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2010 A.D.: The Shape of Africa - A Skull?

I think God had His hand in all things that we see, and that His mind was engaged at all times in all things His hands did.  He probably put more thought than we can ever know into even the seemingly simplest of things.

  The following is all speculation; just a thought and probably an incorrect one.  It's about something that caught my attention - something that I wondered about 8 or 9 years ago - but which, at the time, sort of came to a dead end.  I thought that God might have made a sort of a pointer, a clue if you will, using a landmass, and a certain national border.  At least I wondered if he had.  It was a silly seeming thought, but it sort of stayed in my mind anyway.    

After all, sometimes it seems He gave things an interesting shape.  For instance, the land masses of the Earth all have a shape.  Maybe the shapes mean nothing, or maybe they do mean something.  To me, North, Central, and South America look vaguely like an Eagle with partially raised wings, about to land with a snake in it's claws, onto the top of a cactus - a cactus whose root is exposed.  Not everyone has uprooted a cactus, but the bottom of South America looks a little like some cactus roots.  That image was suggested to me by the following old legend:

  It is interesting that the people that became the mighty Aztecs were once a poor and humble, hard pressed people, wandering towards the South from today's American SouthWest.  They were kin with the Toltecs, sharing the same language.  The Aztec branch of the family were searching for a new homeland.  Someone among them had once had a 'sacred' vision that when they saw an Eagle holding a Snake in it's claws, perched on top of a Cactus, that would be the place where they were destined to settle, and they would become a great people there.  Their Aztec historians reported that they did eventually see that very thing, so they determined to quit wandering and settle right at that spot.  As we know, they became a powerful people there, and the place is essentially today's Mexico City.  

There are other examples.  I think the Island of Cyprus is like a hand with a pointing finger.  To me, it seems to point towards the city of Antioch on the mainland, where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians.  It's as if the finger of God was pointing to something wonderful. 

Cuba looks a little like certain of the fishing hooks used by aboriginal tribes in America.  Well, sort of, anyway.  I've seen some, that I could not find pictures of, which bore a closer resemblance, but you can see the idea of it if you look at these hooks in the picture below (or maybe you'll disagree, of course.)  They were often carved out of bone or wood, and don't resemble a modern fishing hook very much because their materials weren't strong like steel, so they needed to be designed differently. 

  America is temporarily (very temporarily, I suspect) in a position of pretty great power, like a strong beast.  Like a Leviathan, as spoken of in the book of Job and other places.  Like some strong beast that has risen for a moment from among it's brother beasts to a position of some prominance in world affairs, and more importantly, Christian affairs.  

"Who can make war against the beast?"  In Revelation we hear that question. 

   God can!  Or anyone to whom God assigns the task could.  When God sent the Israelites to attack their enemies, we are told that 100 of the enemy could be put to flight by 1 Israelite, at times.  It could give you the idea that you were one tough soldier if you forgot that it was God's power, and not yours, that sent your enemy fleeing.   

  Who can make war against a terrible beast?  God can!  He can break the head of Leviathan in the midst of the ocean.  (Leviathan, a great beast of the sea, spoken of in several scriptures.  It is somewhat of a mysterious creature. It left an oily trail in the water. Oil spill? America knows about oil spills.) Scripture tells us that.  God could easily put a hook in it's mouth, and bring it to heel, even destroy it if He wishes, effortlessly.  Leviathan (all Leviathans) should take note.  Leviathan has the word "Levi" in it.  Coincidence, or a word that God designed to become part of our social conscience? 

  Levi is the Israelite tribe that was assigned to be Priests among the ancient Israelites (assigned to be a good example, teachers of God's knowledge and wisdom, handlers of Holy things, servants of God, men of good will and guides to all the other Israelites.)  But the Bible shows that often the Levites hindered rather that helped.  Often, as the centuries rolled by, the Levites became corrupt, and broke the laws of their God, and had to be reformed.  Ultimately, they preferred to rule rather than embrace the intended ruler of Israel.  In ancient Israel's last days, the Levites were foremost among those that rejected Jesus, whom God had sent as Messiah.  It is a settled matter through God's word that the Levites always will have a special place, but God has replaced one branch of the Levite family with another when it pleased Him to do so, back in the history of ancient Israel.   

  What pants, plain and ordinary denim pants, are American's famous for wearing?  Levi.  It is a brand name that has come to essentially take the name of the product it speaks of in America, like Kleenex, like Coke, in my opinion.  Hand me a Kleenex, would you?  Let's pull over and grab a Coke somewhere.  I've gained so much weight that I need to buy some new Levis.  'Levis' are pretty close to being a synonym for 'pants' in some places.       

  Who was given the privelage of being a brightly lit city on a hill for God and Jesus in this late age?  America.  Who has been allowed to send out more Christian missionaries to the world than any other nation?  America, so far.  Who has forgotten who it is that holds the fate of all nations, including vain proud sinful self indulgent nations, in His hands?  America?  Not all Americans have forgotten, but way too many of us have, I think.  I personally have nothing to be proud of in this respect.  I'm a pretty ungrateful Christian at times.  Maybe God would say 'all the time'. 

Italy famously looks like a 'boot'.  And the Roman Catholic church, in it's pretty wicked phase prior to the Protestant Reformation, certainly seemed to trample on both God's laws and the nations.  Water can represent the peoples of the nations; that's what it says in the Book of Revelation concerning a portion of a vision that John had.  And so, a boot stuck out into the water...?  It might be a trampling boot!  Or it might be something else, or nothing.  Of course Italian shoes have also become very famous, so it could be that as well.  :)  A dozen different people might see a dozen different things.....or nothing at all. 



  The land masses of Norway and Sweden look to me like a dragon with it's head twisted around so that it can bite Denmark.  Poor Denmark! 

  The Dragon has Finns on it's back.  Don't we always draw our dragons with fins on their back?  The Northern Vikings truly did sail out on their 'dragon prowed' raiding ships to attack many a nation - including Denmark.  But Denmark had Vikings too.  Some think Denmark was (maybe still is) peopled to a large degree by the sons of Dan, the Israelite tribe.  I don't know, myself. 


  So, to my eyes, some land masses resemble some things.  And if God desired to build land masses which also resembled certain things he had in mind, that's obviously not tough for God to do.  But it is a little like seeing pictures or shapes in clouds.  You can't attribute too much to it, because it's so subjective. 

  I think that the continent of Africa looks most like a human skull (though with a horned brow ridge) looking to the East.  Or maybe not a horned brow ridge.  Maybe it is like a skull which has sustained a terrible head injury, with Madagasgar and the chunk of land dominated by Saudi Arabia being like broken off chunks of bone. 

  And Lake Victoria is about where the eye ought to be.  And behind the eye there is another waterway that has the appearance of the back of an eye socket; it lays just to the west of Lake Victoria.  So, there is something like an eye, in about the expected place on a continent that looks something like a human skull, but with horned brow ridges.  Something that looks like the back of an eye socket is behing the eye.  Somewhat interesting, right? 

  So, I am an American with a President that is resisting every effort to show his long form birth certificate, and who has a grand mother and other relatives in Kenya who are on record as saying Barack Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya, not in America.  Then he was whisked away via airplane soon afterwards to Mauii Hawaii.  That would be a pretty big deal if it was true, and admitted to.  

 It may not be true, of course.  But I find the following little fact to be a strange one:  As you can see on the maps at the top of this article, the borderline between Tanzania and Kenya is a line that runs from Lake Victoria to the ocean.  But, beginning at Lake Victoria, it travels East and slightly South in a straight line for a while, then it jogs south when it's about half way to the ocean.  Then it continues on to the ocean in a course nearly parralel to it's previous one.

  Here's the interesting part: If you were to sight down the first segment of the border line (as if you were looking down the shaft of an arrow, for instance) looking from Lake Victoria toward the ocean, you see that the line points pretty directly at Mombasa, Kenya.  Mombasa is the town shown on the map, up above, about 1/2 inch north of the Kenya / Tanzania border, on the sea coast.    And Mombosa Kenya is where the hospital is at which some people are saying President Obama was born.  Does that mean anything?  I don't know for sure.  It sounds unlikely that his eligibility for President wouldn't have been checked very carefully?  But who knows....

Kenya?  Cain-Yah?  Yah is one of the Hebrew words referring to God.  Cain was the banished son of Adam.  God marked Cain because Cain had offered an unacceptable sacrifice, while his brother Abel offered an acceptable one.  When Cain saw that his brother Abel's sacrifice was acceptable to God, but his own had been rejected, he became jealous.  He later lured his brother Abel out to a field, and killed him.  

God confronted Cain with his guilty deed, and Cain was less than forthcoming about what he had done.  God banished him to be a wanderer.  Cain protested that people would kill him.  So, God gave Cain a 'Mark', so that those who despised Cain and met up with him would not kill him, however much they might despise him.  Cain received the mark as a sort of protection from other men.  I guess it said "This man is punished by Me, your God, but as for you, you are to leave him alone."  That's how I understood it, anyway.  Kenya sounds almost like Cain-Yah.  Cain-God.

  The word Cain also sort of appears at a later time, after the flood.  Phonetically, it is part of the word Caanan.  Caanan was, like Cain, given a curse.  Noah became very angry at his youngest son Ham for disrespecting him.  Noah had gotten drunk on wine from a vinyard he had planted after the flood.  He had fallen asleep in his tent in an unseemly fashion.  Apparently his bare bottom was showing, which was considered pretty disgraceful. 

  Ham first noticed it, and called his brothers over to see the laughable sight of his father in this undignified position. But they didn't wish to have their father humiliated, so they walked into his tent backwards with a blanket and covered him.  Later, when he awoke, he was told what Ham had done.    

  It was an issue severe enough in Noah's mind that he must have believed it required a firm response.  So, he cursed Caanan, the son of Ham.  Noah did not curse Ham, the son of his loins, a son who had come directly from Noah's own wife, who's feelings had to be considered also, I believe.  So, Noah cursed Caanan.  And Noah was righteous,  When he cursed something, God granted the power of the curse, just as on other occasions, God granted the Patriarch's the power to bless their sons. 

  People say that it was because Ham was too near in relation to Noah that he cursed Caanan instead.  It was part of old testament thinking that the sons were cursed for the sins of the fathers.  But Ham had to go the rest of his life knowing that one of his sons was cursed because of him.  The line of Caanan was to be slaves to all of the descendents of Noah's other two sons, Shem and Japhet.  And the Caananites, the descendents of Caanan, settled pretty much in the geographical area of Israel, but were driven out of that land and dispersed.  Some, however, were made into servants of the Israelites.   

  Whoever the 'Coming World Leader' turns out to be, he might possibly be from Africa.  Christian preachers are fond of reminding us that Satan loves to counterfeight the things of God.  So, Africa's shape may qualify it as a sort of 'place of the skull'.  And that is a place-name associated with Jesus.  Jesus was Crucified at a place called Golgotha (Place of the Skull), though it's exact location near or in Jerusalem is disputed.   

  I think the place of the skull where Jesus was crucified might be on the mount of Olives.  I've read some articles suggesting that, and they sure had some good points to make. 

 The scriptures say that Jesus will come and gather His people, and then, having placed them in safety, He will come down again upon the Mount of Olives at one point, and the mountain will split into two, and divide.  The Jerusalemites will flee through that freshly made canyon from an attacking enemy, and then Jesus will personally fight for His people.

  Some have written that there was an old monument on the Mount of Olives called 'the place of the skull'.  According to the story involved, it contained a crypt which held the skull of Adam.  So, it was the place of Adam's Skull.  When Noah had prepared for the flood, according to this legend/story, he had brought along a few sacred artifacts on the ark that they built.  Later, after the great flood, he gave each of his three sons one of these artifacts.  To Shem, that story says, he gave the skull of Adam, the forefather of all mankind.  Shem had eventually enclosed this sacred relic in a buried crypt, near the top of the Mount of Olives.   

  If the real Jesus should reappear at the 'place of the skull' (assuming such a place lies on top of the Mount of Olives), maybe Satan's counterfeight Christ (the coming world leader) will come from Africa, a continent shaped like a skull.  Maybe that's a form of counterfeit.  These thoughts are nothing but speculation, or musing.  Nothing more.  I do not believe Barack Obama is the Coming World Leader.  But he may be a Biblically important figure, or maybe Mombasa will be a Biblically important city?  Or more probably:  not!!!  Probably, like any speculation or musing, it is nothing. 

  By the way, have you ever noticed this:  scripture says that Jesus will give us eternal life if anyone will, and He is prophesied to descend onto the top of the Mount of Olives at one point in the future when He returns, right?  Have you ever noticed that the word Olives sort of has the phrase 'O Live!' contained within it?  Remember, God divided the languages.  He can make our words suggest things if he wishes, though human imagination often invents things that were never intended.

  But, back to the shape of Africa!  I first saw this 'skull and eye' thing about 8 years ago, and began looking at the island group called the Saychelles that this same border line also basically points at.  Those islands are just off of the East African coast there.  But they seemed normal enough in their history, etc., so I just forgot about the whole idea for a while.  Now I'm curious again.

  If we really do have a U S President from Mombasa, how interesting that 'the skull' looks almost exactly at his birth place!  Or at least that this Kenya - Tanzania African border line seems to point at it. I suspect that the 'jog' in the actual borderline probably had to do with ensuring that Mombasa remained under the control of one country and not both. but I do not know.  Yet the 'jog' in it does work as a pointer for Mombasa if you wish to construe (or mis-construe) it as such.   

  The skull is not a happy symbol, as a rule.  But again, this is extremely subjective speculation.  Imagination, really.  But I feel we may be pretty close to the Great Tribulation, and if so, the United States is one of the more significant end times 'Empires".  And Barack Obama is an unusual President in that he seemed to come from such obscurity to such prominence in an astoundingly short time.  He is the first United States President of African descent (though that was overdue given that the American population is about 20% African American.)  But, he doesn't have hornlike brow ridges, does he?  And he is my President. 

  Christianity teaches it's followers to show the proper respect for all of your leaders, as we are told that it is God who brings to power whom ever He wishes to.  So, though we have the opportunity to vote for our leaders, and so should try to pick God fearing people with that voting power, Christians are told to respect the leaders that end up being over us, except where their will countermands or is set in opposition to God's or Jesus's.  At that point, it becomes our higher duty to serve our Lord.  But we do well to peacefully obey our leaders out of fear and respect for God in all other cases.  At least that's how I understand it.

  But as for God forming certain shapes into the land masses of the Earth, I think He probably did.  But that's just an opinion.        

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