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There are several dozen structures or sets of structures in the human body which I think seem Christian or Biblical, as in to say they may have been designed by God to pre-commemorate important events in the history of sinful man's relationship to our loving and merciful God.  See if you agree that this one looks interesting.  Both the AORTA artery and the VENA CAVA vein branch out in a somewhat 'crucified' looking posture as they pass between the kidneys.  There are obvious functional reasons for this, like blood conditioning by the kidneys, but...did the Lord build a somewhat worshipful scene here as well? 

Click on the image.  Click again on the next image to enlarge it, if you want.  That's true for most images on this site.  Also, many PC computers have an 'enlarge or shrink' sort of button on the toolbar, if you like.  It looks like a magnifying glass.  I've started using mine since I've been doing these drawings...I hadn't really even noticed that it existed before that.

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