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2011 A.D.:  Our God-given Breastplate of Righteousness

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  You can argue this and argue that, but whoever or whatever made us (and I am without doubt it was God the Father with Jesus standing beside Him) put something that looks strikingly like a crucified Jesus right on our 'breastplate', and partially in the lower front of our neck.  

  The scriptures tell us to 'Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and..." Eph 6:14

  And in another place scripture assures us of this:  "All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away."  Isaiah 64: 6 

  And the entire New Testament combines to assure us that unless we have the righteousness of Jesus applied to us, we will not have the ability to enter heaven. there any anatomical hint that this Jesus really is that Breastplate of Righteousness that is spoken of?  Is the crucified Son of God really that same Jesus that the Christians believe is the Messiah and Saviour?  Yes, I think so.  I believe our anatomy speaks for itself on this matter.  I believe it proclaims that Jesus the King really has won the victory that man could not and still can not win for himself.  See what you think by clicking on the thumbnail image below. 

                                                                   Jesus, the Anatomical Breastplate of Righteousness

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