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2012 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?:  Michigan is the Turtle and the Hare?




  GeoProphecy is the idea that God built land masses or mountains or lakes or islands to be a certain specific shape - to form a picture of sorts.  It's speculative, yet interesting.  It's quite within God's abilities as we know, but He may or may not have done it.  Maybe it's imagination.  But, I have to admit I'm starting to be more of a believer as I see more.  Use your own spiritual discernment though.  Pray about it.  The Holy Spirit will lead you rightly to what is true.  And it's always possible that some 'GeoProphecy' will be placed there by God, but other 'pictures' will be the just the imagination of a man (myself in this instance, unfortunately, if that should be the case.)

  This one is about the state of Michigan, which has an upper part  (they call it the U.P.) which is separated from the lower by part of Michigan by water, and the island of Mackinac (they say it Mack' - in -ah ) is right by the place where a bridge (the Mackinac Bridge) crosses from lower Michigan to the U.P., across this narrow passage of the Great Lakes.

  Early Native American tribes (the Ojibwa, at least) from this area had a legend that Mackinac Island was the place where men first landed after the Great Flood.  They further believed that the island looked like a TURTLE (it doesn't from the air, very much, but perhaps from a boat it might) and that the island was originally created by a HARE or RABBIT that was part of their legend and lore.

  I don't believe in their religion, but I have to hand it to those Native Americans...their island has one part of Michigan above it that looks quite a lot like a RABBIT and one part of Michigan below it which looks quite a lot like a TURTLE'S HEAD!!  The very two animals that they associated with the island.  And they believed this long before you could see it from the air! 

  Citizens of Michigan have long said that the upper part (the U.P.) is shaped like a RABBIT.  They mostly say that the bottom looks like a hand with a mitten on it, though.  And you'll need your mittens if you spend a winter in Michigan.  It gets plenty cold there.  But, I have always thought that lower Michigan looked like a turtle's head.  After all, there are two lakes right where the eye ought to be!  Doesn't that lend it's weight to the TURTLE'S HEAD hypothesis?

  But, whatever the case, it seems to me that God shaped the region to look quite a lot like the very two animals associated with the island in the narrow waterway between them.  Odd!!  But, it also draws attention to the fact that many Native American tribes were quite familiar with the idea that there had been a GREAT FLOOD!  And they believed it.  And I forgot to mention....they believed the island - Mackinac Island - was the home of the Great Spirit!

  Maybe, though they got a few things about God wrong over the years after the flood, like most everyone's forefathers did, still, they revered the Great Spirit.  And we know that there is such a Spirit.  Many call Him Yahweh.  Some say God.  Some say Jehovah.  And maybe, just maybe, God 'Geographically Highlighted' this place where the Great Spirit was especially revered, for the sake of their good intentions towards Him.  Still, the Bible is pretty clear.  Mount Zion will be His dwelling place when He chooses to make it so! 

  Take a look at the map - click the thumbnail below - and see what you think!


         Turtle Hare thumbnail

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