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2012 A.D.:  6th Day Series:  The Two Endtimes Witnesses of Revelation 11

  You can also see this on YouTube if you search for '6th Day Series' videos from Deeds of God.  

 If the human body is built with Holy images from the history of man displayed onto it and into it, would we expect two of the most important end times figures to be displayed on us or in us somewhere?  They might be, right?  Well, perhaps God's two end times witnesses are part and parcel of our lower leg's appearance?  It's just a thought!

 Remember, King Nebuchadnezzar had a terrifying dream of a very large human shaped figure made of gold on top, silver below that, bronze below that, and iron hips and legs, with feet of clay and iron interspersed, but not blended.  Knowing it a meaningful though terrifying dream, he asked it be interpreted.  Only the prophet Daniel could do it, because God told him the secret of the king's dream.  And Daniel explained that from head to toe the changes in metals marked the transition from one ruling empire of the world to the one that would take its place, to the one that would take that one's place, etc.  So the bottom of the man shape marked the last empire that would end some era.   

 According to the book of Revelation, chapter 11, the end of the era marking Jesus' return will be signified by years of preaching by 2 great end time witnesses in Jerusalem.  

  So, is there a suggestion - perhaps only faint, yet maybe existent none the less - of two witnesses standing beside each other, there at the bottom of the human form?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  God alone, who built our physical bodies on the 6th day, could answer that for sure.  But it makes an interesting possibility.  





Lower legs and endtimes witnesses

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