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2012 A.D.: 6th Day Series:  The Odd Thing About The Americas, a Human Body, and 'Heaven, Church, and Chosen People'!


  Think of this what you will, but one thing that is hard to deny is that the odds of it occurring are very very low!

  The Postulate:  That God, the Christian Church, and the people of God and Jesus, can be seen to follow a 3 then 7 then 13 pattern.  That man's anatomy is made, in some respects, in this same numerical image by God, and finally that the Americas are made in a reflection of the same 3, 7, 13 pattern in some ways.

  Here's the pattern:

First, let's look at God, the Church, and the people of God on Earth:

God:  Governs all.  Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  That is 3 above. (though three that are one.)


the Church:  Jesus spoke to 7 particular churches in Revelation.  Also, the Word of God (the Bible) is 'like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified 7 times' says scripture.  Jesus spoke to 7 churches that were 'being' Christ on Earth, 7 that work to connect men to heaven via themselves, the Christian church, spreading the Words of God.  So, in this respect, the number 7 is associated with the Word or the Church - positioned in the middle between God in heaven and the men and women on Earth...the ones who are God's people.  These 7's are a thing which connects the Governors with their governed.


God's people:  God's people are spiritual Israel, or the Israelite tribes.  There were 12 tribes, but Joseph was 'lost' in a sense to Egypt.  His 2 sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, took Joseph's place at the request of Joseph's own father.  So, in the end, there were 13 'sons' of Jacob, who became the founders of the 'tribes of Israel'.

  So, concerning God, the Church, and God's people, there is 3 above, 7 in the middle, 13 below.

Now, let's look at Man, who is made in the image of God: 

  Our brain governs our body.  It has many 'parts', but 3 major parts I'd say.  The Right Brain, the Left Brain, and the Cerebellum/Lower Brain, which connects the brain to the spinal cord.  Man is governed by these 3, in a sense.  So, on a human body, the 'top' of the human anatomy governs the rest of the human anatomy using these 3 parts of our brain. 3.

  Our neck connects our head to our body.  It has 7 cervical vertebrae.  So, in the middle are 7 parts, in this respect.

  Our neck connects to our thorax/abdomen regions, the interior of our body's main trunk.  Inside are our important organs.  I would say that though there are small glands and connective tissues and sub-parts of main parts, here are our organs if we are male human:  heart, right lung, left lung, liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancrease, spleen, right kidney, left kidney, small intestine, large intestine, and bladder.  When these are removed, a man's body cavity is essentially empty of the organs that his body holds, though some certain structures remain.  There are essentially these 13 organs inside of us men.  So, below...the lower part of the human anatomy.... is composed of 13 internal organs. 

  God was three, man's brain was 3.

  The Church, which connects heaven and Earth, and the Word, which does this also, both have a relation to 7.  And man's neck, which connects his upper governing region to the lower governed things, has a relation to 7 also. The 7 cervical vertebrae.

  Actual Israel and spiritual Israel (through the 13 tribes or the 13 apostles either one, as Judas the Apostle who betrayed Jesus was replaced by Mattathias, then Paul came along later) both had a connection with 13.  And likewise, a human male has 13 major organs in his body cavity, by my above listed count. 

  So, by this standard, the numbers of God, Church, and God's people numerically are echoed in human anatomy:  the human brain, a human neck, and a human male's body cavity organs.

  It's not that probable that all of those numbers would match, I would say.  But.....

  America does this same thing! 

  North America has Canada, the USA, and Mexico.  Those 3. 

  Central America has Guatamala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvadore, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.  So the connector between top and bottom has 7 nations.  It relates to the number 7. 

  South America has Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uraguay.  These 13 nations compose South America.  So, South America, the bottom portion of the Americas, has a relation to the number 13.

  Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, and on Christmas eve of 1492 the Saint Mary (Santa Maria) got stuck on a reef and could not be saved.  It was emptied out.  Its wood was used to make a fort on a nearby island.  Columbus left 39 sailors there.  All those left behind were lost to history....they were killed or taken captive.  Columbus went on to eventually set foot on the mainland of this new continent in a later voyage.  And this land.....America..... is a land where the people of God took refuge in great numbers as time went by (both Christian and Jew.)  So, pertaining to America, there is an occurrence of the number 39.

  A man is born after the 39th week inside his mother, as a rule.  He leaves the womb behind, that place that was his home for a bit more than 39 weeks, usually.  He becomes a new creature.  He has left the protective comfort of his mother, and entered a new life, a new existence, as a new sort of creature.  There is the number 39. 

  God gave the Old Covenant through Moses to His chosen people, the Israelites.  Was it in 1492 B.C.?  Probably not, but wouldn't that just be cool?  And it might have been in about that time one seems to know the exact year.  They could not keep that covenant, and it could not save them, but for a while, as they 'grew' or 'progressed' it sufficed to 'keep' them. 

  That covenant is still contained in the first 39 books of a Protestant bible.  But a new covenant came, through the Son of God, the Christ, the Redeemer, whom God the Father sent to us sinners...through Jesus a new covenant is in force even today that can allow us to actually live....can allow us to not be consigned as sinners to hell.  It is a covenant that can save us if we repent, ask Jesus to be our Lord, become baptized, and follow Jesus.  The '39' books of the Bible are left behind, a thing of the past as far as being a functional covenant.  We move forward on the Christian covenant.  It is the sole hope for all or any man or woman. 

  Great is God, who made the creation, and all that is in it, and filled it with things that can remind us of who He is, and of where it all came from.  And it also tells us that He knew the end of events from the beginning of time.  The creation tells, again and again, of the greatness and existence of God the Holy Father, and of Jesus, and of the Spirit. 

  I don't know why these numbers match, or what it means if God meant it to mean something.  But, I personally believe it was from God, and meant to be noticed, and that it means something!  Something......  Perhaps God, who sent Jesus as a refuge and savior for the formerly hopeless, wanted to have a continent that reminded all the Earth of the covenant of hope that man was granted....this one last chance to be saved.

  I think that the odds of this numerical reflection occurring could be thought of, in one respect, this way:  There is no real odds at all against the first 3, 7, and 13 occurring.  But, assuming that there were only 13 numbers in the world, the numbers 1 thru 13, the odds of a second 3, a second 7, and a second 13 popping up should be no more than 1 in 13 in each case, so the odds of having 3 subsequent exact matches in a row is 12 x 12 x 12 against 1.  Having that same match occur a third time would be 12 x 12 x 12 against, yet another time.   (12 raised to the 6th power) against 1 odds against, altogether, for the 3 cases being a match, by this means of calculating it. 

  That would be 2,985,984 to 1 odds against this happening, if I did the math close to right.  And that sort of odds means a thing is starting to be pretty unlikely.  This just may be God's created things showing, through numbers, that they are a holy reflection of the plans of God.  That is only a speculation, but it may be true. 

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