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2012 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?  Is Spiritual War Depicted In Indonesia?  

King Philip II 

 Philip II, King of Spain. Lived 1527 - 1598  Key player in introducing Christianity to the Philippines and Indonesia.

 Also the King who had his powerful Armada defeated by England's Navy.  But, he was fervent for Christ and introduced Catholocism to many areas of his Empire, then the largest on Earth.  

  The region of the Philippines and Malaysia and Indonesia may just hold an interesting depiction of the spiritual struggles going on there.  Indonesia is Muslim to the tune of 80 plus percent, but there is also a Christian presence there.  Perhaps 12% to 13%.  But, as is common where Muslims are predominant, there is a lot of Christian killing, church burning, haraassment, etc., of the Christians that are there. 

  It is odd that Muslims flock from all corners of the world to live in the relative abundance, peace, and more righteous justice systems afforded by most Christian lands.  Christians seem only rarely to wish to move to a Muslim land.  Yet once the Muslim immigrants obtain sufficient numbers, they begin to press to have their new land made more and more Muslim - the qualities of which were the very thing they fled when they came to their new land!  And with it comes the Muslim methods of obtaining their objectives:  the burnings, the riots, the gathered crowds of howling screamers, the flag burnings, the rock throwings, the tearing of their own clothes, their clerics whipping them on to greater and greater zeal in the name of the prophet Muhammed, who taught that Jesus was only an honored prophet, but no Son of God.

  Yet, where ever Jesus' followers went, great miracles were recorded, while even Muhammed admitted he had done little in the way of miracles.  Miracles require power obtained only from God, while anyone with hate in their heart and an excitement to do harm to their neighbor can do the burning, the raping, the killing, the church destroying, the persecuting that has followed like a black cloud to so many of the places the Muslims have taken their Muhammed based faith. 

  Yet Satan is wise about the ways of man's sinful heart.  And so, Christ's people and the people who hate Christ's people have both grown to be a very great crowd of people.  And Indonesia is heavily weighted to the Muslim direction, so there is much violence and killing of Christians there. 

  Does the Geography reflect this?  Is there GeoProphecy at work here?  Maybe!!  You decide:

  Here below is a pretty well done reference map.  I think that Malaysia, to the left, looks like the long neck and head of a creature, like a dragon (or admittedly just a wading bird, but since the great conflict is with the 'great dragon', I thought of that first.) 

  And the Philippines look to me like a ghostly bending figure (from about the waist up) throwing Borneo down onto Java, the worlds most populous island, whose capital is Jakarta. 

  So you have a dragon perhaps, looking interested in Java or Sumatra or maybe all of it.  And you have a figure throwing down an unshaped stone (perhaps) onto Java or its principal city of Jakarta.  Something vey much like that happens in the Book of Daniel Chapter 2 in a dream - a nightmare - that Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar had.  In that dream, the stone that was thrown down from the heavens turned out to be Jesus, history showed.  The stone came down upon the feet of a large metal collosus that represented the culmination of all the false and Godless kingdoms of man that were to come.  (Nebuchadnezzar was king in the 580's B.C. among other years.  His kingdom was the top of the collossus, which was made of the metal gold.) 

  The next kingdom, the chest of the colossus, was silver (which turned out to symbolize the Medes' and Persians' Empire). 

  After that, the belly was bronze.  That turned out to be the Greeks, beginning with Alexander the Great. 

  The next kingdom was Rome, and was of iron.  The legs also.  (And the Roman Empire did divide into an Eastern and Western Empire.  The feet were clay bound up in but not mixed with the iron.  The simple and basic (clay) held in place by hard unbending iron.  The Rock from the heavens struck the colossus' feet and destroyed the colossus, then that rock grew and grew until it filled the whole world, in an unending kingdom.  That was in the dream of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.  Several times in scripture, Jesus is referred to as a stone of one type or another.   

  Could this scene somehow be represented in the Geography of Indonesia and Malaysia and the Philippines?  The great showdown between the dragon, and its mighty kingdoms of men, and the stone that the builders rejected, who is Jesus of Nazareth?  If so, then maybe it is GeoProphecy. 

Spiritual battleground Indonesia!

  Click on thumbnail below to see hand drawn possible interpretation.  If you place your arrow on the drawing that comes up, a tool bar for manipulating the drawing appears.  You may find that useful.  And remember, GeoProphecy may be real, but since God hasn't said so, or exactly what message we should get from it if it is real, please take it with a grain of salt.  I'm more or less convinced that God has used it, but equally convinced that I could interpret it all wrong!! 

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