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2012 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?:  Does the Delmarva Peninsula 'Point' At Some Big Events?


First Landing State Park, where English colonists first landed in America in 1607.  That's 13 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Mass., hundreds of miles north.   As it turned out, the nation's destiny was to become a large English speaking Christian based nation.  That's right, a nation founded in the worship of Jesus, God's son.  And something like a giant hand with a pointing finger seems to mark the spot, apparently from the most ancient of times, long before the event occurred?

Did God design a hand to point at it?


  GeoProphecy is speculation only, but it sometimes looks like God made certain geographical features to reflect the events that would take place there.  Did He, or is it just imagination?  Whatever the case, and only God knows, there are some pretty interesting connections out there!!

  Chesapeake Bay's Delmarva Peninsula is partially within the borders of 3 different U.S. states:  Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. 

  The city of Baltimore, Maryland is situated essentially at the northern end of Chesapeake Bay, the eastern USA's largest estuary.  The colony of Maryland was intended to be a sanctuary agains religious intolerance - but this time if was English Catholics that needed a place to flee to.  In 1634 two ships, the Ark and the Dove, brought the first settlers - mostly Catholic - to this newly chartered American colony.  Perhaps the 'pointing hand and finger' of the Delmarva Peninsula points at the opening to the bay:  Catholics, flee to here!! 

  But more precisely it points at the first landing location of a great Protestant nation's landing.  It points with near exactness at their landing location.

  There are actually a lot of possibilities in this area when it comes to guessing what it is that is being 'pointed at', if anything is.  But to have it point so perfectly at a colonial first landing location is interesting, is it not?   

  The Delmarva Peninsula forms the seaward boundary of Chesapeake Bay. 

  As mentioned, what makes it interesting in my eyes is that it has that appearance of a pointing hand and finger.  I readily admit that it might be all my imagination in each case, but I'm starting to find that these 'pointing hand' land marks can point at some pretty interesting things.  In this instance, when I tried to research into the nearest thing that the 'hand' seemed to be pointing at, I found some intriguing possible candidates.  I think that the 'hand' points at the location of a couple of America's most interesting or landmark occurrences, and God has had a lot of involvement with America, especially in the beginning!  See what you think.

The Delmarva Peninsula   


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