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30 A.D.:  The Actual Physical Appearance of Jesus of Nazareth

 Of course we would all be very excited to discover that someone somewhere had found a sketch or a painting of the actual facial countenance or physical appearance of Jesus - one that is, through some means, of uncontested authenticity.  It would be amazing to see what the appearance of the Lord had been like while He was alive on Earth and wearing human flesh. 

 But hey, guess what?...there are a good number of descriptions of Him, supposedly even by men of His time.  There is even a jewel inscribed with Jesus's head in profile, which Tiberius Caesar is said to have commissioned.  But are any of them real? 

  What is certain is that some are not.  Some descriptions of Jesus's appearance conflict with others too much for both of them to be accurate.  But, a number of them seem to be in pretty good agreement with each other.

  If you are interested in going to a site that has gathered some of the descriptions from the most ancient sources (some were Jesus's contemporaries)  enter 'the physical appearance of Jesus' on a search engine (I used 'Bing') and from the choices offered, select the one from the site called ''.  I know nothing about that site, good or bad...I first went to it to see this account about the appearance of Jesus.  So form your own opinion on whatever you read there, just like here!

  I found these few following descriptions pretty interesting, but can't say much more than that !  Here are some information from three of the accounts:

  Publius Lentullus was a 'President' of Judea assigned by the Romans in the days of Tiberius when Jesus was alive in Judea.  He purportedly wrote of Jesus in a letter to Rome, the sort of letter that rulers asigned by the Romans would occasionally write to update Rome on the affairs going on in their region of responsibility.

  Publius described Jesus as being somewhat tall, comely, with a reverant countenance.  Chestnut colored hair, straight to his ears, and curlier from there down to His shoulders.  A short forked beard.  Gray eyes.  His face 'beautified with a lovely red'. (I'm not sure what the last part cheeks?) 

  Publius said his countenance had a singular beauty.  He records that Jesus was known to raise the dead and cure all manner of diseases.  He was known to weep, but not to laugh.  

  Pontius Pilate was Procurator of Judea.  He would later preside over Jesus's 'trial', such as it was, and would have Jesus crucified per the will of the shouting Jewish crowd and leaders.  But at an earlier time Pontius allegedly sent a letter, also to Tiberius Caesar, describing Jesus.  Jesus was a popular figure, growing in influence, so Pontius had taken note of Him, but found Him of good character, according to this letter.

  Pontius's letter said that Jesus had gold hair and beard, and Pontius writes that he never saw a sweeter or more serene countenance than that of Jesus. 

  Pontius writes that he once was driven by a place where it so happened Jesus was leaned against a tree speaking to a crowd, and he directed his secretary to hop off the chariot and go listen in, then report back.  Pontius did not want his personal presence to break up the meeting.  The secretary came back very impressed, saying he had never seen anything in the works of the philosophers which compared to the teachings of Jesus.  Pontius therefore allowed Jesus the freedom to speak unhindered, thinking him basically a friend to the Romans, based on what he knew of Him. 

  Pontius says he once sent to Jesus to come for an interview with him, and that Jesus came.  Pontius reports the odd sensation, in Jesus's presence, of feeling as if his feet were fastened with iron bands to the marble pavement, while he also trembled from every limb.  But he confirms that Jesus' manner was calm and conveyed no threat.  In the alleged letter, he does say "Truly this is the son of God." 

  Another letter I read from this site, again allegedly from another person who lived while Jesus was alive, mentions about Jesus that his hair was a lighter blonde than that of His mother's, and He did not have her smooth, roundish face. 

  So, was Mary a blonde headed woman then?  That's strikes me as kind of a novel idea for some reason!            

   Well, that's the basics pulled from two or three of the letters.  Are they authentic?  I don't know.  But, it is interesting to read them!


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