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2011 A.D.:  6th Day Series:  There May Be A Depiction of the Tree of Life Inside of Us!

  There are also '6th Day Series' videos on YouTube. 



  All present cultures descended from Noah's sons' families.  So says the Bible.  Yet, though the world had been recently flooded - on a global scale - people were soon off on their own paths, religiously speaking.  The worship of false gods and of nature and of creature totems and kings and various similar things soon made their way back into human culture.

  Yet, even the religions that err greatly now often retain some elements of the truth.  Sometimes they have a legend, a prophecy, a symbol, etc., that sounds like it must be a surviving artifact, a remaining portion of the original good teaching that Noah must have known. 

  In the Judeo-Christian scriptures of Genesis, we hear of a 'Tree of Life'.  When Adam and Eve ate from the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil', their eyes were open to what was and wasn't sin.  They knew they had disobeyed God's rule concerning the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil', and they saw that they were naked, at least. 

  Before that, their only rule was to not eat from the 'Tree of the Knowledge of the Good and Evil'.  But, the wily serpent, there in the tree, convinced Eve to eat of it's fruit.  And Eve convinced Adam to do as she had done.  God determined to make them leave the Garden of Eden before they went on to eat from the 'Tree of Life', which would allow them to live forever.

  Through the typology offered in scripture, we can learn that until there was a law, there couldn't be sin.  The law opens your eyes to what is good and evil, and Moses brought the law to the Israelites.  I think that the law of Moses was a type of 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  After all, Adam and Eve thereafter covered themselves with animal skins for clothing, (God showed them how to make the clothing) and Moses's law also required this 'killing of animals' to cover a type of 'nakedness' .  God prescribed the particular animal sacrifices, thus showing them how to hide their 'nakedness', i.e. - cover their sin. 

  Adam and Eve noticed their nakedness, scripture says, after they ate of the forbidden fruit.  The laws God gave to Moses describe what is forbidden.  Perhaps it is in that respect that what Eve ate was the 'forbidden fruit', while the laws of God given to Moses showed what fruit (behavior) was 'forbidden'.  Personal behavior and personal actions are often referred to as the 'fruit' of a person's life in the Christian scriptures, especially in writings to the church.

  So, even though Adam and Eve were sinners, there was a tree in the Garden of Eden that could still allow them to live forever - it was called the 'Tree of Life'.  Today, we know of only one person, one 'tree' if you will, that can allow a sinner to live forever.  That is Jesus Christ.  That's the Christian belief, and the teachings of Jesus uphold it.  Jesus said that the Holy Father gave the authority to forgive mans' sins to Jesus, and to Jesus alone.  Jesus is, therefore, the Tree of Life'....He is the tree, offered from heaven, that extends His fruit - healing from sins and forgiveness to everlasting life.  Jesus is the Tree given from Heaven.  Those are His fruits, if you want to see it that way.  He had other fruits, but those are crucial ones.

  There are non-Christian religions that speak of such a upside down tree that has great powers to save.  In the ancient writing much revered in India - the Bhagavad-Gita - such a tree is mentioned; the Bhagavad-Gita is an extremely ancient writing. 

  There are other trees that seem to be similar in other non-Christian cultures.  Apparently the descendents of Noah - at least some of them - either carried this idea from before the Great Flood, or arrived at it afterwards. 

  But, what about the design of the human body.  Does it hold such a tree?  Maybe!  Though only speculation, it looks like God might have designed us with a hint of such a thing.  You decide!  Click below.  You can reduce the drawing's size using the (+ or - ) button on the frame abome the image area, once you are there:


                                                                                Tree of Life?


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