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2011 A.D.:  Faith, Hearing, and the Human Ear

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  In the scriptures it says "Faith Is By Hearing".  Hearing the Gospel is different than hearing ordinary things.  Certain people at certain times are going to respond with inordinate intensity to the words of Jesus's teachings (Jesus said that He spoke the very words that God gave Him to speak.) That's because their souls and spirits know things that their mind may not.  They have been 'primed' to respond since the beginning of creation.  It's deep calling to deep.  They are at that place in their life where they are simply ready to be reached with the Gospel message.   

  So, if any part of the human body might have some cool images built into it, we could expect those organs and structures that contribute to our sense of hearing to be among them.

  And I think that our ears do in fact contain come structures that also serve as 'designer images'.  I believe that there are some special structures built into our ear that seem to call Biblical things to mind. 

  Picture Jesus speaking the word - the bread of life - to about 5000 people, clustered in groups of 50 and 100 people.  Picture the words He speaks travelling through the air as soundwaves and stimulating hair cells in their inner ears that look almost like....well, clustered groups of 50 or 100 people.  Cool idea, isn't it.  God!!  No limits to His genius.  May He be loved, thanked, appreciated, praised and obeyed by us, the sheep of His pasture.

  Click on the plates below and see just how much your ear may hold.  It is only speculation, but there seems to be an awfully large number of visually suggested connections, word homonyms, symbolized alphabetical characters, etc.  I believe God built all of the human body 'in the image of God', and that we really are fearfully and wonderfully made'.

  Remember, you can magnify the images using either the magnifying glass that is somewhere on your screen, or some of the images have a tool bar on top, with a plus and a minus sign.  Enjoy.

                                                                             The Human Eardrum  


                                                                             The Outer Ear Testifies 

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                                                                              Those Little Ear Bones




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