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2010 A.D.:  Feet, Pretty Biblical

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  See the figure below.

  It doesn't take much looking to find correlations between feet and the end times, as described by Daniel, Revelation, and other books of the Bible!  But, only God knows if the correlation is true, false, or partially true.

  Since feet are at the 'bottom' of the human form, I see them as indicative of the end times.  Daniel interpreted a vision for king Nubuchadnezzar which centered around a giant metallic figure of a man that Nebuchadnezzar saw in a dream.  Daniel informed the king that the figure represented successive kingdoms of man, with the modern at the top, and successive future kingdoms represented by various parts of the body in the downward direction, towards the feet.  So, feet are feet, certainly, but perhaps also representative of the end times.

There are 33 joints in each foot some sources say, and a joint is a connection, right?  So that's 66 connections.  In the end, the Bible (teachings of Jesus) will have been taken to all people.  There are 66 books in a Protestant Bible.  And 66 family members accompanied Jacob to live with Joseph in Egypt.  And if a woman had a child under Mosaic Law, she had to wait 33 days - letting her body be purified - before returning to the temple again if she had given birth to a son.  And she had to wait out 66 days of purification if it was a daughter.  I don't know how that relates, but since it involves 33 and 66, I thought I would add it.  It has been somewhat widely believed that Jesus had lived 33 years on Earth when he was crucified.  That may be wrong.  And after His crucifixion, it was in A.D. 66 that some writers said that the Roman army briefly lifted the siege on Jerusalem, and the Christians gathered together and ran out the gates and fled to towns far away in nearby nations mostly to the East.  It is said that no Christians remained in Jerusalem when the Romans returned and reset the siege, and in A.D. 70 Jerusalem was taken with massive loss of life among all of those sequestered within that city.  The Romans then destroyed Jerusalem, tearing it down to the ground.  But the Christians had believed that they were witnessing the warning signs spoken of in Matthew, so they had fled, and they survived, not sharing the fate of those who had rejected Jesus 40 years before.  Anyway, 66 is a number that seems to show up whenever God's people are saved from destruction just in the knick of time.     

 There are 52 bones in the feet, all together.  The number 52 speaks of the number of weeks in a year.  Could it be speaking of fullness, completion, the acceptable year of the Lord. The fullness of weeks?  And half of that is 26, which is a number sometimes associated with slaughter of innocents or martyrs.  One example is the 26 crucified Christians in Japan centuries ago when Christianity was made illegal, for a time, on those islands.  The martyrs are still famous in Japan.  There have been other examples. 

  It is the foot of their offspring that will stomp on Satan (actually on the Serpent) God says to an evicted Adam and Eve.  And He warns that the serpent will strike that offspring's heel, in return.  Jesus had nails through his feet.  He was one of the many offspring of Adam.

  There are 10 toes, and there will be 10 end time kings who give their power, for one hour, to the Beast.  Ba'al worship was an ancient false god worship, possibly related to Nimrod.  The toes emanate from the 'ball' of the foot.  Maybe the end time kings will be Ba'al worshippers, knowingly or unknowingly. 

  There are 2 arches on the feet (1 each).  There once was a 2 arched bridge from the east temple wall, across the Kidron Valley, to the Mount of Olives.  Ashes and certain  'unclean' prescribed sacrifices were taken across this bridge to be dealt with 'outside the camp', I have read.  The sacrifices were offered on the Mikvah alter, which sat on the Mount of Olives.  And as for the ashes, I am not sure.  Jesus, in the view of a minority of people, may have been crucified there, on the Mount of Olives. 

  Some sources say that there was an old monument there, called the 'Place of the Skull', 2000 years ago.  According to that 'legend', Adam's skull had been entombed there by Shem, as a Holy Relic.  According to that Legend, Noah gave a sacred relic to each of his sons.  The skull was entombed in a subrerranean vault, and there was a small hill - a monticulus - which was there to be seen 2000 years ago.  Now some small Muslim structure sits upon it, one source I read said, and few even know what the little hill is that the Muslim structure sits upon.  That is just a legend, though it may possibly have truth in it.

  Back to feet:  When we pray, our souls/soles are most upright. 

  And back to Daniel's interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream:  In the king's dream a rock flew down from heaven, a rock not shaped by human hands, and struck the metal figure's feet as it impacted.  This cracked the entire statue, which then crumbled and fell to dust, and the wind blew it away. 

  So two soles were destroyed by a rock coming down from heaven.  The scriptures say that Jesus will descend and the brightness of his coming will destroy the embattled anti-Christ.  And there is another evil figure called the 'false prophet'.  I wonder if those two 'soles/souls', which will be thrown forever into the pool of fire together, could be hinted at.  Of course, it is all conjecture;  the saving truth of the Gospel, and the relationship that we each develope with our God and Jesus as we serve them are what will ultimately matter.

  But as for feet.....they might be pretty Biblical!  

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