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2012 A.D.:  The XXX Olympic Games

  I have always liked to watch the sports contests of the Olympics.  But it is too bad that after all that Jesus has done us people of the world that we would still flock by the hundreds of thousands to personally watch, and gather at our television sets by the hundreds of millions to watch, this spectacular world event dedicated to the honor of the ancient and utterly failed gods of long ago pagan Greece.  It is a huge betrayal when you think of it that way.  And I suspect that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit think of it that way. 

  Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.  This is the 30th Olympic Games of modern times.  And the letters 'XXX' haven't got a very good reputation either.  I would have to say that it is 'inauspicious' that these Olympics are happening on the long forecast year of planetary troubles - 2012 A.D.!  Though I give little credence to the Maya calendar, I will still feel better when this year is over! 

  I feel my nation, America, being killed from within by Satan's various tools.  The God-hater's political party keeps on getting inexplicable victories as we Christ believing Americans try to beat back the emergence of 'government as god, owner, and nanny'.  And the religion of Muhammed is violently grinding down Christianity in so many other places.  And so I always breathe easier when these times when we seem to really really 'deserve it' pass by with us still somehow continuing on in the undeserved mercy of God.

  God....please allow us more time and more strength.  But the scriptures say that it ends with us being beaten and in need of rescue.  So, let us fight our best until then, and please grant us undeserved salvation through Jesus, Your Son, when the time comes that You must pull the plug on our failed efforts to win the whole world to Christ, willingly to Jesus Christ the Lord and only path to Heavenly citizenship.

  Please grant us all a way to find You, and the sight to do so. 


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