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A Color Enhanced CT scan of an actual human brain.  The 'head', appearing to wear a High Priest type head dress, protrudes up into reddish colored brain area.  Can you see the pointed white beard and white sideburns curving into the mustache?  See the vest he wears with the rows of double stitching?  The belly with belly-button below that?  Below that the apron?  His arms are raised and fists about 2 relative feet outward from his head, about beard level,  with fist pointed towards us?   You can see the finger joints!  Look below at a drawing of what I feel the real image above seems to depict.  Once you see it is hard to 'unsee' it.  It is bizarre, yet astounding that this is an imaging slice, a genuine color enhanced medical image, of an actual human brain.  But it is.  God put that there, I believe.  He did not tell me so, but it seems so clear.   



Doesn't the image in the brain at the top of the page resemble the above High Priest sketch? It's eerie, to be honest.  So many small details match.  Imagine, next time you speak face to face with someone, that this image may be there, behind their face, regarding you.  And behind your face, perhaps such an image regards them.  Do we all have such an image inside of our brain structure?





  Who would argue that Jesus fulfilled many roles and still does today?  He is our great High Priest, replacing the succession of Jewish High Priests forever nearly 2,000 years ago the Christians believe.  In Mosaic law, given by Yahweh to the Israelites' first leader, Moses, the High Priest, along with other Priests from the Israelite tribe of Levi, presented the assigned sacrifices that could atone for the sins of men.  The High Priest wore clothing specified in design by God the Father (Yahweh) himself.  He was a powerful and imposing figure. 

  How wildly improbable it is that the human brain, sliced in the way that a CT scan does its imaging, includes a slice which shows a 'picture' that looks very much like a High Priest in his ceremonial clothing, arms raised and hands held out towards us.  It is like a picture of one of the fulfillments of Jesus, formed into our brain....perhaps since the 6th day of Yahweh's formation of the Creation.  Wild!  Unthinkable almost.  Yet here it is.  Look at the figure above.  Can you see his bare belly and his belly button?  That's what it looks like to me, anyway.  Can you see the apron hanging down below that?  Can you see the vest he wears?  Are there rows of double stitching on it? 

  See the long robe he wears, with its wide  hems?  Can you see his head dress, and below it, a white beard and a white moustache?  The 'head' of this High Priest image is the part that protrudes upward into the center of the red colored area that is actually the brain in this CT image. The area of the eyes and face is left empty it appears, but the rest is there in so very much detail!  There are even images that look like the joints of fingers in the 'fists' that point towards us.  Eerie!  And the scripture speaks so often of how we should have the mind of Christ...have Jesus in our mind, etc.  And here is this image, evocative of Jesus role as our High Priest, right there in our mind. But there are more amazing images in our brain...



  What about this color enhanced CT scan?  Jesus came as a human baby, born in a manger to a virgin, and angels proclaimed that birth to shepherds keeping watch over their flocks in their fields at night.

  Now look at the image above, once again an actual CT scan of a real human brain.  Does it not look like it just might be a depiction of two angelic spiritual beings, each with a raised arm?  And between them doesn't it look like there might be a baby laying on its back in some sort of cradle, a humble and simple cradle made of woven sticks perhaps, and lined with two rolled up towels or cloths, formed into U-shapes into which the baby is tucked away securely?  Doesn't the round shape at the top of the cradle seem to have a mouth and two eyes?  Don't the heads of the two angelic beings seem to be seen in profile, with one eye, their nose, and an open singing mouth visible as they look down upon this amazing sight of Jesus, the Son of God, the Holy One of God, born as a baby into the flesh of mankind?  Indeed, as scripture says, we are fearfully and wonderfully made! 



  Does the drawing above look like the CT scan above it?




  Here is a color enhanced CT scan showing a horizontal slice.  The features sticking out on the sides are a cross section of this patient's ears, for example.  Jesus came as the 'final sacrifice'.  The previous sacrifices had been bulls, goats, and sheep, among other animals.  Perhaps millions of innocent animal sacrifices were made to atone for the sins of us endlessly wicked humans over all of the years from the giving of Mosaic law until the coming of Jesus.  But Jesus came and taught, and then allowed himself to be tortured and then killed for our sins.  It was a once and final sacrifice.  His blood was so precious to the Father that it is counted as sufficient to atone for all the sins of all the men and women that avail themselves of its power to atone, in keeping with the new covenant stipulations that Jesus brought with Him from the Holy Father to offer to mankind. 



  Jesus was the sacrifice to end all sacrifices.  He was the bull of bulls.  The sheep of all sheep.  The goat of all goats, so to speak.  So how amazing that this likeness of a horned animal exists in the human brain.  You can even see its nostrils, and indentations where its eyes should be.  And even something that looks like the bone plates of a skull all grown together.  And the horns look amazingly like horns ought to look.  It oddly is shaped almost like a cross between a goat skull and cow skull.  Isn't it a little too much to ask of chance that so many of the symbols of Jesus exist, so perfectly formed, inside of the head of a human?  And they are all Judeo Christian symbols.  They are not the symbols of any other faith really.  Just the Jewish, and the Christian.  But because of the 'baby acclaimed by angels' image, they are even more tailored to the Christian.  At least that is what I believe.  What does your own personal discernment suggest to you?  


  All of these amazing images built into the human mind suggest that a mighty and all-knowing God designed us.  Do you suppose that there is an image of a mighty fiery eyed all-knowing God in our mind somewhere?  If you guessed yes, you may be pleased to note that the image below is also to be found in our human brain!  Does it not look like an image of an extremely cerebral all-knowing being with fiery eyes?  And imagine that all of this exists in the actual physical brain structure of at least some humans, maybe most, maybe all!



       An omniscient wise and all knowing figure?  It's wearing a turban, has large red eyes, has a robe on maybe, has hands raised up near the sides of the head?  Again, this is a genuine color enhanced CT scan of an actual human brain! 


  Where do we get our ideas of how a wise all-knowing figure should look?  From posters of circus 'fortune tellers' perhaps.  Or from television comedians perhaps.  Here is a recurrent Johnny Carson character named 'Carnak the Magnificent' who could purportedly divine and discern the answers to unknown questions in a sealed envelope.  This popular American show was seen by perhaps 100 million Americans or more.  Did God arrange for such visual associations in the minds of the people of our time....people who would be able to see the color enhanced CT brain image just above this picture.  It certainly may be an erroneous conjecture.  But then again, where does the intelligence of our Maker, and his bona fide ability to foresee the end from the beginning, ever truly end.  He is literally all knowing.  He knew I would write this from the beginning.  And He knows if I am off base or if the Holy Spirit allowed me to notice a wonderful thing...yet another amazing deed of God among uncountable billions of such deeds and accomplishments, most of which we may never find on our own.

  We were created by a mighty and all-capable God to be His servants and children if we will only turn away from wickedness, confess our sins, be baptized, and follow Jesus, His Son that He sent as our teacher, our atoner, our king, and our Savior beneath but beside the Almighty Father.  And our job for now?  Obey and follow while teaching others about what we have learned and are trying to live up to! 


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