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2011 A.D.:  6th Day Series:  Human Procreation...A Sacred Re-enactment?

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Human Reproduction was designed in great detail by God.  Every organ, feature, and function had to be specifically provided for in order for all of our various reproductive parts to produce newborn humans on a reliable basis.  Yet we don't like to talk about them much, or how reproduction is accomplished, when we gather as Christians, and I am sure that this was meant to be also. 

  But, we live in a society and in a world where human reproduction is viewed and spoken of almost as a pornographic type of thing.  Reproductive parts were meant to be private parts, but they were never meant by God to be 'Dirty Parts' or meant to be thought of in a sleazy manner.  Procreation, I think, is just a part of God's well thought out plan for mankind.  It was supposed to be a good thing with an important purpose, meant to be engaged in with God's approval by married husbands and wives in appropriate places at appropriate times.  And maybe it even has symbolism designed into remind us that it is a sort of a sacred part of life in a way, and to call to mind the author of salvation, the giver of new life:  Christ Jesus the Lord.  All good things are of Jesus, for Jesus, and through Jesus for the Christian.  And bringing our children through wedlock into the world is a good thing, never a bad thing, in its intended context. 

  After all, these are new souls in new bodies, delivered into a family so that they can be taught about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the history of Mankind by their loving parents.  Christian children are new fruit born to the Father in just the way He intended. 

  So, I don't want very much of this site to be about human pro-creation...but, where it is spoken of, let it honor God, because I think it was meant to be a quietly honorable part of our lives....just one not to be spoken of overly much, so that it may remain discretely special part of marriage!

  I wish that I had always treated it as such...I didn't.  But it is a lost and wasted lesson to remain silent about what we know quite well we shouldn't have done or should have done, or to not speak about how you can see in your older age things you did wrong in your younger years.  If you say nothing, no one is warned about something you've come to see as a mistake, and all this so you can save face?  So others won't revile you or speak ill of you?  That's how God's enemy might like us to act, but it serves God and everyone else much better if we confess ourselves a sinner, a doer of wrong, as a warning to our neighbor.  Maybe that's part of loving our neighbor?  At any rate, I've come to believe that we should be told often and by many in our young years that pro-creation is in God's plan for a man and a wife, and is a good and normal thing within a marriage, but can only bring trouble outside of it. 

  Failing to tell kids these things is failing them......setting them up for failure.....isn't it?

                                                                                         Human Procreation: A Sacred Re-Enactment?   

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