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Glen Hockton's Rosary Drops



 Glen Hockton, Wearing his Rosary!


   This Aug 2rd, 2010, the report came out that a 19 year old British Soldier named Glen Hockton had an interesting experience with his rosary.  Interesting to others, that is to say.  It was a little more deeply affecting to him. 

  The news providers on some internet news pages and in some news papers are reporting that, while deployed in Afghanistan and out walking on patrol with other soldiers, Hockton felt something like a slap on his back, and his rosary fell to the ground. 

  He had asked his family for a rosary to take with him to war.  A man in his family had some good luck come his way previously, while at war, via the rosary.  His great grandfather had been walking along somewhere with his fellow soldiers in WWII when he had seen something laying on the ground.  As he bent down to pick it up, an explosion from a round fired at the group had occurred above their heads and killed the others he walked with, but not Glen's great grandfather.  The object he had reached down to pick up was a rosary. 

  So, all these years later, walking along in Afghanistan, Glen reportedly feels something like a slap on his back, and his rosary drops.  Better pick it up, right?  So, as he bends down to pick it up, the report is that he couldn't help but notice that he was standing on a land mine.  When you step on a land mine, it becomes armed and ready to explode.  When you step off, if blows up. (Well, I think they all pretty much work that way, anyhow.)

  So, for about 45 minutes he wisely remained very still while his buddies worked to prevent the land mine from being able to explode when Glen stepped off of it.  And they did a commendable job, because he was able to step off of it, move away, and take what I suspect was his first full breath in 45 minutes.

  I've never been too sure about rosaries, personally, because they involve repetetive prayers, and I've never been too sure about those.  But I'm thinking better of them now.  And what was that slap on his back?

  Once again, God is good.  They've always said that there are no atheists in fox holes.  There probably aren't many standing on landmines either.

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