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2012 A.D.:  What Is The Expected Role of Man, Woman, Bride, and Church Towards God?

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  It is true that the Bible is a literal and true account, and that it is trustworthy in that regard, which is it's more intended regard I would guess.  But there is symbolism within it, and that is just about impossible to argue as well.

  One truth but also symbolism is 'the woman'.  Eve was the first woman, mother, grandmother, and wife.  She was Adam's 'suitable helper' it tells us in Genesis.  But, we learn towards the end of the Bible that the Church (the accepted men and women followers of Jesus) constitute Jesus' 'Bride'.  We are told, in different places in scripture, that men must submit to God in obedience, that in Jesus dwells the fullness of God, that sin first came through the woman (Eve) but that Christ had to take on sinful flesh, dwell, teach, and die for His Bride (the Church) in order to save Her in a similar way to how Adam became the joint partaker of the forbidden fruit for the sake of Eve, though not for so noble a purpose and reason as Christ's sacrifice for the Church.

  So, what should a human woman do?  Well, the Holy Spirit will guide each Christian woman that asks for guidance, I believe.  But it is safe to say that the woman should live a life acceptable to Jesus, be a worthy and suitable helper to her husband, be a wife such as is described in Proverbs 31, and PRODUCE CHILDREN for her earthly husband if she marries, and in  any case cause as many people as she can to wish to join with Christ as a Christian.  That is essentially producing children for Christ. 

  And a man... a human man?  Work the ground in the sweat of our brow until we return to dust.  What does a farmer do when he works the ground?  He clears weeds, he waters, he plants seeds, he fertilizes.  Farmer stuff.  But it may also be an analogy for planting seeds for Jesus down here on the Earth, and working to make it a fruitful planet for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Produce as many Christians as possible...or at least help in the effort.  That is both loving our neighbor and honoring God all in one fell swoop.

  Maybe the shape of the brain of the human is supposed to remind us to approach and serve Jesus humbly, as one who knows they have been a sinner, and to seek to  conform our mind to the mind of a follower and a servant of Christ - seek to have a mind like Christ's mind!  

  Maybe the UTERUS and FALLOPIAN TUBES and OVARIES in the woman are supposed to make us remember the woman's role to her God:  to humbly produce children for the Lord, physical and spiritual, still mindful and remorseful for her former tresspass, but grateful for Jesus' gift of a path to salvation for fallen sinners.  And the woman is a picture of the church, and the man and the woman are two who become one once they marry, just as Jesus and His bride the Church are also two that will become one once they are fully wed.   But as with all of this 6th Day material, it is conjecture, but hopefully always respectful conjecture.

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                                                         The Role of Men and Women towards God




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