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2011 A.D.:  California Christians Will Now Pay To Have Their Children Taught About The Contributions Of Homosexuals To Society - It's A New Law!

  Governor Jerry Brown of California has signed a law into affect that will require that social studies programs at California public schools will include in their curriculum the teaching of how homosexuals have contributed to society.  So, if you are a Christian contributing to the budget of California Public Schools, you will be paying to have your children taught to appreciate these contributions to society by the various homosexual notables.  I feel that this would have surprised our grand parents!   

  States such as California can support what they want to support, but is this the official end of being a 'nation under God'?  After all, God, as known through the Bible, is extremely against homosexual behavior.  Jesus spoke of it little, but made it clear when He did speak that it was not a desired behavior for His people.  The 'letters' in the Bible speak of it more, through the 'Holy Spirit', and again, it is made plain that Christians are not to engage in homosexual behavior, and it is spoken of as a very negative sort of behavior by the Holy Spirit through some of those New Testament writiers of the letters.

  So, let California do as they will do.  After all, other states do as they wish to.  But, since there are more Christians in California than homosexuals it might be only right to teach the opinion of the Bible's God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit towards homosexuality to these same young minds in those same public schools.  After all, if the Bible is truly God's word, shouldn't children know that it says that if these children embrace homosexuality as their life style it very likely will affect where they spend eternity.  Eternity...with a capital 'E'. 

  Wouldn't it also be both reasonable and prudent to include in these social studies texts a section about what happens to a nation which knows of God, but then abandons God and adopts those behaviors which He portrays as an abomination?  Seriously, if it's fair to highlight the contributions of a God defying group, why not highlight the expressed feelings of God towards that same group as well.  We want balance, right?  We want balance for our children's education, right?  After all, it's public school, and a lot of the public is Christian.  Don't most Californians declare themselves to be Christian?

  So, why not mandate that a related curriculum be taught which could be entitled 'The Contributions of Homosexuality To the Destruction of Nations By The God They Decided To Defy'.  We could make our young children study that as well.  And we can force those homosexuals that contribute to the budgets of public schools to pay for that important training, in the interest of providing children with both viewpoints.  It's probably only fair, if you think about it.

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