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2010 A.D.:  The Chances of a Car Building Itself Accidentally

  Just a thought to ponder in an age where scientists (professors in the various scientific fields, writing childrens' text books) are still forcing children to learn from textbooks that claim that belief in Jesus and God is a mythology, among several available on Earth for those who can't accept evolution:

  We have now been able to peer far enough into cells to see that they are astoundingly made.  When you take into account not just the 40 some parts (is it still 40?) that are in the simplest cells, but also the synthesis of their constitutional proteins and the expertise/knowledge required to produce that protein synthesizing machinery also, prior to building the proteins, which then need to be assembled into a cell, we can see that building even one cell capable of both living and reproducing itself is much harder than manufacturing the parts of a car and then putting them together.

  In fact, the complexity of producing and assembling the required parts of a cell dwarfs the difficulty of producing all of the car parts and then assembling the car.  It absolutely dwarfs it.  For one thing, cars don't repair or replace their own defective parts!

  So, let's imagine in our mind that an ancient fully manufactured and assembled car was found sitting in the desert on planet Mars.  They might, if they chose, use that to suggest that the creation account in the Bible was a myth, or at least partly so.

  Can you imagine the scorn for our intelligence that they would feel if we tried to avoid the situation by claiming that the car might have accidentally and naturally assembled itself, through a natural accretion of nearby materials over the course of time?  If we told them that maybe it had formed naturally, so its discovery didn't require us to rethink our Christian beliefs?

  Yet it's perfectly true that even the simplest cells we know of require much more in the way of fabrication to function and reproduce than any car.  There may be only 40 some parts in the simplest cells, but each part is a machine of sorts, composed of additional features.  And a steering wheel doesn't have to replace itself.  A tire doesn't have to change itself.  But a cell has to do its own repairs, even as it tries to survive.  Cars - and this is unfortunate! - cannot reproduce themselves either.

  Scientists should not be allowed to write text books for our children until they agree to quit pushing their lies about the source of the Creation.  It was not random chance.  Not even close.  God with Jesus beside Him as He worked, Jesus the firstfruits, produced of God Himself, in God's own chosen manner of giving birth.  It's not a myth.  It's a wonder. And a wonder who's parts, while not all fully explained, all fit.  Yet even if the writers of our childrens' textbooks won't go so far as to embrace Jesus, then they ought to at least go so far as to admit that what they have been teaching is ludicrous and insupportable, perhaps even to the point of criminality!

  It was Yahweh that did it all, Who created all things, all creatures, and all of mankind that time would ever unfold and reveal.   He did it with Jesus beside Him watching and helping according to chapter 1 of the Gospel of John.  So let Yahweh our common creator be praised and fully credited, as He ought to be!  Look at our scientists:  if they 'discover' something they are often extremely zealous that they should be credited for their great find and that their name should be ever attached to the 'discovery', though the most that they will ever find is something that God the Father caused to exist.  Yet no credit at all will they give to our Holy Father!!  It is their own glory that they are jealous to promote. His authorship they deny or disavow in almost all cases, daring to relegate Him to the junk pile of 'mythological beings'.  What will be their fate in the afterlife if they continue in this pattern?  How will God judge them?  Let's pray that they, as a group, turn from this terrible path and begin to believe in and give the glory to God the Father. 

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