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The above satellite image is from Google maps. 


 Did God create landmasses here that form a pointing hand and finger?  Remember, he is the Creator!




The map above inexplicably lacks the nation of Corsica (the hand?) but does a fine job of showing the region of Liguria. 



 The above map shows the Provinces of Liguria, Italy, which are, from left to right, Imperia, Savona, Genoa (the un-labeled red target is the city of Genoa, Italy, the chief city of Liguria) and  finally La Spezia, which means 'spice merchant'.   



GeoProphecy?: Do Sardinia and Corsica form a Hand of God pointing out Liguria, from where an important rescue for Christians and Jews once came?  




  GeoProphecy is an idea not confirmed specifically by Yahweh our Creator in any of His words to mankind, but something which may possibly be true none the less.  He may have formed certain geographical features of the Earth to resemble pertinent and meaningful 'pictures'.  It seems that these conjectural depictions frequently emphasize great works of God done in that region of the world, or sometimes important Jewish or Christian human events in that area, or sometimes they almost seem to depict spiritual battles that have taken place in the region.  Sometimes they look like a hand with a pointing finger! 

   To those open to the idea, I admit that I may get the significance of the 'picture' totally wrong.  To critics of the idea I freely admit that it is merely speculation.  Yet so often these shapes point at or are in proximity to especially seminal works of God in human history that I am forced to consider the whole idea with some seriousness.  Most particularly, these pictures formed of land or water seem to point out or showcase history that relates to the timely rescue or support of Christians, Israelites, and among those Israelite peoples, the Jews.  These types of pictures include the 'pointing hand' shapes through out the world that repeatedly seem to point at the location of pivotal events in the kingdom of God on Earth.

  In this account, consider the Mediterranean regions island nations of Corsica and Sardinia just south of Italy:  together, seen from far above, they seem to be another of these land features that form a shape that looks like a giant hand with a pointing finger. If so, what might it be pointing at?  To my eye this 'pointing hand' appears to generally point at a section of the coast line of northern Italy that is called Liguria.  Yet it is a blunt tipped 'finger' and I cant discern that if points at a specific town there on the coast or just inland, it seems to point at a region there on the coast.  And since the first land you come to in the direction that the finger points is Liguria it seems reasonable that we should not look much deeper inland to find the target of this pointing hand.  After all, our speculations would be nearly endless because we could travel perhaps 1,000 miles inland, encountering town after town, people after people, with no end to their possible relations to Christian or Jewish history. 

   I can only guess that if God did form land masses here to resemble a pointing hand, then the object it points at should not be far from the first land that is encountered in the direction in which it points.  Fair?  So, that land would be the region named Liguria in Italy.

  Is Liguria of religious significance?  Well, if this feature indeed is even meant by God to be a pointing finger it would be easy to misidentify what it is pointing at, but Liguria is in truth a region which played an absolutely pivotal role in the history of the Christian and Jewish world.  Absolutely pivotal! 

  Liguria is the area where both Christopher Columbus (perhaps named Cristoforo Colombo in his birth tongue, and born in 1451 in Genoa, the chief city of Liguria) and John Cabot (born Giovanni Caboto in Castiglione in Liguria in the vicinity of Genoa, in 1450 A.D.) both hail from.  Both of these little babies grew up to become sailing captains and maritime adventurers of remarkable destiny, discovering (from a European view point) vast tracts of rich and habitable land to which Christians and Jews would flee to or be drawn to , and where they would form notable nations.  These nations were founded on the principles of God more fully than nearly all other nations of their time, and subsequently were seen to prosper beyond almost anyone's ability to imagine.

  Christopher Columbus famously sailed out and reached Caribbean lands in 1492, the very year in which Spain and Crete expelled the Jews who had taken up residence in their lands fairly long ago, leaving large groups of God's chosen people in a desperate situation.  Such a great refuge the Americas have turned out to be for the Jewish peoples.  There are about as many Jews residing in America as in Israel....something between 6 and 7 million in each place.  And again, this region called Liguria, where this 'finger' seems to points, was the place Columbus hailed from.  Colombus, who made a few voyages to his newly discovered lands, was thought by his sailing crews (who sometimes grew quite mutinous against him when they were afraid for their lives out in the vast ocean) to receive special favor from God in the form of divinely sent winds.  True?  They apparently thought so.

  And the English sounding name Henry Cabot?  In his birth tongue he was Giovanni Caboto, the son of a spice merchant, and he would grow up to move to England and sail on behalf of England's King Henry VII to search for a shorter route to the Indies, just as Columbus had aimed to do for Spain's King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.  That is why many of us know his name more commonly by its English sounding version.  And he is arguably the reason that most of North America today speaks English!  Cabot is thought by many to be the first person to land on the shores of North America since the time of the Viking sailors at around the turn of the first millennium A.D.  He may have delivered a missionary that started a church in North America, the first in that part of the world at that time.  Perhaps the Vikings had Christian churches 500 years earlier? 

  There are so very many people claiming to be Christian's of various denominations who now live in North America.  Hundreds of millions!  Both Canada and the USA have high percentages.  Much of Mexico and the USA and Canada worships Jesus through the Catholic denomination of the Christian faith. 

  And the number of Jews in North America is almost equal to the number residing in Israel!  Between 6 and 7 million Jewish people reside in each place!  What a great refuge and a great rescue of sorts came from the discoveries of these two explorers - Columbus and Cabot - when they chanced upon this continent while seeking a shorter route to the spices of 'the Indies' which Europe had become quite addicted to.  That makes it interesting that there are 4 Provinces in Liguria, Italy:  Imperia, Savona, Genoa, and La Spezia.  And La Spezia means 'one who deals in spices'.     


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