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 Combine the words 'Periodic' and 'Predictable' and you nearly have 'Periodic Table', a scientific tool and a table which is both Periodic and Predictable, in fact so predictable that certain elements and their properties were 'predicted' by research chemists to belong in a certain spot within this table even before they were proven to truly exist! 


   The Periodic Table is an invention of man - a reference tool for learning of and working with the elements that the Lord created, elements with which He then went on to form the Creation as we view it.  (Or maybe it was simultaneous, not one following another?) It's a human tool, this chart, but let's remember: the Lord is everywhere always.  He shapes human events and human accomplishments effortlessly whenever He wishes, whether behind the scenes or openly.  So, if you believe that as I do, then do you think that the Lord could have had a hand in the development and construction of the Periodic Table of the Elements?  And if He could have, did He?  I think it looks like He probably did!  I think there is some evidence to consider. 

  The 'table' describes characteristics of the elements that it displays.  It displays the atomic number, atomic weight, etc., its arrangement shows to a great degree which elements will react easily with others.  Names are given for the elements, some of which are descriptive of the element, other times names which are a tribute to the 'discoverer'.  But, are there hints of things which are holy there on that table?  Here are a few thoughts about that......for each person to consider using their own discernment.



Hydrogen (H)

  God the Father is called 'the most high''.  He is first!  Similarly, Hydrogen (High-drogen?) is first on the periodic table.  It is the single most prevalent element in the universe.   Jesus is seated near the Father, scripture tells us.  He is the true Son of God, and His great mission was to heal a people, a creature, which was terminally sick with sin.  Helium (Heal-ium?) is seated by Hydrogen on the periodic table, and it is the second most prevalent element in the universe.  Oxygen is life for us all on the cellular level, is what we must have to live, without it we quickly die.  This is similar to what the Holy Spirit works with Jesus and through Jesus, coming from the source of all life, the Holy Father, and enlivens the souls of men.  Its atomic number on the chart is 8, which if you investigate, is a number constantly bound up in the Bible with Jesus, such that many call the number 8 'Jesus' number'.  The word oxygen actually means Sharp Begetter.  The 'sharp' part has to do with the sharp taste of acidic things, if you look up the derivation of the word.  The 'Gen' portion means begetter.  And acids, as good chemists know, are made by combining things with Hydrogen, bonding other elements or molecules with Hydrogen.  And Hydrogen, as just discussed, is analogous in some ways to the Father Most High, from whom all things derive.  And both Jesus and the Holy Spirit work to combine mankind...indeed all Creation...with the Holy Father.  Oxygen is the third most common element in the Universe some sources inform us.

  So, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most common elements in the universe have traits in common with these three aspects of God:  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Is that not somewhat interesting?  But, back to discussing Hydrogen. 

  Hydrogen is essentially a Proton with an Electron orbiting it.  This makes it fair to say that Hydrogen is part of everything, referring to the Proton and the Electron.  Those two are an integral part of the other elements and molecules of the Creation.  In all and throughout all.  Hydrogen reacts quite happily with many things. 

  Hydrogen is a Greek word, and means:  water (hydro) + something which generates or begins (gen).  It is 'something which generates water'.  Combining Hydrogen and Oxygen can create water.  Hydrogen, as the number one, the singularity, the beginning of all elements, and the source of all other things (in a way) is somewhat similar to God the Father.  (I think of the number 1 in the same light.)  But did you know that the scripture says that 'God sends forth His Holy Spirit'?  And the Holy Spirit is called the 'water of life'.  So, God does 'generate water'!   






Oxygen (O)

  Oxygen is the number 8 element.  Oxygen is life itself,  in many ways, for a living organism.  Without Oxygen we humans quickly die!  3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without is said that this is how long a human can survive without this 'trinity' of the physical world.  It is the same here on Earth as in our spiritual life.  There are three that we need in our spirit also, three that our soul cannot survive without, three that we were created to need:  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  Eight is Oxygen's atomic number.  And 8 eight is regarded by some eschatologists as Jesus' number because it relates to His life in so many ways.  You can investigate why on many websites to see if you agree or not.  And if you combine two atoms of the number 1 element and one atom of the number 8 element you can end up with water, H2O, which is the symbol of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is called the 'Water of Life' and 'the Living Water' in scripture.  God the Father is spirit also.  It tells us that in scripture.  Jesus had the Father throughout His being.  The Spirit also descended in the form of a dove and entered into Him on the day of His baptism by John the Baptist.  

  Water is, in essence 1 + 1 + 8....a hydrogen, another hydrogen, and an oxygen.  Some sources say there are 118 total elements on the periodic table of the elements.  That may change with new discoveries, of course.  But how interesting that scripture is speaking about how God worked with water to form our reality - the Creation - if you go to the first 118 in the Bible:  the Book of Genesis, which is book #1, Chapter 1 of Genesis, which is the first chapter number 1 of the Bible, and then read the section where verse 8 is set is about God's work with water in the very beginning:

Gen chap 1, v. 6-9:


And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

  End Quote, from Bible Gateway, King James Bible

  So Jesus, who is all in all as begotten by the Father, is part of a heavenly trio that is one in their nature also, and there is one Father Almighty, and one Holy Spirit, and there is Jesus, who was of the Father, of the Spirit, and of human flesh for a time....maybe still, though He is now 'perfected' we Christians believe.  

  Man's number is 6 it is sometimes said.  (there's a few reasons, such as being created on the 6th day, but 6 it is!)  So in a certain way, you could say that there is 1 + 1 + ((1+1+6) - due to Jesus having been made into man flesh, but also having the Holt Spirit within Him and also being 'directly of' God the Father) or just call it 1 + 1 + 8 or 118) involved with the trio of the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son (Jesus).   And the number 118 can be said to describe water in at least this one sense. 

  And, water sometimes acts like the powers of heaven, doesn't it?  The great flood killed the enemies of God with water, but those He loved were born away on that same water to float safely on Noah's ark until the waters receded.  Water in the form of hailstones have been hurled down upon God's enemies.  Water cleanses in Baptism, symbolically.  It cleanses our bodies on the Earthly plane.  Our earthly water cleansing involves water and a 'bar'...a 'bar' of soap.  Our spiritual cleansing involves 'water' water, as in the Holy combination with another type of 'Bar'...the spoken sound 'Bar' means 'Son' in Hebrew.  We are cleansed spiritually by the Holy Spirit and the Son of God, who is Jesus.  

  And Moses and the newly born nation of Israel crossed the Red Sea in safety because the waters parted for them, but those same waters that parted for God's chosen came crashing in to drown their pursuing enemies, the Egyptians.

  And when the 40 years of wandering the Sinai desert, the 40 years of punishment and toughening and obedience training for Moses and the Israelites were completed  they got ready to cross the Jordan and enter the promised land.  And when the Levite priests bore the Ark of the Covenant out into the Jordan River, the waters of the Jordan River parted so that Joshua could lead those hundreds of thousands of Israelites and their flocks into the promised land without even getting their feet wet.  It was 40 years to the very day on the day they crossed over says scripture. 

  Was it water (1 hydrogen + 1 hydrogen + 1 oxygen) that parted like that or was it 1 + 1 + (6 + 1 + 1), God, the Father, and an as yet unrevealed Jesus?   Did they make the path? 

But, all of this sort of speculating is probably going too far.  Suffice it to say that water is biologically necessary, scripturally significant, and sometimes almost mysterious.    

  Another cool thing you could relate to Jesus is this:  we quickly die without water, and we very quickly die without oxygen.   I just talked about how Jesus might be symbolically hinted at in the chemical makeup of water.  And just as Jesus' number is said to be 8, so is Oxygen the number 8 element.  So those two things - water and oxygen - that are so necessary for sustaining life also speak of Jesus in certain ways. 

  So the Ones that made everything (Everything consisting, according to some sources, of 118 elements, and others say 117 elements, and perhaps it will one day be 119 elements.  A 118th element, Ununoctonium, may have been discovered) can be found to reflect the number 118.  And Psalm 118 has a certain distinction:  it is between Psalm 117 (the smallest Psalm in the Bible) and Psalm 119 (the largest Psalm, holding within it a Psalm for every letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and letters as we know are what words are made up of).  So, Psalm 118 is between the baby of all Psalms, and the Grand daddy of all Psalms.  Size-wise, the Alpha and the Omega (a Jesus epiphet).  And Psalm 117 (note the 117, which some sources give as the total number of chemical elements) speaks of creation because the created things were made from the 117? elements.  Jesus was there with the Father, at His side, as the creation was made. 

  Also, concerning the middle chapter of the king James Bible, and also the shortest chapter in the King James Bible, it is in Psalm 117. ( According to '' )  I have not counted them.  So, if 117 elements is the proper number of total elements, that number has a Biblical distinction. 

  And here is what is also very strange about the number 117 (the number of chemical elements?) and chapters in the Bible.  If you start at chapter 1 verse 1 of Genesis and go to the last verse in Leviticus, the Bible has discussed the origin of all things, and the story of man up to and including the implementation of the Covenant of Moses - the Old Covenant.  And it took 117 chapters to get there.  All of Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus add up to 117 chapters, exactly, in an NIV or King James Bible.  I have not checked it in other Bibles.

  But....if you read from Chapter 1, verse 1 of the Gospel of Matthew (the first Gospel in the Bible) through all of Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, and up to and including the very last verse in the Book of Acts, you have read Jesus' teachings and His revealing of the New Covenant, up to and including it's implementation in the newly established Christian church.  And it took 117 chapters to get there.  All of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts add up to 117 chapters, in the King James and NIV Bibles.  I didn't check any others, but I suspect most others do also. 

  So, it takes the first 117 chapters of the Old Testament to get to the point that the Old Covenant is given, and established - it had reached its fullness, so to speak, at 117 chapters.   And it takes the first 117 chapters of the New Testament to get to where the New Covenant is given, and established.  It had reached its fullness, so to speak.  There may also be 117 total chemical elements, probably not though.  But if so, the periodic table has reached its fullness at 117.  The Roman Empire, anecdotally, reached its maximum extent of territory in 117 A.D., under Trajan, some sources say.  The number 117 seems to have interesting connections, but perhaps it's incidental.    

 But if there are 118 elements, as some sources claim, it oddly enough also has a Biblical distinction, as previously discussed.  It is sandwiched between the shortest and longest Psalm.  

  And Jesus is called 'the Word' as many people know, and all Hebrew 'words' are made from the letters heading the sub-verses of Psalm 119.  Each sub-verse in that odd Psalm 119 - the longest of all Psalms - is listed under a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  No other Psalm is structured in that way.   

  There is just a lot of Jesus and/or Chemically related stuff right there in that 117, 118, and 119 number series.   

  And, just as the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit have a wonderful 'one-ness', even though they are three, so do Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Water.


 Oxygen (O) continued: 

  Concerning Oxygen, the number 8 element, here are a couple of interesting points:  If Oxygen is to be likened to the number 8 and to Jesus, we could notice that the letters 'S' for Sulfer, then 'O' for Oxygen, and then 'N' for Nitrogen all touch each other's boxes on the Periodic Table of the an 'L' shaped pattern with 'O' in the middle.  SON.  That's probably not too strong of a point, but it is a true point.  One of God's names is 'EL', as well, relating that to the 'L' shape of the S-O-N boxes on the periodic table.  

  Also, Oxygen is in our blood carried by our red blood cells, and if we do not have enough of it in our blood we suffocate....die.  It is the life inside of in our blood in that respect.  And O, again, is element number 8, and 8 is referred to by some as Jesus' number. 

  Why is 8 thought of as Jesus' number by some?  People have noticed that a great many things in the Bible that involved the number 8 also seem to point to Jesus.  For instance, a Hebrew boy had to be circumcized on the 8th day.  The cutting off of the foreskin of a boy is a sacrifice only a son can make.  It was done by a priest, this cutting off of the flesh of the son.  It was the priests of Israel conspired to kill Jesus, these priests of Israel who cut off the flesh of God's Son who had come to be their Messiah.  For another example, there were 8 in the Ark of Noah's time; only 8 were saved in all of the world.  The Ark has long been considered symbolic of the then still coming Jesus.  The door into the Ark was in its side.  The blood and the water that came from Jesus' side is what saves those who accept Him as Lord.  Jesus rose on a Sunday at the end of a very eventful last week of His Earthly was the first day of the week, yes, but the 8th day in an important sequence of days which ended His Earthly walk as a man like other men.  From that point on, Jesus was 'risen'.  And there are actually a good many other connections between 8 and Jesus that people have found.  You can easily do an internet search and find sites that discuss this in more detail.     

  If we have O (Oxygen) in our blood, we live.  The Bible says: "The life is in the blood."  Jesus is 'the Way, the Truth, and the Life'.  He is also called 'the Alpha and the Omega' in scripture - the 'A' and the 'O', in a way.  So, if Jesus is the life, and the life is in the blood, what do you suppose the two most common blood types are in the world?  They are O+ (around 36 % of us) and A+ (around 28% of us).  Alpha and Omega are the types of blood that give life to the most people.   

  The Jews were told, in the Laws of Moses, to not eat the blood of any animals that they sacrificed.  They were to pour it out.  Why?  They were simply told that they were to pour it out "because the life was in it."  It could have many meanings, but one thing seems true: It seems to have been a prefigurement of Jesus (the Lamb of God) who was killed for the sins of the world.  His shed blood, poured out onto the dirt when he was stabbed by the Roman Centurion's spear while He hung on the cross, allowed lost sinners - men and women whose fate was eternal damnation because of their wicked deeds - to possibly still have eternal life.  So, the 'life' that Jesus offers all men comes through His blood.  "The Life is in the Blood"

  Back to Oxygen:  Oxygen is again element #8.  It is life to us, in our bloodstream and in our lungs.  The word means: oxys (acid / sharp) + gen (that which makes...)  So, it meant 'that which makes acid' or 'that which makes sharp'.  Oxygen is an element found in many acids.  Also, Jesus was 'the Word', Christians say.  His 'Word' was the gospel, and the gospel is said to be 'as SHARP as a two edged sword' in the New Testament.  Scripture also says that it divides between bone and marrow it is so sharp and keen.  In other words, the Gospel looks into you just as you look into it.  It discerns your heart, and you cannot hide the truth from the Lord.  Jesus is called the bread of life.  Jesus's word - the gospel - is likened to 'bread' in some places in scripture, as well as to a 'sword' in other places.   

   Oxygen is 8 (element 8), Sulfer is 8 + 8 (Element 16), and Chromium is 8 + 8 + 8 (element 24).  Those 3 elements each have something to do with the life of Jesus, in a way....each is representative of a portion of His life: 






Sulfer (S) 

  2)  Next, 16, Sulfer:  Jesus was crucified, and the scriptures say that He spent three days in Hell, that terrible place of Sulfer and Brimstone.  He descended into hell, a place He did not deserve to go, on our behalf.  Because we had sinned, He went.  But DEATH could not hold Him.  A sinless being, HELL had no hold on Him which could be exercised.  The Holy Father would not have it be.






Chromium (Cr) 

  3)  Third, Element 24, Chromium, The Father gave Jesus the power and authority to set down His life and take it up again.  Jesus exercised this authority, and rose again.  He entered His body again, and that body was 'perfected' with holiness.  He dwells today in the resplendant light of the Holy Father's throne, shining like glory.  And this is the use of Chrome.  It reflects and shines in resplendant fashion, beautiful to the eye.  8, 16, 24.  Oxygen, Sulfer, Chromium.  




Radium (Ra):

  Speaking of the number 8, the number 88 element is Radium, so named because it radiates light and more.  This is the element that Marie Curie and her husband worked with and discovered.  So, the element with the double Jesus number, 88, is known as a source of light, just as Jesus was.  Its symbol is Ra, which is also the name of the falsely worshipped Sun God in ancient Egypt.  It's ironic that in ancient Egypt, Ra is the sun god, and in the number 88 element, Radium, it hints of the Son of God, Jesus, who is also referred to as the Sun of Righteousness in one place. (prophetically in Malachi 4:2)





  Irridium (Ir):

  7 is the number of Holiness and great Purity.  Element number 77 is Irridium.  (Iridium, named after a false god named Iris who is the personification of the rainbow).  Irridium is the most corrosion resistant metal that is known.  And nearly the hardest. It stays 'pure'! 


  How about a new topic....mankind.  Humans.  We tend to have the number 6 as our supposed associated number.  We were created on the 6th day of creation.  And the anti-Christ's number is 666.  (remember that he will be a human ruler of some type, entered and then inhabited by the spirit of Satan, at which time he will oppose Christ and Christ's people with all of his strength.)  So let's look at the number 6 in Chemistry:






  Carbon (C):

  So, element number 6 is Carbon.  Let's look at that.  We are a Carbon based life form, as it turns out.  Lists have been made of the elements which compose the human body, ranked by proportion.  Oxygen actually predominates, at 65%.  But it is a gas, left on its own, at room temperatures.  Carbon is the next largest constituent, and the 'solid' element most predominantly present in our bodies, at 18% of our body weight.  18 happens to be 6 + 6 + 6.   We are a '6' creature in some respects, we humans.  

  Another interesting point concerning Carbon is that its atomic weight is 6, and its atomic number is 12.01 .  'C' hrist is called the 'Son of Man'.  Man is a 6th Day creature, created on the 6th day.  "C" 6.  One of the Son's principal names (Christ) starts with a 'C' in English, and 6 is man's number.  Also, the greatest event in the sinful story of man is the coming of Christ and his message of salvation, spread by the 12 Apostles, who were told that they were 'one'.  Carbon's Atomic Number is 12.01.  C, 12,.01  The Apostles built the Church, the Church is 1 with each other and one with Christ. 

  I'll digress for just a minute and mention Methane, which is 1 Carbon bonded with 4 Hydrogen.  Methane is the same thing as 'natural gas'.  Two names for the same substance.  It rises from a state of decay, from the bondage of decay so to speak.  Methane is created from rotting vegatable matter, for instance.  Yet it is very useful, and can ignite and form heat and light in the presence of Oxygen, which,as mentioned, has some similitudes with Jesus.  Well, the church, the Christian church, consists of Helpers from all 4 corners of the compass (notice the capital 'H') attached to their Lord 'Christ" (notice the capital 'C'.)  Christians believe that they will rise from decay (just as Methane rises from decay) and join with Christ forever.  They will become part of the body of Christ.  And with Methane, four Hydrogens, ('H's) bond with 'Carbon, (a 'C'), so the H's are the 'Bondsmen' to the Carbon, so to speak.  Bondsmen...that's an old term for being a servant or slave to someone.  That is what Christians say that they are to Jesus.  We are his bondsmen.  We collectively are the 'Bride of Christ'.  His 'suitable Helper', just as the Bible says that Eve was designed to be for Adam.  And Jesus is actually referred to literally in one place as 'the last Adam' in the Bible.   And as for the word Methane, language too is guided by God I am sure.  It is at least worth noting that the word Methane breaks up into 'me'  and  'thane'.  So if you picture Jesus speaking English then why not King's English?  Perhaps he would, not so many centuries ago, have introduced one of His Christian by saying "I'd like you to meet me thane."  In the middle ages a thane was a man raised to the state of being a land holder by the liege or king of lord that he owed his loyalty to.  So Christ has His helpers, or thanes, and it is propheseyed in scripture that the people of God will be given the land of their enemies by Jesus when He returns to war upon His enemies.  The meek shall inherit the land!  But enough of this digression!  Back to 'Carbon'!


  Also, concerning the 12.01 Atomic Number of Carbon, the 12 Apostles were told to look for lost sheep (lost souls) for Christ, and make them a part of the church, a part of Christ's flock.  There is a parable in the gospels about a sheep herder who has 100 sheep, but one gets lost.  He searches for the 1 sheep out of 100, leaving the other 99, and is filled with great joy at finding it.  In fact, there is greater joy for the 1 sheep that was lost but then found, than for the 99 that never strayed!  So, the number .01 refers to 1/100th, or 1 out of 100.  Carbon's Atomic number:  12.01  The churches job?  We believers in Christ, we the Church, the great Church of believers in Jesus, brought to belief through the work of the 12 Apostles, are to seek that lost sheep, that 1 out of 100 that has fallen away, just as much as we might seek new sheep.  And, oh-by-the way, gaurd our own faith and soul.

  Notice that Matthew 18:12 is one place that tells the parable of the one lost sheep out of the one hundred, and those are two of the numbers we have just been discussing.     

  Again, Carbon is 18% of our body.  So, does 6 + 6 + 6 tell a story on the Periodic Table?  Perhaps.  This is all totally subjective stuff...but God never makes anything without also ordaining the finest of the details that constitute the whole.  So, you never know!  It bears repeating: God is always present in the details as well as the finished whole.  That much at least we can say with confidence.  But, interpreting what God has done....?  You'll likely get it wrong in part or in whole unless the Lord should happen to allow you to see something because it suits His purposes.  So all of this is subjective!  Subjective!  

  But, what might 6 + 6 + 6 show us on the Periodic Table?

  The number 6 element is Carbon, as we've noted.  Man is a Carbon based life form, and Carbon is mostly dark.  The scriptures say that man was made from the dust of the Earth.  That (soil) also can be heavy with Carbon.  Man's heart has been 'dark' and prone to sin since our beginning. 

  Carbon can be extremely soft, or as hard as diamonds.   Man before Christ...before the Holy Spirit...was a creature that lived largely in the darkness of sin and ignorance.  Darkness...maybe that is Carbon's principal property.  But if the right forces are brought to bear, a diamond can result.



Magnesium (Mg): 

  The number 12 (6 + 6) element is Magnesium, which is a metal that has the property of reacting (burning) wildly in the presence of heat and Oxygen (Oxygen is element 8, a number that, again, is associated with Jesus), bonding to that Oxygen, catching fire (oxidizing/burning), and producing an intense light which dispels the darkness.  Burning Magnesium makes an intense white light and has even been used for lamps. 

  Jesus is propheseyed to reappear in the sky when he comes back to gather His people, in bright light, in a cloud, in the company of angels, at the sounding of a trumpet.  Later on in the events spoken of in Revelation, in fact, when Jesus comes down upon the head of the anti-Christ, that wicked creature will be destroyed by the very brightness of Jesus's coming.  The scripture emphasizes that it is the 'very brightness' of Jesus' coming that kills this anti-Christ creatures body.  But the anti-Christ's human body is killed, not the spirit of Satan inside of the anti-Christ.  That will then be cast into a sealed pit for 1,000 years, says Revelation.

  But men and women that believe Jesus and follow Him are filled with light also, because of their contact with Jesus (element 8?) and because of the presence of the Holy Spirit inside of them.  Christians are 'a light in the darkness', and they are lights in weak vessals of 'clay', filled with the spirit of the Lord.  Many Christians may not seem like that, but the harder you apply yourself to serving the Lord as He tells you to, the closer you come to being the lamp He can depend on.  It's a goal...we need to try.  What we lack, the Lord can supply if He chooses through the Holy Spirit, which actually is a very good and very pure Spirit from God Himself. 



Argon (Ar): 

   The final '6' related element, number 18 (6+6+6), is Argon.  Argon - Are gone?  One day, it is true, the ones that Jesus chooses shall be snatched up to Christ until the rest of the great tribulation is completed.  They will be escorted out of harms way - even the dead in Christ - so that the worst and last of God's wrath can be poured out upon the evil-doing portion of the human population of the Earth.   The wicked will look about and see that the Godly, and the light that they carried, 'are gone'.  And that will happen in the time of the anti-Christ, who as mentioned is associated with the number 18 via his sign, or mark (the infamous 'mark of the beast) which is apparently 666.  6+6+6=18.  Some ancient Biblical manuscripts apparently said '616'.  Second Thessalonians is the only book of the Bible I'm aware of that specifically tells us that the anti-Christ person will be revealed (must be revealed) before the rapture occurrs.  It is also the smallest Bible book.  You could page past it in the blink of an eye.

  On to other elements.....   


Were you expecting white?  Calcium compounds are often white.  But not calcium itself.


  Calcium (Ca): 

  Calcium is element number 20.  And that is fitting in a way.  We get 20 nice, white, largely calcium teeth when we are children, ten in our top jaw and 10 in our lower. Does this reflect how Moses was given the 10 commandments by God, written in stone by the finger of God, on stone tablets?  Because then Moses threw them down and broke them because of seeing a cow, a 'false god' cow statue (the Egyptian false god Apis?) made of gold by the Israelites.  They had waited anxiously for 40 days at the foot of the mountain for Moses to come back down, but then had gotten crazy notions in their minds, building this gold idol such as they had worshiped in Egypt.  Moses straightened them out when he finally came down the mountain, but the plates of the 10 commandments had been broken. 

   So, having broken the first set, Moses had to go get the 10 commandments a second time.  !0 commandments, then 10 commandments again.  10+10 is 20.  Teeth are like white stone tablets.  20 commandments (ten x 2, anyway) to provide for the 'baby stage' law that would guide God's people until Jesus came.  And 20 teeth in a human baby's mouth.  The commandments can be found in Exodus, in chapter 20, naturally.  Maybe teeth are made of what was supposed to have been named 'cow'cium?      

  God gives us 52 teeth before it's all said and done - just as the fullness of the weeks of a year are 52. We first get the 20 teeth, then they are replaced by our 32 adult teeth.  32 teeth in an adult!  That's interesting because there are 28 chapters in the Book of Acts, plus the 4 Gospels, and that adds up to 32.  And Jesus' teachings are the law that was given to God's people in their 'Adult Stage'.  20 + 32 = 52   Again, there are 28 chapters of Acts, plus 4 books of Jesus' wisdom (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).  4 = 28 = 32.  And then, concerning teeth, there are 28 adult teeth, and then 4 wisdom teeth.  28 + 4 = 32. 


Vanadium (V):

   The 23rd element, Vanadium, ought to be Biblically related, right?  After all, mankind was made by God, and we have 23 chromosome pairs.  And the 23rd chromosome, which determines our gender, is a 'Y' attached to an 'X' if we are a male of the species.  Jesus was God as well as man, and the Hebrew name of God was Yahweh, which begins with a 'Y' in our language, obviously.  And Jesus was attached to a cross, and an 'X' is a form of cross.  So how odd that when we are made, we bear the stamp of a 'Y' attached to a 'cross' if we are a man.  Men have a Y-X 23rd chromosome, and women have an X-X 23rd chromosome.

  Man is a vain creature...the pride engorged, willful, disobedient, sinful, self serving and all too often ungrateful creation of a completely good God.  Vanity is one of our chief characteristics.  Vanity is one of our greatest flaws.  Vanity-um?  Is that how the name of the 23rd element actually ought to be spelled, in honor of vain mankind, with our 23 chromosome pairs?   

  Vanadium was discovered in 1801 by Andres Manuel del Rio.  Andres means 'man, warrior', Manuel means 'God is with us' and was a propheseyed name of Jesus, and del Rio means 'of the River', and Jesus' ministry began when He was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. 

  Originally Vanadium was called Erythronium, That word, Erythronium, refers to the color 'Red' in the Greek language, and Jesus' great sacrifice was the blood He shed for mankind for remission of our sins.  He is also equated by some scholars as the final sacrifice for cleansing that was prefigured by the 'Red Heifer' of the Old Testament Mosaic law. 

  A chief use of this element number 23, Vanadium, is in the strengthening of tools (like hand tools) and we Christians are just people that gratefully accept the covenant offered through Jesus, and from there on we do well to offer ourselves as tools to the Almighty, tools strengthened by Jesus from within, just as Vanadium strengthens tools from within.  And we strengthened tools are given the victory through Jesus....and we know that the letter 'V' often stands for victory.        


An aged iron '5 Iron', from Victorian times (clothing iron).  It would make an excellent secret addition to the bottom of your friend's carry-along golfing bag.  

Iron (Fe):

  Let's look at another element now...element 26 - IRON.  Fe is from Ferrium, an earlier name.  Our Lord hung from the cross by "iron nails."  Few things have affected human history so much as the use of iron; we've used it for tools, often for good causes, but it's impact on early warfare was extreme.  The first nations to obtain hard iron weapons were a terror to those who had to face a hard iron sword with a soft copper sword, or even in bronze v.s. iron confrontations. IRON was an extreme advantage, and the first nations to master the manufacture, alloying, and shaping of iron rose quickly as military power-houses....enemies to be reckoned with!

  In the Bible's narrative one of the Israelite's great foes were the Philistines, and they used weapons of IRON.  And they knew the advantage this gave them.  At times, the Philistines dominated the Israelites.  And when they did, they refused to let the Israelites work iron.  Israelites could use IRON farm tools, but by Philistine decree the Israelites could not even sharpen these tools themselves.  They had to take them to a Philistine blacksmith.  It was against the law for an Israelite to shape IRON.  

 This gave the Philistines a great advantage over Israel for several centuries.  In fact, it was not until the time of King David that the Philistine grip on Israel was essentially broken for good.  David fought with the favor of God upon him and his army whenever and wherever he fought.  David destroyed the Philistines.  He defeated them in battle after battle after battle, until they were a weak and broken power.  But that was in about the year 1,000 B.C.  The Philistines were giving the people of God problems as early as the 1900's B.C.

  In what I believe was the 1900's B.C. the Philistine king Abimelech took Sarah away from Abraham because Sarah was so astoundingly beautiful, and Abraham, fearing for his life, said that Sarah was only his sister, not his wife.  But, God had intentions for the womb of Sarah - she was already pregnant, in fact, though King Abimelech surely didn't know that.  But, as Sarah went through her days of purification prior to being the Kings lucky consort, God began to rain down such curses on Abimelech's Philistine kingdom that he was soon convening his advisors and essentially asking "What is going on in our land???"   His advisors devined it somehow.  They came to him and basically told him "It is that woman!  Something about that woman."  Scripture says that all of the wombs of all of the women in Abimelech's kingdom had closed!

  Abimelech found out he'd been duped by Abraham' partial lie about Sarah being Abraham's sister, yet he acknowledged that God was with Abraham, and so he wisely just gave Sarah back...with a tresspass offering, no less.  Abielech had a God fearing side to him, at least in part.  Yet, with that tresspass offering he included a bit of a rebuke concerning Abraham's honesty in calling Sarah his sister at first.  (But Sarah truly was raised in Abraham's household as if she was his sister.  She was his first cousin.  His father's brother had died, so Abraham's father raised his brother's children, Sarah and Lot.)

  But, it was worse for Isaac, Abraham's son, who later struggled against the Philistines most of his life.  Again there was the wife issue, beautiful Rebecca was taken this time, and again curses were brought down upon the land until the wife was let go.  But also, Isaac would dig a well, and the Philistines would take it over.  Isaac's men would dig another well, and the Philistines would take over that one too. It happened again and again.  In a dry land, wells are difficult to dig, water hard to find, yet vital for your herds.  

  The Philistines even told peaceful Isaac to leave their land at one point.  But when he moved away from them, they one day came to him and asked for a treaty.  A kingdom asking for a treaty with a simple evicted herder from another people!   That certainly couldn't have been common.  But, as Abimelech said to Isaac, they could see that God was with him in all these different ways, blessing him and protecting him.  They did not want emnity with a man so mightily protected. 

  But to get to the point, this great struggle between the Philistines and Isaac, a father of God's people the Israelites, takes place in Genesis chapter .....26!  You guessed it, right?

  And also, concerning the number 26, and battles with God's people, the Japanese once allowed Christianity on their island centuries ago, but as it grew they became alarmed it might become a tool for European manipulation, perhaps domination, of their land.  So, it came to a point that 26 Christians were martyred, crucified, in fact.  They were even killed with a spear as they hung crucified.  They are still famous there among Japanese Christians.  And Christianity was kicked out of the island of Japan, except for a few churches that went 'underground'.   That martyrdom happened in Nagasaki!  So is it surprising to learn that YHWH, a Hebrew spelling of the name of God the Father, has a numerical value in Hebrew of 26?  Y=10, H=5, W=6, and H=5 totalling 26.  In English, GOD are the 7th, 15th, and 4th letter of the 26 letter English alphabet, again equalling 26.

And the plutonium used against Japan has become - dare I say IRONically - a restricted metal, so fearsome in warfare that America works very hard to make sure that other nations that do not yet have it do not ever gain it!  Shades of the Philistines and IRON, isn't it?  But, so much for IRON, the number 26 element.

  In Leviticus Chapter 26, specifically in 26:18,19 the Hebrews of Moses's day are being warned about the consequences of disobedience to God's commands and laws: "If after all this you will not listen to me, I will punish you for your sins seven times over.  I will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron and the ground beneath you like bronze."






Yttrium (Y),   Dysprosium (Dy),  and Ytterbium (Yb):  

  Let's take a quick look at the elements which have a 'Y' in them.  That's the first letter in 'YHWH', the sacred name of God.  There is only yttrium (39), dysprosium (66), ytterbium (70).   It's odd, but all of the numbers relate to God's people in a very direct way.  39 is the number of books in the Protestant Bible's Old Testament.  66 is how many people came besides Jacob/Israel to join Joseph in Egypt so as to survive the terrible famine going on at that time.  And it was also the year (66 A.D.) that the Christians fled Jerusalem to escape the Roman destruction of that city...It's a number that always seems to relate to those saved from doom, from death, by miraculous acts of God when you find it in the Bible.  66 is also the number of books in Protestant denomination Christian Bibles.  And 70 is the number of 'nations' listed in the Bible, and if you count Jacob and Joseph (and Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph's half Egyptian sons) it is how many Israelites found sanctuary in Egypt in Joseph's time...i.e. - Yahweh's people.  So, there are only 3 chemical elements with a 'Y', and all relate to Yahweh.


Cobalt (Co):

  Element number 27 is Cobalt.  It is named after the German word for Goblin  (Kobol).  That is a spirit that supposedly dwelt underground at times, a spirit which miners feared....a feared spirit from underground.  Jesus was a mighty spirit that went underground after His crucifixion, and defeated death, rising again.  And he strikes fear into those in hell, into those who are workers of Satan, or who are evil doers.  And Jesus is central to the New Testament with its 27 books.  Element 27, 27 books in New Testament, a fear inspiring spirit seen underground....?  Hmmmm!!   

  It is not found in pure form, only in combined form, in nature.  It could be an interesting element because there are 27 books in the New Testament, and the New Testament is where we find the Gospels of Jesus, the most powerful writing on planet Earth.  So, are there connections?  Well, this can be said....Cobalt is an essential part of vitamin B-12, and works in the formation of blood.  That's important, because the life is in the blood!  That's right; life is in the blood and Cobalt is needed to make vitamin B-12 which is important in the body for the manufacture of blood.   

  Vegan and other Vegetarian organizations apparently recommend the intake of Vitamin B-12 (the only Vitamin with a metal in it, that being Cobalt, of course) for people that are going to be on a Vagan (all plant) diet.  So, it is interesting to note that the diet that God originally intended for us to be on was a vegetarian diet.  Our food was to be the fruit of the trees.  But even in the 590 B.C. time frame, the Hebrew prophet Daniel was on a vegetarian diet because of his faith. of the 8 'B' vitamins.  12 is a Biblically important number.  12 sons of Israel founded the 12 tribes of Israel.  There were 12 Apostles.  There are 12 body systems in the human body (like respiratory, sensory, skeletal, etc.)  Important?  Probably not.  But maybe!   


  Zinc (Zn): 

  What about element number 30?  Thirty pieces of silver is what Judas was paid to betray Jesus, right?  But he was so sick at what he had done that only hours later he hurled the silver back towards the Jewish priests that had paid it to him, and Judas then went and committed suicide.

  And what is gold and silver, that even today nearly every single one of us will fail to follow Jesus because of wealth?  We'll follow Him some, but if it becomes too hard on us...if we have to give up too much, what do most of us do?  We fall away.  We love our comforts, and we love our material posessions.  But what is gold?  What is silver?  We spend our wealth, it is stolen sometimes, and it corrodes.  It corrodes, and loses its luster.... and eventually we die and it is then useless to us anyway.  We give up eternity with Jesus for a few years with our gold and silver....our creature comforts, our status among men who, as with us, are like blades of grass and fading flowers.  What a sad price to accept in exchange for our souls, right?

  So perhaps it is no accident that element number 30 is ZINC.  And it is the first element in group 12 on the periodic table.  There were 12 initial apostles, there were 12 tribes of Israelites at first.  Those most closely associated with Jesus, the sacrificed and betrayed one, were 12 in number.  Zinc is a metal that corrodes so readily that it is used to combat a type of corrosion called 'galvanic' corrosions, where metals are essentially eaten up by the ions of a fluid.  In sea water systems, like cooling systems on boats, they might have a cooling water system with three or four types of metals used in it.  Maybe some brass, some bronze, some steel, etc., all bolted togeter and therefore touching each other.  The highly ion rich seawater will eat some types of metals up in only weeks.  Other metals resist this better, but the point is...seawater corrodes metals.  To combat this, people will bolt on blocks of ZINC metal to such a system, and the ZINC will start corroding right away...but the other metals corrode way less quickly so long as the ZINC remains.  The ZINC 'preferentially' corrodes, they say.  ZINC corrodes at the drop of a hat compared to other metals.  It's as if the other metals 'wait their turn' to corrode.

  Zinc is a sacrifice which prevents the other metals from being destroyed.  If a block of zinc is bolted to a seawater piping system, the zinc will experience nearly all of the corrosion, protecting the integrity of the other metal components. This is like Jesus becoming a man, and taking the punishment due to other men (for their sins) upon Himself alone.

  So, Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver - a silly metal that is just going to corrode and lose it's luster.  Not only does it corrode, but it is a type of metal treasure that must be left behind when you die.  And the number 30 element is a cautionary tale in just how quickly a shiny metal loses it's worth!  The number 30 element, Zinc, is a study in how metallic wealth is a passing thing, corroding and becoming worthless as time goes by.   It is not a 'treasure' that endures. 

  Finally, here is a thought about the word ZINC, just for consideration.  The letter 'Z' stands for rest sometimes, informally.  We say that someone is 'catching some 'Z's  if they are taking a nap.  The letters 'IN' mean within something, or inside of something.  And the letter 'C' sometimes denotes 'Christ'.  So, Zinc is a metal that is used to take the damage that would otherwise occur to other metals.  And the letters in the word ZINC could be looked at to mean 'Rest In Christ', which is not only good advice, but also contains the concept that He has taken the punishment that was due to us, and we should have faith in Him!  That's analogy is quite a reach, I know.  But.....      



  Yttrium, as already mentioned, is element number 39.  It was first discovered near a Swedish village called Ytterby.  It's possibly interesting because there are 39 books in the Old Testament.  The Old Testament could be described as man's effort to conform to the will of the Father (Yahweh).  We failed.  When the Law was given to Moses, it specifically outlined much of what was officially to be considered sin, and ordered us not to engage in sin.  That was a terrible day for humanity.  We are so sinful that those rules of good behavior and bad behavior very shortly convicted us all of being worthy of damnation.  We simply cannot be consistently righteous! 

  The 39 books of the Old Testament tell us how the Father needs us to act.  We blew it completely.  We offended our Father outrageously.  So, in that sense, 39 is a bad number for humans!! Through the 39 books (of the Protestant Bible, anyway) we became an offense to our Father Yahweh.  That's Yahweh with a 'Y'.  Yttrium has for it's symbol the letter 'Y'.  It is not found in nature.  It is unnatural.  As is man's sinfulness. 


  Next we could go back to look at another series of three's, and conjecture about the number 7, the number of Holiness, the number of the days in the week (fullness and closure on the small scale), the number of the Sabbath, the Holy day of the Father.  7 refers to purity.  Psalm 12 "The words of the Lord are like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified 7 times."  7 is Purity!  And the Father is the purest of pure.   So what about the 7th, 14th, and 21st element? 


Nitrogen (N):

  Element number 7 is Nitrogen.  'Night'rogen? Some sources say the name Nitrogen means 'that which generates saltpeter', which was also called 'nitre'. Other sources say that it originates with the Greek word Nitron and the Latin word Nitrum, and that the meaning is 'forming' and 'genes'.  Jesus, who is also known as 'the Word' is reported, in the first verses of the Gospel of John to have been standing there beside the Holy Father when 'all things' were formed.  So, Jesus was there when 'the genes' were 'formed' for each creature.  

 Credit for the discovery of nitrogen is given to the Scottish (Scotland's Daniel Rutherford.)  But an early French Chemist, Antoine Lovoisier, suggested it ought to be called 'Azote', which means 'without life', instead of Nitrogen.  It was noted that everything died in an atmosphere of pure Nitrogen!  And if the Holy Father has any association with this number 7 element, then that may be fitting.  Several times in scripture it says that no one can look at the face of God and live.  In His pure form, he is terrifying, too glorious, to behold.  Jesus said that He spoke only the words that the Father gave Him.  So, holy scripture is from the Holy Spirit (God), Jesus (God), or God the Father.  Scripture says that the Word is like silver, purified 7 times in a furnace of clay.  Nitrogen is element 7.  The Word of God is like silver, purified 7 times in a furnace of clay.  

  Niter (KNO3) is a preservative of meat, long used in jerkey, etc..  It is also called 'saltpeter'.  Nitrogen (element 7) can therefore be useful for preserving flesh, just as God's Word can preserve flesh:  the flesh of mankind.  It can save us from eternal punishment.      

  Nitrogen is the largest component of air, at 78%, yet neither we animals, nor the plants directly metabolize it.  It is through the soil and its bacteria and 'the root' of a plant that Nitrogen is 'fixed' so that plants can metabolize it in combination with other substances.  Through the plants, it enters the life cycle.  Jesus was likened to a plant is several ways.  He is the 'Root of David'.  He is the 'Righteous Branch'.  He is the 'Tree of Life'.  We sinful men are 'combined' back with the Father through the Root of David.  There is almost a connection there.  It is a sign of loyalty to God to honor the Sabbath, the 7th Day.  That day is the first thing ever declared HOLY in the Bible.  It is a 'Rest' that man is allowed to share with God, and it commemmorates the rest that God established for a perrenial rest at the end of each 6th day, and it is included in the 10 commandments. 

  Nitrogen is everywhere, yet we animals interact directly with Oxygen, not Nitrogen.  Oxygen is the number 8 element, just as Jesus' number is thought by many eschatologists to be the number 8.  Men likewise have been given Jesus (number 8?) to interact with directly (as our king and savior) as we try to interact with our Maker, Yahweh the Father Almighty who chose the number 7 day to be a sign between his people and him.  Rightly or wrongly you can draw a lot of symbological relations between Nitrogen and the Father almighty, and the Word. 

  Even plants react directly with Carbon Dioxide, not Nitrogen.  So Nitrogen is all throughout, but yet somewhat aloof.



Silicon (Si): 

  The 14th element is Silicon.  It was 'discovered' by a Scandinavian (Swedish) chemist named Jons Jacob Berzelius.  Silicon is the 7th most common element in the Universe (there's another 7 connection), scientists believe.  It is the 1st most common element in the Earth's crust.  It is a heavily present element in pottery, which consists primarily of alumina silicate according to sources I researched.  How does that relate?  Maybe like this:  Jesus has chosen to dwell in the hearts of men.  Men are likened to vessals of clay in numerous places in scripture, with Jesus being the light and the righteousness which dwells within us, if we will let Him be.  If the 14th element has a connection... is a Jesus and God the father, then it is no surprise that Silicone is integral to clay and found throughout clay just as God and Jesus are irreplaceably vital to men, and dwell within men. 



Scandium (Sc): 

  The 21st element is Scandium, which is named after the word for Scandinavia in an early language.  Scandium is the 50th most common element in the Earth's crust according to some sources, and 50 is a number associated with fullness, closure, the end of a cycle.  50 chapters in Genesis, which ends with Joseph and the remaining Israelites welcome as strangers in Egypt, but also with Joseph causing all of Egypt to become economic slaves to Pharoah.  (Joseph is the betrayed son of Israel that was in charge of the Egyptian economic machine, by Pharoah's consent.) 

  Also, there are  50 years in a Jewish Jubilee cycle of years, at the end of which everybody essentially gets back all of the marbles they lost to better marble players.  There are 50 states in the United States of America, which ought to be God's good steward and a shining light for Jesus to the whole world.   And (this concerns me!) Absalom the proud, handsome prince, son of King David, prior to his rebellion against David, had 50 men who regularly ran before him whenever he travelled here and there.  His posse, his retinue, his lackeys.  Absalom is a 'type' for the anti-Christ in some ways - many ways, actually.  America should probably take note, and make sure we don't turn into the lackey of some proud rebellious 'prince'!

  But why might Scandium, the number 21 element, the 7+7+7 element, the triple holiness-number element, the triple purity-number element be especially associated with God (if indeed it is)?  God is Triune, and God is holy and pure.  Is that it?  I am not certain, but perhaps Scandinavia will have an importance not yet discernable in the end times.  I have thought that the Peninsula that makes up Norway and Sweden looks a little like the arching neck of a dragon, mouth open, set to bite down on Denmark!  Denmark was the launching pad for many who crossed over to the British Isles (Jutes, Angles, Saxons) and from there also to Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, and America.  There have been a great endtimes outpouring of missionaries from those nations that even now has not ceased.  Perhaps that qualifies the Scandinavian region where these people came from to be associated with the number of triple holiness?  Completely speculation, once again.         



Tin (Sn): 

  Tin was once called stannum, in Latin.  (origin of the 'sn'). This 49th most common elemnent is element number 50 on the Periodic Table.  To the ancient Jews, time ran in 50 year cycles.  At the beginning of the 50th year, many things returned to the way they had been 50 years ago.  If you had to sell your farm because of bad luck or poor farming, etc., you could return to your farm.  It was your's again.  That sort of thing....a general 'release of the prisoners' type of attitude went along with the end of the 50 year periods called Jubilees.  You didn't farm on every 7th year, and on every Jubilee.  You just lived off of what you had saved up, and what the land voluntarily provided.  Every 7th year had a lesser version of this same jubilee idea.  So, you had this cool Holiday on the 7th year, the 14th year, the 21st year, the 28th year, the 35th year, the 42 year, and the 49th year.  But on the 49th year, you had a year off because it was a multiple of 7, but then the next year was the Jubilee, and you had that off too!  So a Jubilee was in essence a holiday composed of the 49th and 50th year.  And Tin?  It is the 49th most common element, and element number 50 on the chart.  Cool, huh? 



Tellurium (Te):

  What about Tellurium, named after the Latin name for Earth (tellus).  It is element number 52.  That correlates to the end of a year.  52 weeks in a year.  26 bones in each foot, for 52 total, and feet are at the end of our body - at the end!   The end of a great cycle.  52.  The 'End Times'.  You'd never guess what this 'end times' element correlates to.  I'll give you a clue:  if too much of this is in your system, it can make your breath smell like GARLIC!  Dimethyl Telluride causes this 'garlic' smell on peoples breath, I have read.  And it was discovered in TRANSYLVANIA!  These are definately Vampire associations, and just look at the eerie amount of public interest towards Vampires right now, in the movies, in novels, on television's Vampires, Vampires, Vampires!  Vampires suck your blood, and we all know that the life is in the blood!  These are supposedly (in legend) long lived, almost undying creatures, stronger than men, that suck the 'life' out of you.  They cause you to lose your' life'. 

  That makes those mythical Vampires somewhat like the bad angels that followed Satan and came down to earth to tyrranize and rule.  Ancient Jewish historian Josephus and others spoke of those angels, as did the Bible.  They were too much for man!  Man could not oppose their strength, intellect, and power.  If they liked the look of a woman, they took her to be their wife.  They took as many wives as they wished.  And their progeny were giants.  But, the Great Flood killed just about all things but those on Noah's ark, and these 'angels in flesh' died.  At least their flesh did.  Only their spirits survived (I think).  Demons had to come from somewhere, anyway.  Are they the 'souls' of fallen angels? 

  So, are these the end of times?  The times of Tellurium, perhaps?  If so, then how odd that our culture (Television culture, at least) is fixated on vampires.

  And it says that all will be revealed in the end - God's mysteries, and our sins!  Perhaps that's why this 'end times' element came to be called 'tellus'.......maybe it hints at 'tell us' as well as meaning 'Earth'.  And Jesus is going to punish the disobedient people of the Earth as soon as He takes His own people out of the way to safety.  It's somewhat like 'pass over' from Exodus chap 12, v. 12 and 13:  "On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn - both men and animals - and I will bring judgement on all the gods of Egypt.   I am the Lord.  The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are; and when I see the blood, I will pass over you.  No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt." NIV.  End Quote.  

  So the blood of Jesus, which Christians gratefully accept, will protect us from God's anger just as the blood smeared on the Israelites entry doors marked them as protected.  (Jesus called himself the 'narrow door' in the Gospels at one point....interesting, isn't it?)       


   Dysprosium (Dy): 

  Element 66 should be of interest.  This element 66 has Dy for it's symbol, and that sounds like 'Die".  66 is the number of books in the Protestant Bible, and over and over in the Bible when you find a bunch of God's people saved from death, saved when they were about to 'Die', the number 66 is associated somewhere very close by.  For example, 66 A.D. is the year the Christians all fled Jerusalem so they would not 'Die'....just in time...the Romans soon beseiged and then destroyed it and killed hundreds of thousands of its penned in residents in A.D. 70.  But all Christians had escaped years before, in A.D. 66, it is said.  And I have heard that this was the literal belief of ancient their knowledge, all Christians had already escaped....every single one.....during a brief (and hard to strategically justify) lifting of the siege by a Roman General named Cestius, commander of the 12th Legion.   

  In the Book of Genesis,  46:26, it says that there were 66 direct descendants of Jacob (Israel) who went with Jacob to be taken care of by his son Joseph while the great famine raged on in that area of the Middle East. They escaped to Egypt, saved by God through Joseph, and therefore they didn't 'Die' in the famine.  (I believe that Jacob/Israel, while a real person, also was a symbol of the Christian church.  Jacob's 4 women (2 wives and 2 concubines) are like the Eastern and Western church and their associated 'bishoprics' I think.  That's subjective, of course.) 

  There are 66 joints in the human feet, and the prophet Daniel, interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's nightmare about the metallic collossus, interpreted the feet as symbolic of an end time peoples.  And in that nightmare, a stone unshaped by human hands descended from above and struck the feet of the collossus, which cracked, broke, and fell to the earth like fine dust.  There will be Christians on the scene when 'a stone' from above (Jesus, we Christians believe) descends during the future days spoken of in the Book oi Revelation.  And it is promised that Jesus will save his people, snatching them up and taking them out of the way, before He begins to make war on His enemies. 

  So, what is the 66th element, the one that seems to represent the church, or the church being saved, perhaps?  It is Dysprosium.  Its name means 'hard to get at' or 'hard to get', or 'hard to approach'.  And because of the Lord's protection, the church can be 'hard to get at'. 

  More 66 examples:  there are 66 books in the Protestant Bible, and it holds the WORD, and the WORD rescues the souls of men from death, through the work of Jesus, if we have faith in Him and follow Him.

  Psalm 66 has a verse (verse 6) which speaks of the people that Moses led crossing the sea on dry land.  They too were rescued by God from death - at the hands of the Egyptian army and Pharoah - just in time!

  Dysprosium has 7 natural isotopes, and maybe that speaks back to the 66 books of the Bible:  scripture says that the words of the Lord are like silver, refined in a furnace of clay, purified 7 times.  Or maybe the 7 isotopes should remind us of how Jesus gave a message to each of 7 churches in Asia in the book of Revelation.  Or that 7 good men were chosen by the 12 Apostles to rightfully divide and distribute the food to all of the needy Christians (which is something that the Church does, if you think of the word of God as 'bread'.  The churches distribut the bread of life, as well as looking after the worldly needs of believers.) In Acts 6:5 it names the 7 men chosen for this work.  

  In Acts 6:6 the Apostles prayed for those first 7 men chosen for that work, and laid hands on them.  That's called receiving Apostolic authority, and that's what the church has today...Apostolic authority.  (But woe to the church if it misuses it!!)  So, that was given in Acts 6:6...notice the two 6's?  These men were to 'distribute bread', and the Gospel is called the Bread of Life, and the Protestant Bible has 66 books. 

  It was authorization from the founders of Christianity after Jesus ascended, from the Apostles, to care for and feed the needy Christians, both the Israelite and the Greek.  Did you catch that 66 connection?  I really do think that 66 is a number associated with God's chosen people, which in the prevailing Covenant (the Covenant with Christ Jesus) means the Christian believers and followers of God's Son i.e. - the Church!  I think it hints at the world wide body of Christian believers that Jesus acknowledges as His followers, whichever those will be. 

  And here's another piece of trivia about Dysprosium: It has 7 natural isotopes, but also 29 man made elements. That is 36 elements in total.   36= 6 x 6   Two 6's.   Dysprosium has 66 associated with it in many ways!

 And as for the 'hard to get at' part...the church is like that.  Jesus let's His church face persecution, but he keeps the enemy from completelly destroying it.  He always gives His church a way to escape.  They are 'hard to get at'.  Dysprosium is good at absorbing neutrons, so it is useful in the 'control rods' used at nuclear reactors.  Control rods limit the 'unnatural reactions' that occur within a reactor, thus limiting thermal output, or power.  This is also the job of Jesus's church in a limit 'unnatural reactions' on the Earth....the works of Satan.  The church is directed to teach the world about the righteousness of Jesus and His Father, and to teach the world to obey the laws and commandments that Jesus was given by the Father to teach to us.  Most of all, we're supposed to live that way our own selves.  Dysprosium does meet some of the criteria that you might expect for the number 66 element...of course it's all subjective.   



Hafnium (Hf): 

  Element number 72:  Hafnium.  (named after the Latin name for Copenhagen, Denmark, which was Hafnia.  Hafnia's two credited discoverers and Neils Bohr were all from Copenhagen.) In the end times, 144,000 will be taken up to heaven to escape the great wrath that will fall upon the Earth during the tribulation.  12,000 worthies (virgins as well) from every Israelite tribe. 12 x 12,000 = 144,000.  So, what is 'half' of that?  72,000, right.  How many thousand?  72.  It's true, 'half'nium is spelled differently than hafnium, but I just noticed the correlation, so I thought I'd mention it.  

  Here's another interesting point about Hafnium...they use it as control rod metal in nuclear reactors.  Drive the hafnium control rods into the nuclear core, the reactor shuts off.  Withdraw the hafnium control rods, and there can be a devastating and uncontrolled release of heat and power....a melt down.  When the rapture occurs Christians will be taken off the Earth so that they won't be destroyed by the fury that Jesus is about to unleash.  When Hafnium control rods are withdrawn from the core of a nuclear reactor, they are not harmed, but the core that they are withdrawn from may well destroy itself and all things around it.  And that's pretty interesting when you think that 72 is half - that's right, HALF - of 144, and 144,000 will be especially raptured from the Earth to accompany Jesus personally in Heaven.  Believers who maintained themselves virgins.  That's what it says in the Book of Revelation.


  Well, that's a beginning at taking a look at how various elements on the periodic table might relate to the things of God.  It's only subjective speculation....but who knows?  God could hide a haystack in the eye of a needle if ever He wished.  God, who made us all, is unmeasurably mighty, resourceful, loving, and great.   Let us all praise Him for that.  Let's make sure we're servants to Him, and not brief associates on Sunday, or Saturday.  God has no co-equals.  If He did, it would not be us humans.  We are made of dust and are sinful.  Jesus, God's Son, our given King, acknowledges God as greater.   And the angels in scripture who happen to speak to men are always quick to point out that they are only fellow servants of God, not by any means to be worshiped by men.  Yet Jesus once said that among men there was no one greater than John the Baptist, yet every being in heaven was greater than John the Baptist.  So, if angels - a type of being much greater than us, and who see God with their eyes - say that they are no more than servants, then mankind can indeed have no claim on being anything greater than God's servants.  Servants, not associates!   Servants take orders and follow instructions from their master.  

  Men are dirt or dust, formed by God into a type of creature, and livened by God's breath - by His Holy Spirit.  To think of ourselves as anything greater is from the Evil One.  We are just dust, composed of the ordinary elements found on the Periodic Table, and quickened by the Holy Spirit of Yahweh, our Creator and Father.  Yet, since the Father and Jesus love us, that is not all bad!   Amen??  It is enough for this time we spend on Earth, working to prove ourselves true believers, and followers of Jesus, the Son of God and the only door through which mankind may return to our intended heavenly home. 

  And Always Remember, Chemists:  Helium Lithium Vanadium Einsteinium   Helium Iodine Sulfer Neon Argon   Helium Iodine Sulfer Iodine Nitrogen Uranium Sulfer   Telerium Sulfer Titanium Fluorine Yttrium !!! 






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