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2011 A.D.:  Brain Scan Images

  Is there a chance that the interior of the brain harbors holy imagery?  Could God, the Governor of all, have placed images into this organ which governs our body?  If there are images (I'm a pretty firm believer at this point) wouldn't you expect some of the holiest images to pertain to the head? To the brain?

  This picture combines images from two different depths of scan within the human brain. 

  One depth (the deeper of the two) shows a central image that is very similar to the appearance of an angel, I think.  The classic idea we have of a hovering angel.  Maybe, maybe not.  It's all subjective.

  And the shallower depth image is one I love.  To me it looks like two figures (mostly their head and faces) looking down upon something unspeakably holy which lays between them.  Their mouths are open as if they can barely take a breath.  I think of the two cherubim, one on each end of the Ark of the Covenant, which looked down upon the dish (the mercy seat) on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant where the high priest of Israel placed the atoning blood, once a year, of an animal sacrificed for the sins of all Israel.

  Christians believe that the blood shed by Jesus on the cross ended the need for all of that - His blood atones, once and for all, for the sins of those who repent of their sins, are baptized in the name of the Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit.  So, the 'two attending figures' in the image you will see might possibly be looking down upon the shed blood of the very son of God Himself, shed for sinful man. 

  We don't know just what those figures on the lid of the Ark looked like, because the Ark is not viewable today.  But if you think of that very holy idea of the actual shed blood of the only true Son of God being in the dish, and look at these figures, it is interesting.

  If you want to look at the actual images (which I have not received permisswion to post for you) you can go to any large book store right now, or the anatomy section of the library, perhaps, and look at an anatomy book called The Human Brain Book by Rita Carter.  I bought it, and recommend it, though it's not the very cheapest anatomy book on the shelf.  The 'angel' image was inspired by her MRI image from page 27, of the brainstem plane, and the 'two gasping figures' are inspired from page 19, the MRI image of the Orbitofrontal Gyri.  I drew the sketch you can see below (by clicking on the thumbnail below) to combine the images I found on those two pages so that you can consider whether you think these images are possibly implanted by God.  But take a look at the book if you can. 

                                                                                 Click on the thumbnail image below!

                                                                              Human Brain Scan Images thumbnail




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