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Human Eggs. When Fertilized, Throw Off A Zinc Cloud!



  It is 2017 as I write this, and it is very interesting to see that photos lately in the news show how a human egg throws off a cloud of zinc atoms at the moment the sperm cell penetrates and fertilizes.  Eggs can be placed in a micro-photo environment, and then be exposed to chemicals associated with male sperm (not actual human sperm, which would begin a human life and should not be used for 'demonstrations', but substances, enzyme chemicals, that are contained in real sperm) and the result is the same so far as photographing the event.  That is what I gathered from what I researched about it at least.  And this moment has been photographed.  The eggs can be immersed in a photo emitting liquid, at the time of this microphotography, which causes each fertilized egg to emit a corona of light as its emitted cloud of zinc atoms interacts with the photoactive chemicals that are in the liquid the eggs are immersed in. 

  So, because of the way the photo is set up, each egg emits zinc at the moment it is fooled into thinking it has been fertilized, and the zinc atoms react with the solution to emit light.  Part of the scientific value of the discovery is supposed to rest in the fact that some eggs glow brighter than others, and the notion is that this supposedly indicates that they are a healthier embryo. because they flash brighter.  That concept sounds sketchy to me, but perhaps they have proven it true in some manner that I can't easily envision.  Anyway, the notion is that for people getting involved with in vitro fertilization to become pregnant, this is seen as a potentially important breakthrough.  They could possibly implant the healthiest (brightest flashing ) fertilized eggs into a woman wishing to become pregnant through in vitro methods.  But the whole idea is new, and may change as more information is gathered.  


  Note how some of these fertilized eggs flash brighter.


  I don't want to speak much about in vitro fertilization's good or bad aspects.  I have read a lot of viewpoints.  It can allow childless couples to have children, and that can be very good.  But I understand personally as a Christian that a fertilized egg is now a human in development.  As for choosing which particular cellular humans will be implanted for further development and eventual birth.....if every egg you fertilize won't be implanted.....well, I think that choice might not be good.  I would have to suppose you may have just begun and then killed a human in God's eyes.  At least it is possible that He would see it that way.  But if you only fertilized perhaps one or two eggs, and then implanted them both, I don't know that God would disapprove of that, though I certainly can't speak His mind on that matter.  But because in vitro fertilization is fairly expensive there are usually more eggs fertilized than are intended for implantation, or it has sometimes been approached that way in the past at least.  And that brings up the question of whether each fertilized egg is a human life.  I do not see why a fertilized egg is not a human life.  It may not look like the baby you had in mind, not at that stage, but look at a picture of yourself from nine months ago and ask yourself if you were a human then.  Most of your cells have been replaced since that picture, for one thing!  Cells are always dying and being replaced.  And did you talk to your baby in the womb?  If so, then you probably did not think it was just a mass of lifeless cells, right?  You thought it an important little person developing towards birth, right?      

  But in this article I wanted to speak about how exciting it is that when a human egg is fertilized by a sperm a great cloud of anything what so ever is emitted, as if to mark an amazing event:  a new life is begun.  A new intended child of God has begun the incredible journey to birth.  The egg was there, not alive but not dead...dormant.  Then a message...a biological message bourn by a biological messenger (the sperm cell) arrives, perhaps in droves, desperately trying to bring life to the sleeping egg.  And if one of these sperm cells succeeds the egg fires up and begins a truly incredible string of transformations, the complexity of which is mind boggling.  This to me is yet another obvious evidence that all life is engineered by a Creator, and nothing we see could ever have happened by chance.  Did not a fully formed man have to provide the seed?  Did not a fully formed woman have to receive it? 

  And the man has no real understanding of the amazing things that the sperm cell must sally forth and accomplish.   And the woman cannot explain the inner workings of her egg, or the many things it must go through to deliver them a child 40 weeks later, after much trial and the attaining of numerous difficult and incomprehensibly complex milestones of development.  Things immeasurably beyond their human minds or understanding have occurred.  No amount of human inventiveness would have sufficed to bring it into being.  And that is with the use of a fully formed human mind.  God haters and the misinformed would peddle the fallacy that accident alone easily creates such marvels.  It just takes time, which handily alleviates their need to explain how the various steps could have been accomplished in sequence, over the vast reaches of referred to time. 

  Yes, some in our day would have it be believed that developments which no human mind can conceive of and bring to fruition just happen all of the time by complete accident, so that we do not marvel at the mighty works of our God but instead attribute all such mighty works to their god:  Random Chance. And they always lamely refer to this being totally achievable so long as there are oodles and oodles of years during which it could have happened.  Were such great things actually and truly developed by Random Chance then we should see tremendous numbers of 'in progress' construction projects (living organisms undergoing their journey towards finally arriving at the condition of 'BEING ALIVE' entirely through accident)  But instead we see none. NONE!   

  Yet the smallest cell in the human body (a sperm cell) and the largest cell in the human body (the human egg) unite to set off a chain of events that are certainly a marvel.  And the uterus is endowed with all the necessary features to make it the most nurturing of Petrie dishes.  And it is endowed with these mechanisms just by accident we are to suppose.  It is one of the saddest sort of human character traits that we let our true Author and Founder be edited out of such marvels as our searching scientists and researchers have discovered.  The occurrences they find are real.  The attributions they give it are a farce and a lie that they continuously get away with telling to a spiritually bewildered world.




 A sperm cell is like a fish, tail like a whip, a portion (the midpiece) that looks like it's bound in rope, it has a head like a spear,  the whole thing having a shape like a kings scepter in a certain way.     


  Here is what I would finish with:  there is great spiritual symbolism involved with the fertilizing of a human egg.   A cell which looks something like a fish (an anciently adopted Christian symbol) or perhaps a swimming scepter (and Kings, such as Jesus now is, carry scepters) these cells bring life (just as Jesus brought life) to a world dead in its sins (just as Earth was a world full of humans who were all dead in their sins).  The sperm cell have a flagellum, a tail like a whip, and our Lord Jesus was whipped just before He brought life to our world.  And the mid section of the cell is bound with a sort of coil just as our Lord was bound shortly before he brought life to the world.  And a rope coils like serpents (many varieties) do when they kill.  And Satan is likened to the serpent, and Satan tried to kill Jesus, the Great Messenger, through many means. And the head of a sperm cell is like a spear tip, and our Lord was speared by the Roman Centurion as He hung dead upon the cross.  And out came water and blood, such as Jesus' death brought the Holy Spirit (living water) and sin atoning shed blood.  And the time of trial in the womb also ends in water and some blood, and wham...a new life is born.  A new child appears to potentially serve God if it is taught and led rightly.

  Jesus was betrayed by Judas, but it was part of the plan. At the last supper Jesus made it plain that He knew what Judas was up to.  Judas had taken 30 coins of silver to betray the sweetest and most righteous man and Holy Messenger and in fact the one true Son of God.  It was so in order that Jesus would be betrayed for 30 coins, but then be flogged and beaten and crucified and...killed in His human form.  And that was so that a lost humanity could be saved when Jesus' strange and terrible act of sacrifice was completed, and He overcame death, and He arose and showed His followers  that He had overcome death and that they now could also.  And then He arose to sit beside the Father on the throne, the Holy Spirit of God the Father working with us every since to try to steer our sinful hearts towards salvation.   

  Now a chemist knows that 30 on the Chart of the Elements is ZINC.  It has 30 protons.  And the human egg emits ZINC atoms when it fires up and comes to life.  And 30 silver coins were given to Judas so he would betray Jesus.  But their plot only brought life to the world, because Jesus had come to be our sacrifice.  And ZINC has a curious quality:  it is a 'sacrificial metal'.   If you place it in the sea water cooling systems of a boat, for instance (bolt blocks of the metal into the inside of the piping system or onto the end bells of coolers) it corrodes away.  Sea water is very corrosive to many metals used in piping systems.  But the ZINC corrodes so much more easily than the other metals that so long as the ZINC is not used up, the other metals will hardly corrode at all.  It is a type of corrosion called Galvanic Corrosion, and some metals sacrifice themselves, so to speak, so that others are protected.  

  So, 30 is associated with metal (30 silver coins, in this case) and that was associated with betrayal and sacrifice and new life.  But, 1900 years later it was found that you could place the elements that make up God's universe in an orderly and intelligent way upon a chart and a metal called ZINC, unknown to my knowledge in Jesus' time, would be in the number 30 spot.  And that metal has varied uses, but some are associated with preferential sacrifice (sacrifice in order to preserve other things.)  And batteries, such as bring man-made things to life.  And Zinc starts with the letter Z, the 'Omega letter' (last letter) in the English language for instance.  And one of Jesus' scripture given titles is 'the Alpha and the Omega'.  ZINC is also widely used in paints and cosmetics, which are applied coverings to make things more presentable to the viewer.  And another of Jesus' famous works is to become a 'covering of righteousness' as scripture says, upon those sinful men that become His approved believes and followers. 

  Odd, is it not, that ZINC, the element predominantly making up the cloud of atoms emitted by a human egg at the moment it is fertilized, should have such analogous uses and properties?   Uses and properties analogous to the Lord Jesus, who brought life to a humanity headed towards eternal damnation.  Some still reject Jesus, and their fate is unaltered.  But some choose to be His eternal servant under His conditions, and are saved.  

  The Lord is so Holy, so intelligent, so loving, so giving, so long suffering.  But not forever long suffering.  He has rules in His covenants which must be followed even by Christians.  Repent, be baptized in water and the Spirit, and then follow and serve, forever giving up living for ourselves and serving our own vanities in this present life.  We must try to be Holy in the ways He teaches in the New Covenant because He is Holy.  Not everyone who speaks His name sometimes will be saved, but those who commit in the manner He taught.  If you are alive and reading this, you could be one of the lucky saved people.  But there are actions that you must take, and work you must do, and sacrifices that have to be made.  But to live forever in Heaven, as well as to avoid being justly consigned to Hell, makes it worth it far beyond any other possible undertaking in this spoiled world.  So consider it all soberly, with deadly seriousness.  It is a life or death matter, only more so!  


  Please share this account with family, friends, and co-workers.  We can all help the prophecy come true:  knowledge of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will fill the Earth!  With social media and so much inter connection, this generation certainly has the means!


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