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2011 A.D.:  6th Day Series:  The Figure On the Bottom of the Brain!

  There are also 6th Day Series videos to watch on YouTube. 

  On the bottom of our brain there is a structure that transitions portions of the brain to the spinal cord.  In some medical books its depiction looks eerily like an enthroned regal figure, crown and all!  Part of its appearance varies with where you quit depicting the nerves - this picture shows some of the brain's emanated nerves cut off, and others not.  That helps form the points on the figures 'crown', for instance. matter how you cut it, this is a strange looking feature of our brain.  Unless you believe in God.  Then it makes sense.  After all, God governs, the mind governs.....the human body is made in God's see the possible connection, right?

  It's especially interesting to know that the feature which looks like a cushion that the 'figure' is seated on is called the cerebellum.  It is about 10% of the brains mass, yet has about 50% of the brain's neurons.  So, some anatomy books call the cerebellum the 'little cerebrum'.  (the Cerebrum being the outer layer of the brain, often thought of as the 'thinking part' by us commoners.)  The cerebellum, some anatomy books say, is called the 'tree of life' because, cut in cross-section, it can look like a tree.  It is called the arbor vitae (tree of life in Latin) for the same reasons, some anatomy texts say.  So, since Christ is also called the 'tree of life',  isn't it interesting that there is a somewhat Christ-like figure seated upon the cerebellum?

  Click on the thumbnail below to see the figure.  After it appears, click on the 'minus sign' button on the top border if you want to reduce it once or twice.  Thanks for visiting the site!

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