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2013 A.D.: GeoProphecy?: Does Lake Superior Point At The Kensington Stone?


  Below is a Google Earth image (I compressed it a little horizontally because it was too big and making the sentences run off of the page) of an area in the United States which includes the south west portion of Lake Superior, which is one of the Great Lakes, and a portion of the excellent state of Minnesota.  I think that this section of Lake Superior looks like a pointing part of a hand pointing to the south west with its index finger.  I have a belief - possibly wrong and strictly subjective - that some features on the surface of the Earth seem to be designed to look like familiar things.  I believe that God did this if it was done, and that it was probably to show His sovereignty over the Creation and the history of mankind during the age when we humans would be able to take pictures from space.  I call this GeoProphecy, though I think that someone else might have coined that phrase. 

  So, right or wrong, I think that Lake Superior looks like a pointing finger.  So, if it is meant by God to be seen that way (a big 'if') what is it pointing at?  Well, it could be pointing at a great number of things because a finger is a pretty blunt pointing device.  It could be pointing at any significant thing that is in front of it, anywhere in its path, perhaps as far as the Pacific Ocean.

  It certainly could be pointing at the nice lake that is not too far out:  Mille Lac. "1000 Lakes" is the French name given to that area in early days.  It was called "Spiritual Lake" or "Mystical Lake" by portions of the Santee Sioux. That lake is pretty directly in front of it.  And there could be a great number of other things.  But....

  There was a rather mysterious object found in Minnesota once.  A farmer found it in his field.  It was a stone that had inscriptions on it.  They were ancient inscriptions, with characters that appeared to be from an ancient language.  They seemed to be from the Scandinavian language of about a millennia ago.  It seemed to be a 'rune stone'. 

  Below is the Google Earth cropped and slightly horizontally compressed picture of the 'pointing finger', and beyond it is a red 'flag' roughly marking the location at which the Kensington Stone was found.  You can see that the finger points generally towards it, though it's totally arguable whether it's pointing at it precisely.  Even I would say that it's anyone's opinion.        


Does Lake Superior Point? 

 The picture above shows the south-west portion of Lake Superior in North America 'pointing' at the red 'pin' which is at the approximate location where the Kensington Stone, shown below, was rediscovered.

 The Kensington Stone


The Kensington Stone is an interesting archaeological discovery.  Some have called it fraud, but the truth is that most seem to now feel that it is a legitimate find.  It has even been roughly deciphered.  Here is one version I found:

8 Goths {Swedes or Gotland Islanders: Deeds of God author} and 22 Norwegians on a voyage of discovery from Vinland (of) the West. We had a camp by 2 skerries one day MORE 


  Another site included writing from the side of the stone, and translated it as follows:

,"8 Goths and 22 Norweigans on exploration journey from Vinland over the west. We camp by 2 skerries one day-journey from this stone. We went and fished one day. After we came home, 10 men red with blood and tourtured. Hail Virgin Mary, save from evil. Have 10 men by the sea to look after our ship, 14 day -journeys from this island year 1362."

  So, genuine or not, these are the translations on the rune stone found beneath a tree on the farm of a Swedish farmer in 1898 near Kensington, Minnesota.  The stone is currently housed in a small museum near there. 

  So, is this an early claim to discovering America?  If so, are the Goths and Norwegians of such a descent that God would 'point' at the location of the stone?  There are claims that Scandinavia and the Jutland Peninsula (modern Denmark) became the home of many Israelite tribes that lived in what we would call Iran when it was in the control of the Parthian Empire.  That story, true or false, has it that when Rome conquered the Parthian Empire these tribes, once Israelite tribes, migrated to the north west of Europe.  And from there, some went to England, though some stayed in Scandinavia.  And of the Scandinavians, we know that some journeyed to Iceland, Greenland, and even America at the time surrounding the end of the first millennia A.D.  And so, whatever part of all these claims are true, it leads to the possibility that Scandinavian Israelites might have left their mark in Minnesota many centuries before Columbus.  And, as things unfolded, there are presently a lot of people of Scandinavian descent living in Minnesota today.  The state is famous for it, in fact, among other things such as its '10,000 lakes'.

  So, was Lake Superior designed to look like a pointing finger?  We can't really know.  But if so, I believe God designed the world, including Lake Superior.  Could it be pointing at the location of the Kensington stones?  There is a small possibility of that.  Only a small possibility.  After all, this is all speculative.  Does that seem like a location that God would want to commemorate?  Well, we could only speculate about that as well.  Even if it's a finger, it might be pointing at some other thing.  Again, all this is speculation.  But, if it is true that the Jutlanders (Jutish?) and Scandinavian and certain north German tribes that came to America were once Israelites (though Israelites went to many of the world's lands)  then it is slightly possible that God would point a finger at a place where they marked their discovery of a land they would one day live in with a 200 pound rune stone; that they would leave their mark and therefore a record of their discovery of a very fine and good land called America.  Slightly possible, anyway!

  It will be so very interesting if God tells us one day about the story of man, from start to finish.  I know it will hold much to be ashamed of, but I am sure it will substantially change our understanding of history! 

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