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     A Blood Red Sky American Sky





   There are certain World War 2 timeline sites on the internet which state that the deportation of Jews in Germany officially began on Sept 17, 1941.  Soon to follow were the great bloodbath of the Holocaust, and the numerous deaths of World War II.  Both were, as we know, very bloody events.  Around 60 million people is an estimate on Wikipedia for WWII deaths, and they mention that this was 1/40th of the world's population.  60 million people is a lot of shed blood.

    So, the deportation started on Sept 17, 1941?  The next day (depending on where you were on the planet's surface) on Sept 18, 1941 in the United States, and mentioned as being especially visible in north central cities of the USA such as Chicago, a blood red sky occurred. 

   A blood red daytime sky is highly uncommon.  This very rare event occurs when 'low energy' electrons from a solar radiation event penetrate the Earth's atmosphere.  Normally the electrons have more energy, and produce green coloring.  But on this occasion a rare 'red only' event occurred, coloring the sky to a hue much like blood according to witnesses.

   This went on to be a fairly strong solar event.  So it also became famous for causing a 15 minute radio broadcast interruption in a baseball game being held between the home team Brooklyn Dodgers, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.  During the 15 minutes of time, the Pirates scored 4 runs, which caused a lot of angry Dodgers fans to call the station and demand an explanation.  They were told it was the 'sun'.  Or did they mean 'the Son'?

    The timing is interesting.

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