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  Olympia, Washington, USA:  A City Dwelling In the Dragon's Fiery Breath?


  There are many in America who see the Democrat Party as utterly God opposing, and unfortunately the evidence is very strong for that.  Their party platform is pretty straightforward about their views, and anyone can pull it up and read it.  But that discussion aside, it can not be denied that the capitol of the American State of Washington is about as heavily Democrat as anywhere in the American nation.  It has sometimes been mentioned as the chief Democrat stronghold in America on certain lists.  Both the state of Washington and the city of Olympia seem to rank very high when such lists are made.  

  So it is interesting that God, who made all natural geography, and foresaw all human activity, has placed the city of Olympia, the capitol of the state of Washington and a beautiful city, in such a spot that if you will allow that a portion of the waters of Puget Sound can seem to form the head and breath of a dragon or a serpent, then Olympia almost seems to be the very object of that serpent's attention.  Surely it doesn't help that it shares a name with the mountain stronghold of the false Greek gods of old i.e.:  Mt Olympus. 

  And isn't it additionally odd that the apparent 'eye' feature of this geographical feature which forms a pretty good likeness of a 'serpent' (and a serpent is the classical typological embodiment of sin, to which we humans so easily allow ourselves to become a prisoner) is McNeil Island, which was a prison island (McNeil Island Detentions Center) until closed by the Washington State Department of Corrections 2011 A.D.  After all, our sinfulness makes us prisoners of the evil one.  We men love our freedoms, but the evidence is irrefutable that we lack, as a creature, the ability to make good decisions consistently.  We truly need a good and just ruler, and will flourish under such a governor in ways that I believe we cannot now even imagine.  Come, Lord Jesus, come. 

  See what you think.  Does it resemble a serpent?:


Above map from Google Maps.  'Olympia' place-name and location mark by author. 




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