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2010 A.D.:  6th Day Series:  24 Elders Before the Throne, 24 Cranial Nerves

  You can also watch '6th Day Series' videos on YouTube.

  So, isn't the head like the governor of the body?  Just as God and Jesus sit on thrones beside each other, so also the right and left half of the brain sit beside each other. Just as God and Jesus may be surrounded by a cloud at times, so also the surface of the brain, the cerebral cortex, looks a little bit like a cloud.  Just as there is a white throne in heaven, so also the skull is like a white throne in which the brain sits.  Just as something like a rainbow (which have 7 colors here on Earth when they appear) surrounds the throne of God in John's vision (Revelation) so also hair, in one of it's seven basic colors, surrounds the head.  (Black, White, Grey, Brown, Yellow, Red, Platinum.)  Two 'witnesses' stand near the throne.  Two eyes (witnesses) are set in the front of our head. 

 7 lampstands (Rev 1:20) are near the throne, and they are the 7 churches.  Churches have, among other things, the function of helping to bridge the distance between earth and heaven.  Likewise, 7 cervical vertebrae constitute the 'stand' upon which our head sits, connecting it to the body.  Just as a river or stream pours out from beneath the throne in which God and Jesus sit (Revelation 21: 1,2), so also the Central Nervous System emanates from beneath the brain and branches out to all parts of the body, quickening the body, allowing it to move, feel, and provide feed back to the brain.  It is somewhat like the Holy Spirit in that way, going out from God and Jesus to everyone. 

  Are there other correlations?  There seems to be.  24 great nerves emanate from beneath the brain.  24 Elders seated before the throne of God.

  So below are illustrated two ideas.  One drawing shows one way that the two halves of our cloud shaped human brain have quite a few allegorical /numerical similarities to the throne of God.  The throne of God, per the Bible, has 24 elders seated before it.  And as the second drawing illustrates how this '24 somethings' in front of the 'throne' idea is built into our human brain as well.  That makes for quite a lot of similarity.  Was this built into us, by design.  Does human design reflect heavenly things?  I think there is enough evidence to make it a real possibility....even a rational conclusion given all of the suggestive evidence that occurs between human scalp and toe tip. But you decide using your own discernment.  God never spoke to me and said it.  I just think I see it. 



24 Elders Seated Before the Throne

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