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2012 A.D.:  The alleged 'Testimony of the 12 Patriarchs' - it contains amazing stuff! 

  Though it is an apochryphal text, and was not accepted into the canon of the Bible, I still think that it might be of interest to a great number of Christians to read the alleged dying words of each of the 12 patriarchs (12 sons of Jacob/Israel).  Though I don't know how legitimate of a writing it is, still, it has the most fascinating little tidbits of alleged detail about things spoken of in the book of Genesis.  And some seem to think that it was written before Jesus was born, there appears to be some pre-Christian examples of these writings, but many say it is a post-Christian falsely attributed writing.  Yet, if it is pre-Christian, it certainly has many very accurate 'prophecies' that seem to clearly be fulfilled by Jesus.  So, if it really was written before Jesus' birth, I have to think that it might contain some interesting true details from the lifetime of Jacob and his sons which answer some common Christian questions.

  But...even if it's fiction, there are within those pages some of the most profound insights into the sinfulness of man that you will probably ever read.

  If it's fiction, then it sure was skillfully written (and maybe that's exactly what it is - skillfully written fiction.) 

  If you feel so moved, just search 'testimony of the patriarchs'.  'Sacred Texts' is one site that has these writings of the patriarchs in easy to read form.   

  Your choice...but you might want to take a look!   

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