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2013 A.D.:  Geo Prophecy?:  Are the Shapes of Some Canadian Lakes Descriptive?

   Romans 1: 18 - 20

 18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

 End Quote

  What has been made...the Creation...the created things...testify of God by their very nature.  Isn't that what we are being told here? 

 It seems that the shapes of some land masses and some water masses, sometimes combined with rivers or borders, become a prophecy of sorts - a visual depiction - of events or characteristics of that area.  It's subjective, and essentially impossible to prove or disprove.  Yet, it's pretty intriguing, because God is limitless and can see forward through time, so it's possible.  And some of the apparent shapes are very surprisingly appropriate for the area.  But to the negative, everyone knows that it's easy to look up and imagine a shape in a cloud, yet one person sees one thing, a second person sees a second thing, and a third person sees nothing at all.

  As for myself, I've come to believe that God probably has used this technique for showing our generation, which can take pictures from the sky, even from space, that He has known the future from the very beginning and been sovereign over it all.  Maybe He intends for Canadians to see that He is real, is sovereign, and is their rightful Lord Who created them and has a purpose for them in His Kingdom, if they will respond to Him.  I think it's awesome, but admit it's only an opinion.

  Here is a feature of Canada which I think holds possible evidence of God having purposefully shaped.  If you look at a map of Canada and, beginning close to Alaska, look downwards and to the right towards the Great Lakes, your eyes are following the path of a great migratory bird flyway.  Various types of ducks and geese and other birds travel it each year in massive numbers. 

  There are actually a group of flyways which share portions of their paths during sections of their travels, but then branch off to different final destinations.  And so, because there are so many aquatic fowl types using these flyways to travel, it is also good hunting for the predatory birds such as falcons and hawks.  They take down the ducks and at times the big geese.  They are opportunistic and fierce birds, and must put a little taste of excitement and fear into the migration for the herbivorous ducks and geese.  

  And there are large lakes along this flyway which trend in the direction of the flyway (they are surely the largest reason that the flyways travel the paths that they do.) There are Bear Lake, the Great Slave Lake, Lake Athabasca, Lake Winnepeg, and the Great Lakes, as well as others, all strung out generally in a curved line from each other.  

  The birds make use of these lakes for short periods or long, resting there on their travels or actually using the lake as their final destination in cases.  Both animals and people have taken advantage of the many fish that lived in these lakes.  There are pike, trout, lake sturgeon, and numerous other species.  Some of these lakes in our day are famous for their sport fishing, but in previous days they played a big part in subsistence living for the local peoples and animals.  They still do to an extent.

  So, to get to the point, it seems to me that a few of these lakes are shaped rather neatly like falcons or hawks, ducks or geese, and a fish as a fish looks when an angler holds it out towards the camera.  And these are creatures that relate to these very lakes.  It definately is subjective...certainly just a possibility...that God purposely shaped these lakes to resemble these creatures associated with them.  But it's less of a stretch to say that the shapes of the lakes can reasonably be compared to the shapes of those animals when the animals are caught in certain freeze-frame moments of their ordinary movements.  See what you think!  Below is a map from Ezilon showing Canada and some of its lakes, and you can then click on the thumbnail just below and see how I'm suggesting that some of the lakes may resemble animals that reside in and on and around those lakes.


                                                Canada Lakes thumb nail 

  Now compare to a reduced size Ezilon map of Canada:

Canada Lakes

  From space, Bear Lake 'bears' a resemblance to the falcon pictures below, I think.


  falcon diving

Falcon taking Duck

  And the large lake south east of Bear Lake, which is called Great Slave Lake, bears a resemblance to a duck, I believe.  In real life, in this area of Canada, the birds of prey try to feed on the ducks and the geese.   So it's kind of cool that those two lake almost have the appearance of a falcon or some similar bird plummeting down to make a strike upon a flying waterfowl.

Great Slave Lake

Flying Duck

   Here's a pretty good overhead shot of Bear Lake in the upper left and Great Slave Lake in the lower right.

    satellite lakes

Below Is a Sturgeon Image...there are many types! To some extent Lake Athabasca looks like a fish, though admittedly not that closely. But, this area of Canada....these lakes....really do have great fishing for many species of fish.

A Sturgeon Image

Lake Athabasca

         So perhaps this area of Canada seems to possibly give visual hints of the wildlife that dwells there.  If so,  I will just say this:  God built it all just as He wished.  If it was His purpose to show us, one day when we were flying in planes and launching satellites, that He knew from the beginning the type of place it would be, then perhaps He did a pretty good job.  Which is not surprising. Canada is a choice and natural sort of land, and God knows how to make things well and fittingly.  But for the person that says 'I don't see it!'...well, they too may be right.

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