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2012 A.D.: 6th Day Series:  The Dove and the Human Ear

  You can also follow this on YouTube by searching '6th Day Series' and selecting the videos you desire. 

Our ear is the 'instrument' with which we receive the 'good news'....the Gospel.  It is sometimes referred to as 'the Gospel of Peace' of course.  So, with this portion of our anatomy being so important to the salvation of our soul, it is a good candidate to be a body part which is shaped in a fearful and wonderful way.

  It is the power of the Holy Spirit, working to save our soul, which allows us to hear and believe the Gospel, those preciously authenticated teachings of Jesus the Son of God.

  The Dove is the symbol of Peace, but the Dove is also one of the symbols of the Holy Spirit. 

  So, would it be quite appropriate if an image of a Dove is built into our outer ear?  Maybe there is one.  Is it pointing upward, in the deepest portion of our visible ear? See what you think!  And click on the thumbnail below the pictures.

                Another Human Ear and It's 'Dove'                                            Is There A Dove In Our Ear?

Thumbnail below:

The Dove and the Human Ear

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