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2010 A.D.:  Don't People Have Some Of God's Plans Built Right Into Their Anatomy?



Scroll down for more expandable picture if you wish.  Please share with friends!

Does it seem like the soles of the feet lean towards a 'cross' made by the legs?  Does it seem like our kidneys, in an internal location inside of our body, lean towards a cross formed by our spine and shoulder blade muscles on the exterior of our body?  It could be interpreted that way.  Was it possibly meant to be seen one day?  Or is it just dreamed up?  Click on thumbnail to view larger image.  Click on larger image to increase it still more.

The Ark of the Covenant did not have a Christian cross on it, by the way.  That was added in the picture by me only to remind those looking at the drawing that Jesus's shed blood was a 'once and for all' atonement, which can be applied to the sins of anyone who confesses and repents of their sins, turns away from them, asks Jesus to be the Lord of their life, and gets baptized in His name, then following His teachings.

  The actual ark was in an area of the ancient Jewish temple called the Holy of Holies.  It was entered only once a year, by the High Priest of Israel, who would drip the blood of a sacrificed animal into a shallow depression in the golden lid of the ark, there between the carved golden cherubim.  This was to atone, for that year only, for the sins of the people of Israel.  Christians believe Jesus shed the last blood necessary for all sinners, past and present and future.  If you choose to follow Jesus's path, the only unforgivable sin is mocking the Holy Spirit.


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