittedly strange ways - represent mountains.  There were two mountains that the Israelites were told to perform a rather strange ceremony upon as they entered the promised land, the long awaited Land of Canaan - referred to in the Bible as a land of milk and honey - which God allowed them to enter at the end of their 40 years of wandering the Sinai Peninsula.  There are many people in that geographical area and from other parts of the world that think those two famous mountains (high hills?) seem to look like a bosom as you approach them from a certain direction.  They are known for that.  This land, entered into by Joshua and the Israelites via this area that looks so much like breasts to so many, was specifically referred to as the Land of Milk and Honey.  Ironic?  

  Women's breasts can produce milk - we all know that.  But when a baby is first born breasts also produce a nutritious and rich liquid substance known as colostrum.  This only lasts for a few days, but it provides concentrated nutrients and some anti-bodies, and more.  It is generally a yellow color compared to the regular breast milk that comes in a few days later.  Yellow like....a little like....honey and milk!  In some places it is called 'bee-stings' that's a pretty 'bee' related word, and where there are bees, there's honey!  So are women's breasts like mountains, figuratively speaking?  Is it a land of milk and honey for the new born baby?  Maybe?  Maybe.  God is an amazing designer as we know, so it's possible that He designed this into a woman's physiology. 

   It may be that female anatomy is such that the bosom of a woman is meant to remind mankind of the day that six of the tribes were told by Joshua to stand on Mt. Ebal and six of the tribes were told to stand on Mt. Gerrazim.  From the first mountain, the people read off the curses that would come upon the disobedient.  From the other mountain, the blessings that would fall on those who obeyed the Lord were recited aloud.  And the tribe of Levi - the tribe that were the priests - were between them, telling them about right and wrong. They had very good acoustics there, evidently.  

  To a young child, isn't a mother like those Levites?  Doesn't a diligent and loving mother hold their young children, lean over and speak to their toddlers face, admonish their grade school children and even their teens, telling their children about right and wrong, and the consequences that arise from doing either- telling them from their earliest days??  It's subjective, but it may be right.

  ***Bible Trivia Note:  Whenever you see a 6 by another 6, God's people seem to be involved:  6 tribes on Mt.Ebal, 6 on 6 tribes on Mt. Gerazim.  66 books in the Bible.  66 Chapters in Isaiah, which is sometimes called the Little Bible.  66 A.D. - the Christians fled Jerusalem just in time to escape the Roman destruction.  66 joints in the human feet - 66 connections (and our feet are the 'end' of our human form.  Let's remember that at the end of time, as described in the Bible, Jesus will save His followers from the worst of the great tribulation!)  There were 66 mentioned persons accompanying Jacob/Israel on the journey to Egypt where Joseph, Jacob's powerfully uplifted son, would feed them and provide for them during the deadly famine.  In my mind, 66 seems to relate to 'the people of God being divinely saved at the last possible moment'.  Something close to that.  Maybe it's just the number that relates to 'the church' in God's use of numbers? 

  As for the foot thing, doesn't the scripture say 'happy are the feet of those who bring the good news of Christ'?  And that is the Christians that bring that news!  At the end of this present era, the Christians will be bodily transported (raptured) many believe, to escape the worst part of the great tribulation.  Philip was the first Apostle to literally be translated (bodily transported) by the Holy Spirit, which occurred after he brought the good news of God to (and Baptized) the Ethiopian eunuch who had been visiting Jerusalem.  So it's an additional oddity worth mentioning that there is a well known (and pretty good!) chain of gas stations that bears the name Phillips!  And the number 66...a number that is associated both with Philip, being translated, and getting out just in time - saved thanks to Jesus.  I do not know why!?!  Just an oddity I guess.  ***  

  But back to the subject, to the new Christian, the particular church that they attend is where they learn the things that they need to know - from the bread of life (the words of Jesus and God the Father, read from scripture), from sermons by the pastors, ministers, priests, or other leaders, and from classes that go over the scriptures and their meanings.  And most importantly, the new Christian should pray to the Holy Spirit for understanding and wisdom concerning the scriptures.  Even in the beginning of a new Christian's life the Holy Spirit is always showing you things. 

  So, to Christ, the church is like the Bride, who serves him with love and gives Him many new children.  To the new Christian, the church is like the mother.  And once the new Christian is grown up, then they care for the church (their loving mother) as often and well as they can, never forgetting her.  But they chiefly must take on the 'great commission'.  They must become a raiser up of new Christians their own self.  They become missionaries for Christ, whom they serve, in word and deed.  They take what they were given, and share it widely.  The 'great commission' isn't a suggestion - it's our marching orders.  Go tell others about Christ, making all men and women into disciples that can be brought to believe.  Mothers are creating disciples any time they make sure that their own children are believers in Jesus.  If they convince others beyond that, all the better!

  So, maybe a mother is built as she is so that as she gives her baby the physical milk so suited for it's growth and health, she herself is reminded to give it the spiritual milk that it also desperately needs.  Maybe.  Click the following if you wish.

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