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The Early Mormon Church Receives Signs and Protection - Mid 1800's


Joseph Smith Is Given A Day of Great Healing Power For His People

              There was a time when the Mormon colony in the town of Commerce struggled greatly with sickness.  There had just recently been a lot of persecutions in Missouri, and Mormons driven out from there had come to Commerce hoping to find a place to worship God in their way there.  But they had no homes, mostly were in wagons, basically camping like refugees for the moment, and there was a lot of sickness.  Joseph Smith had given up his home to the sickest of his followers, and was living in a tent in his own yard.

              On July 22, 1839 he awoke and feeling the burden of the troubles they were all under, and the sickness, he prayed to the Almighty for empowerment to heal as Jesus had done.  The power he prayed for was sent, and the power of God came upon him then.  He healed all those in his yard, and then he went in and healed all those in his house.  He had soon healed all those nearby, but there were other Mormons across the Mississippi River on it's west side, in Montrose, so in company with some of the 12 he crossed over to there in a paddle boat.

              The first house he entered was Brigham Young's, who was suffering illness along with the others, and Brigham was healed thoroughly enough to join them as they went about healing others.

They went to the home of a brother who was not just sick, but close to death.  He lay there with his eyes glazed and hardly moving.  Joseph took his hand and asked him "Brother, do you know me?" 

The man was so far gone that at first he made no response. Yet the observers thought they could see him begin to respond to the powerful presence of the Spirit that was on on Joseph Smith that day.  Joseph said again, "Brother, do you not know me?"   This time the man responded with a whispered "Yes."  Then the Prophet asked him if he had faith enough to be healed, to which the man replied in a slightly stronger voice "I'm afraid it's too late.  If you had come sooner I think I might have been."

              Then Joseph asked the man, who seemed somewhat more alert "Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ?"  The man responded "I do!" 

              The Prophet Smith then said "I command you, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, to arise and be made whole!"  It was noted that Joseph's voice seemed more than a man's, seeming to shake the house.  It's effect on the dying brother was startling.  He nearly leaped out of bed, energetically.  Color returned to his face.  He had some bags containing some type of Native American Indian meal poultice over his feet, and he kicked these off, scattering the contents, and began to dress.  He went downstairs, had a quick meal of milk and bread, and then, energy restored, he followed the group out of his door to heal the remaining sick.  (This man lived until 1880 - 41 more years!)

              Joseph healed another Brother at that man's house, and enemies of the Mormon Church actually crowded in, perhaps attracted by the crowd, and it was observed that their physical presence in the room had a dampening affect on the healing, until they were driven out of the house along with what Smith apparently thought were their "attendant devils".

              A man not of their church found out what was going on and asked if Joseph Smith could travel about two miles away to heal his two sick children.  Joseph Smith declined, perhaps wanting to heal his own people first, but he then paused and changed his mind.  He turned to one in the group of Brothers and handed him his handkerchief.  He told him to go to the house where the children were and wipe it across their faces and they would be healed.  The man left and followed the father home to his children.  Following the Prophets instructions, even these children were healed!

              A beautiful account of healings done in Jesus's name.  Praise Our Common Lord!  

Brigham Young Takes on the Mantle After Joseph Smith is Killed - 1844

              Brigham Young was born in 1801, and it is recorded that when Joseph Smith first met him in around 1834 he prophetically said that Brigham would one day preside over the Mormon Church.  He was baptized into the Mormon Church in April of 1832, and was ordained an Elder at the same time.  In September of that same year his wife Miriam died, and he determined to move and join up with the Church in Kirtland, Ohio.  And as the early Mormon church grew, he was one of those who continually helped it to face its big challenges, often in times of persecution and danger.

              In 1834 he went on a mission to Canada, and also remarried to a Mary Ann Angell.  He stepped up and led an armed expedition about this time to aid some embattled Mormon Church members in Missouri.  It was a time of doubt among some towards Joseph Smith, but Brigham Young is said to have been among his stoutest and steadiest defenders.

              A Quorum of the 12  Apostles was formed and Brigham was one selected to be a member.  He moved to Missouri in 1838 to join church members there.  He was about this time made President of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.  A few years later during another period of persecution he helped the settlement in Missouri move to Navou, Illinois while Joseph Smith was imprisoned on false charges and unable to lead.    

              Brigham went on two more missions for the Church - one to England and another to the Easten United States.  But then a great tragedy struck his chuch when , on June 27, 1844, Joseph Smith, their Prophet and leader, was killed in Carthage, Illinois.  He had left no clear succession plans. 

              Certainly it would not be surprising to hear that Brigham took over the leadership at this time. He was without a doubt one of the likeliest and most qualified among the candidates.  But it is the way in which it happened that would suggest he was chosen by an act of God.


              There actually were several who put themselves forward as the right man to lead after Joseph Smith.  One had a letter supposedly written by Joseph Smith and posted 9 days earlier, in which he was the designated replacement.  Another was Joseph Smith's  brother.  Another had held the important number two position at an even earlier time.  But when Brigham stood to speak for his bid, as leader of the 12 Apostles the question was settled by otherworldly means.  Accounts by those attending the meeting attest that when he stood to talk it was as if Joseph Smith's looks, manner, and voice were all there superimposed on the normal features of Brigham Young. 

              Whatever happened that day, the claimants all felt the question decisively settled when they observed this - they felt that the 'mantle of Joseph Smith' had come to rest on his chosen successor.  

              In 1847 he led them into Utah's Salt Lake area where they took root and flourished.  Brigham's talents as a community builder and planner were of extreme usefulness, and by 1877 when he died there were well planned towns, irrigated farms, and newly built schools and colleges.

The choice of Brigham had proven a wise one it seemed.  It is recorded that this loyal friend of Joseph Smith died saying "Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph." 

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