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2012 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?:  Maybe A Small Dragon Protects A Parrot?

  OK, this one probably won't suit the fancy of everyone who lives in the UK, but...

  I decided that so important a region just about had to have a picture hidden in it, if indeed pictures are hidden in any land mass.  After all, Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland all have played important roles in world history.  But their relation to each other is very complex.  There was a lot of back and forth fighting as they worked out the whole thing of who would live where.  It was a rough marriage at first, but seems to be better of late.  I hope it always stays that way.

  But, once I read a history of Ireland written by Seumus Macmanus.  It was very interesting to me.  In the second half of the first millenium the Irish had a powerful impact on the spread of Christianity, in mainland Europe as well.  They faithfully repeated the words of Jesus (and Jesus said that He spoke the very words that the Father gave Him to speak) to a great many.

  But, the Scotts and British and Welsh seemed a little bit fiercer when it came to warfare.  The Irish fought many, but the larger island sometimes shielded them, though it sometimes warred against the Irish...who sometimes did the same thing back in return!!  But Ireland seems to have been more peaceful, overall.

 Then, in later times, the peoples of the island of Great Britain had a huge impact on the world as their empire expanded in the spreading of the Word. 

  So, this picture below is more of a first millenium idea, right or wrong, about how the fierceness of the larger island provided some shielding for portions of Ireland, allowing them to be especially useful for evangelism as they developed their excellent theological schools and trained those Irish monks and priests in the scriptures and the ancient languages to a level attained by perhaps no one else in Europe at that time.  For the original scriptural languages, there was a time you turned to the Irish.....or so I have read. 

  And, here is something that makes this picture all of the odder:  the Irish spoke the Gospel faithfully, and the Gospel is spoken for the salvation of 'man', right?  Right near the beak of the 'parrot' (Ireland being the parrot in this analogy) is a storied little island called Man, the Isle of Man.  Strange, right?  If God did indeed build a picture of the region's destiny using the forms of the landmasses to create pictures, he couldn't have done a much more startlingly accurate job of nailing it right on the head!  It's as if it tells a story in pictures, something like:  "The Angel will direct the Parrot to repeat the words of God and Jesus, exactly as it has heard them, to Man while the Small Fierce Dragon protects it and gives it time to do God's work."  At least that's how the history unfolded, to a certain extent.  Subjective, I admit!  Crazy?  Possibly. 

  But, it gets worse!  The Irish spoke the message of Jesus, the Man on the Cross, to man (mankind.)  And what is the name of the island at the tip of the 'parrot's beak'?  Man.  And what language did they speak on the Isle of Man?  A gaelic type language referred to as 'Manx'.  And the word 'Manx' is the word 'man' with an 'x' (a type of cross) at the end.  Jesus....a 'man on a cross'.  Manx....the word 'man' with a 'cross' (letter 'x').  I guess I won't try to stretch this analogy any further.  Except to say that Jesus was the promised 'seed' of Abraham, and we know how parrots love seeds!  It's pretty odd, isn't it?   

  Also, pertaining to the picture, in the 590's Pope Gregory saw slaves so pale he thought them like angels (were the people he saw Saxons, Angles, of Welsh...maybe other?)  and he sent missionaries to convert them.  Isn't Wales a bit like an angel hanging off the back of the 'Dragon Shaped' larger island, but turned towards Ireland, as if pointing and speaking?  Probably not, but it gave me that impression. 

  Anyway, maybe the picture isn't from God, but it does sort of hint at the history!!  See what you think. 


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